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African Pride Olive Miracle Moisturizer Lotion 12 oz

African Pride® Olive Miracle™ Maximum Strengthening Moisturizer Lotion. New & improved. Anti-breakage formula. Stops breakage, split ends, dryness repairs dry, damaged hair non-greasy, light formula. Growth miracle formula.

Key features

  • Provides a healthy looking sheen
  • Rich in extra virgin olive oil
  • Non-greasy formula

Honest reviews


It is uhhh….ok

I was intented to buy Shea moisture curl smoothie, which helps a lot with my thick curls and dryness. I like it a lot because it is 4oz and afforable with natural ingredients yet creamy that make my curls more curlier. I had to say “THANK YOU GOD! for answering my prayer” I was supposed going Target getting that, but ma wanna stop at walmart for something else.I saw they selling African Pride Olive Miracle Maxuim Lotion, I wanting it badly because it seems creamy enough to help with my hair . But it has lanolin oil. It is what i been trying avoiding. I don’t know what is bad effect but everyone say to stay away from it, it can tangle up your hair or make you look like you just wake. I was thinking might it works differently.I was thinking, let me trying for once because I am short on money …it would be a good change to spend less than $3 on hair product rather than $9 on shea smoothie . I went home with it and try it out. Mistake , hair is dried out too fast. it is not moisturzing enough, I feel like I had to use up 3 bottles! And GLYERCIN spirtz . I will never buy it again! if I can has great ingredients and scent. Too dryness. I need high Quality hair product such as “AS I AM” , SHEA CURL SMOOTHIE, involves tea tree in ingredient, really great ingredient… it would have been my favorite if it doesnt have lanolin oil.I had to use this product until it is out, along with unrefined shea butter (I made with lemongrass and some essential oils) It help prevent dryness. After using hair milk

Phoebe Donovan, IL

Buy it at a beauty store instead.

They have overpriced this item partially because of shipping costs. You can find this same item at Sally’s Beauty Supply for almost $2.69I am biracial- asian/caucasian with straight, course hair. My hair gets pretty limp so I have to experiment woth all different products without having my hair flat. I pair this with Nexxus promend and it seems to do the job. First off, the scent is amazing and I have already seen growth in my hair since I bleached it 3days ago.

Merle Notasulga, AL

I’m glad I tried this

I’m trying to grow out my hair but I was noticing a lot of breakage. I was getting no where. I found this at my local beauty supply store for less then $3. It has a lot of good stuff for hair so I figured for the price, why not try it. With continuous use, I’ve noticed a lot less breakage. It keeps my hair shiny and strong. It works better with the growth oil.

Elisabeth Delevan, NY

Cottonball head:(

I tried this product on my natural hair and i like it but it dries my hair out. It leaves my hair feeling and looking like a giant cotton ball. I would put it in my hair before i went to sleep at night. When i woke up in the morning my hair was super soft. I have never had my hair feel like a pillow. Thats how this product made my hair feel. But it felt dry at the same time. It isn’t heavy but had a good consistantcy. My hair soaks up everything so i need a moisturizer that will really moisturize my hair not leave it dry.

Yvette Tillson, NY

Good hair care

I loved this product, it moisturized my hair & left it soft. Smelled great too through out the day. Lasted a long time since you only need a small amount. Sadly, my local beauty supply no longer carries it and I am not happy about that. At least it’s available here on amazon.

Cora Lagro, IN

Awesome product.. But..

Why is it so high here? Walmart has it for WAY less! It’s an awesome product. Smells great, makes your curls pop. Gives you shine, but $9?!! I got mine for less than $3. (12 oz)

Cassandra Lava Hot Springs, ID