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African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil, 8 Fluid Ounce

African Pride Olive Miracle Growth Oil helps stop breakage, split ends, and dryness.

Key features

  • Rich in extra virgin olive oil
  • Promotes a healthy scalp
  • Stops breakage

Honest reviews


One of the best and one of the cheapest hot oil treatment for dry hair

I must say that I am surprised that I even tried this product at all. I am familiar with the brand African Pride for about 10 to 20 years but I never paid any attention to that line. It wasn’t because of the name but the way the packaging looked. It looked cheap and garish and nothing in that line appealed to me. And that held true until about two or three weeks ago when I was browsing through the major drugstore clearance shelves and found this beauty for something that was cheaper than bus fare in my city. When I read the ingredients, I was impressed by the number of natural ingredients it contained (granted it is not all natural but you have to add something to the oils since the go rancid quickly):soybean oil, olive fruit oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil flaxseed oil, horsetail extract, silk amino acids, wheat protein, soybean protein, hydrolyzed oat protein, hydrolyzed vegetable protein pg-propyl silanetriol, phenyl trimethicone, D&C; yellow 11, D&C; green #6, TBHQ, propylparaben, fragrance, lanolin oil, c12-c14 alkyl benzoateI will admit that this is probably a deadly cocktail for those who have allergic reactions to one or more ingredient (add any form of peanut in this bottle and your child would probably be effectively banned for the school year *lol*) but I have no problems with it. And for the granola set, since it contains “bad” ingredients, just make your own. For those who are too lazy and cheap, like me, continue reading.Slightly off topic: I usually avoid products that contains silicone but lately I stopped caring. My hair is a bit easier to manage when I have a touch of silicones. I know I know that silicones are bad but honestly they have its place. Since I wear my hair out, it is exposed to the sun, which gradually destroys my fine but thick kinky curly hair. In short, silicones protect my hair from heat exposure and daily stresses I encounter when I comb/style my hair.Back on topic: I purchased it and used it several times as a pre-shampoo hot oil treatment. What I liked about it so far is that it leaves my hair soft and moisturized and it appears to encourage curl definition. Even with my natural shampoo, my hair winds up brittle at times due to the hard water municipal water and I don’t have the funds to spring for one at the moment, but I will in the future. In the meantime, I have to do some of the extras from time to time to make my hair cooperate, like hot oil treatments, chelating treatments, etc. Next time I plan to do a modified Chicoro[sic] pre-shampoo treatment, which includes aloe vera.The product comes in a eight fluid ounce bottle, with a snap lid. It dispenses the oil well, meaning you can control how much you want but be mindful of the pressure you apply on the bottle. But the flaw I find is that the lid doesn’t stay sealed, so this container is definitely not travel friendly and you need to clean around the openings of the bottle to avoid attracting dust. The scent of the oil blend smells like candy, almost like Wonder 8 oil. So if you hate the smell of that product, then please avoid this one. On me, the scent does not linger but then again I don’t use much of this product. When I wipe off the oil from the body of the bottle, I apply it on my ends at night and in the morning, my hair looks moisturized. I have not experience any exponential growth but honestly I feel like that is just a gimmick. I would definitely give this product a try but look around to find a cheaper price. You can definitely find it cheaper locally or through some online e-tailer.

Janelle Sheboygan, WI

love it

I love this oil. I have really thick hair such and keep it braided under wigs. I am trying to grow it out. It says its a growth oil and I have seen growth; I think its because the oil is stopping breakage. It makes my hair soft and manageable, isn’t greasy and smells really good. A little goes a long way and its very cheap! I love this stuffUPDATE 4/20/2014- My first review of this was May 21st we are almost to a year. I must say this oil has worked WONDERS. It has stopped breakage and I love the smell. I love how it feels. I do scalp massages with it, hot oil, and use it to seal. I also am determined to believe it is the oil because I haven’t changed anything to my regimen. But this stuff works wonders. Will keep buying.

Mayra Coolspring, PA

solid performance from a hair oil

I use this in conjunction with the leave in conditioner for my coarse, high porosity, baby fine, 3b curly hair. I have been very pleased with its performance. It isn’t nearly as likely to leave my hair greasy or weigh it down as many hair oils are prone to do in high amounts and soaks in to my hair and even my skin very quickly and well, but still does a great job at sealing and nourishing the strands. The effects last all day, and it does a great job at reducing breakage from combing even when used on dry hair. The protein content is sufficient enough that I no longer have to do 2x weekly protein treatments, and since I started using these products, I’ve been able to leave off the weekly deep conditioning treatments completely.The smell is the same as the leave in, very fruity and luscious like something you could eat.I’ve used both with flat ironing and loved the results there as well. Shiny and sleek with no evidence of product usage.Using these products during a time I’ve been growing my hair out, after my last trim (which followed a period of 4 months without a cut) I only had to lose a half inch off my growth. :DThere is a VERY small amount of silicone in the ingredient list, right next to the food coloring in the ingredient list… small enough that I would call it negligible, especially since I have hair that tends to be VERY sensitive to the drying effects of silicone containing products, so I would definitely notice if there was enough silicone in this to cause issues. Whatever is there is also negligible enough that it doesn’t cause any build up so it gets cleansed out easily with washing. It’s likely added to boost the product’s ability to protect against free radicals and/or withstand high humidity. There is also one paraben here, but it’s not one of the major offenders and exists in a very small amount as an anti-microbial (preservative)… HIGHLY unlikely you’re going to get cancer from it, and without it this product would start growing bacteria in no time. I wish the paraben activists/"purists" would do their homework on which parabens are the most harmful and how they’re harmful before writing off any product that has any mention of ___paraben in the ingredient list. Their danger mainly comes from overuse, not their mere existence alone, and the most major offender for them is deodorant, not hair care products, which is why they’ve been SPECIFICALLY linked to breast cancer.

Libby Lewisville, PA

inlove after one use

This is on the ethnic hair care section at Sally Beauty Supply, but I still gave it a chance even though I’m Hispanic. I have fine, wavy, long hair. I bought it as a hot oil treatment and I’m glad I gave it a chance even though the bottle looked cheap,the results were not. 1 hair came out in the shower!! Not the usual 5-7 hairs. I try to retain as much hair as possible and after this one use I know its something I’ll be using every shower. My hair detangled like nothing, and it dried fast. My hair wad hydrated and soft. My scalp felt moisturized and not tight. Highly recommend.

Cathy Coaldale, CO

Love This Oil!

I discovered this oil at Sally’s Beauty Supply, which I don’t normally shop in, but I wasn’t in an urban area at the time of purchase. I love the smell of this oil and use it reguarly for my edges and moisturizing. I don’t find it overly greasy as some products I’ve used in the past and most importantly, it does not break my on-and-off sensitive skin out. I also add this oil to my conditioner for extra moisturizing. I highly recommend this product. Sally does offer a much better price than the urban beauty supply stores, which did surprise me.

Francisca Elka Park, NY

Keeps hair strong but not for scalp

This oil is designed to keep hair follicles strong, however it can clog your pores and your scalp will itch if applied. I only apply it to my hair and avoid applying it to my scalp as much as I can. My hair is stronger and thicker because of this oil.

Alisa Kirwin, KS