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African Ivory Shea Butter from Ghana – 32 Oz FILTERED & CREAMY

The Top 10 Uses of Shea Butter Moisturizer for dry skin Eczema cream Blemish cream For softer smoother skin For burns Wrinkle reduction cream Moisturizer for dry hair Shaving cream Anti-itch cream Stretch mark prevention cream The Shelf Life of Shea Butter The shelf life of Shea butter is 18-24 months when kept in a cool dry place. After that time the healing properties of Shea butter are less effective but it is still a good moisturizer. Application of the Shea Butter Shea butter melts at body temperature. For easy application warm Shea butter onto palms until it is completely melted and smooth on. Shea Butter absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply and coats the skin with a fine film; thereby diminishing water loss and leaving the skin softened and protected. The Amazing Properties of Shea Butter Shea butter is the best natural product to protect, heal and improve skin. It is prized because it contains a real cocktail of elements good for the skin. Among these, is first a very high content of Essential Fatty Acids, more than in all other vegetable butter. These fatty acids are oleic, stearic, linoleic and palmitic acid. They play a very important moisturizing, softening, and anti-inflammatory role, and help renew the cutaneous cells. Shea butter also contains vitamins A, D, E, and K that have a recognized effect against skin aging. It is also rich in phytosterols with protecting and regenerating virtues. The manufacturing process has a great influence on the properties and efficiency of Shea butter. If it is refined or processed, it loses its vitamins and part of its efficiency. The Organic Shea Butter Company brings you a handmade certified organic Shea butter that is a guarantee of purity and higher quality.

Key features

  • ivory shea butter, grade A shea butter.
  • Sealed in food grade plastic container
  • Reverses aging skin into younger looking skin, minimizes wrinkles, stretch marks, age marks and skin discoloration.
  • Rejuvenates, provides moisturize and infuses your skin with nautrally occuring vitamin E.
  • Gross Weight 32 Oz

Honest reviews


Love love love This !!!!!!!!

This Shea Butter is wayyyyy Richer than the yellow kind. I just Received this 20 mons ago and I couldn’t wait to Put it on. I live on Florida so when they Delivered it, some of it was Melted a little. I took that and Rubbed it on my Strecth Marks. I have a 1yr old. I know this may sound Crazy but I thought I saw my Strecth Marks Demolishing right before my Eyes. I just love this Stuff.I will always use this Product. The smell is not Bad. It smells similar to the yellow one to me, Just not as Strong. The Packaging was great !!!I Will Use this Product for Years to Come. I Truley love this Product.

Rosanna Addison, MI


I love this shea butter its creamy not greasy , I use it plain on my skin then at times I add coconut oil to the butter for my hair and skin

Desiree Ralph, AL

Smells really bad.

I tried to mix this Shea butter with a lot of my favorite essential oils and other creams to make it more fluid , but the smell kept coming thru. Ended up throwing away.

Annie Springville, IN

Incredibly good

It is really goooooood! Mine arrived fast, was tossed over the fence and the container cracked a little. The product’s benefits are whats described and more. Hair, skin, nails getting healthier with every use. My body feels really soft, smooth and light, it gives a warmth sensation that makes me relax. Gave my girlfriend a full body massage with this butter/ coconut oil combination, she felt so relaxed that I had to start some action before she fell asleep ;D. Oh, put some on your feet, it feels incredible. The oily sensation disappears after a few minutes as it is absorbed by the skin. The butter is not ivory white, kinda light yellow; has a nutty smell similar to cocoa, not strong, not rancid at all.All and All we are really pleased with this African Ivory Shea Butter/ black soap combination.Will definitively be purchasing again.

Edwina Sandy Hook, KY

Oooohhh good smoothness!!

I just got this tub of African Ivory Shea Butter in the package today. I must say, it is rather gritty in texture when you just rub the solid pieces on your skin, it was tedious… But as I warmed it more on my hands, it melted wonderfully and went on my skin smoothly. Remember though, LITTLE BIT, because I do regret getting carried away putting more of this on my hips and chest, they feel too saturated, just a little bit is enough! Like they’ve said: “A little goes a long way” I agree, this fatty nut butter is very concentrated, but it’s still worth using in any senses.This IS better than cocoa butter, but I am used to cocoa butter. The smell of cocoa butter always will be my favorite, so I mix some of this with cocoa butter oil for a nice smell! <3

Sadie Foster, KY


The product is some of the best Shea Butter I have purchase! The cost was better than what I’ve found elsewhere however the quality was not compromised. Enjoying my Shea.

Lydia Camp Wood, TX

Authentic, affordable, unrefined shea butter!

I purchased 32 ounces of ivory shea butter from Halaleveryday. The shea butter was packaged in a big, sturdy, plastic jar. The shea butter is ivory/cream/off-white in color, super creamy and smooth so it’s authentic. I use shea butter for my DIY Body Butter (shea butter/vanilla- infused coconut oil). It makes my skin soft, supple & smooth. The price is right — $11.50 for 32 oz of shea butter ($0.35 per oz) — so I’ll repurchase.

Bettie Abell, MD

Great for the skin!

I purchased the yellow shea and it had too much of a nutty smell. Plus, it was not very creamy and hard to apply. This one is much better. Easy to apply and feels so good on my hands. Takes great care of my cuticles. I also use it under my eyes.My son is using it for his eczema. I think it is working for him but he needs to apply it more often than he is doing.The smell is a little nutty but it goes away and does not linger.The texture is what I consider hard creamy. You can get it out but you still have to melt it in your hands for it to apply right.

Shelly Borrego Springs, CA

Great product..even for Diaper Area!

OK, I love this product! Let me start off by saying that I use it to moisturize my skin and hair. However, when I ran out of Triple Paste ointment for my infant son one day, I decided to use this shea butter instead. I’m glad that I did because it creates a great barrier in his diaper area and he does not get rashes on his VERY sensitive skin. One does have to rub the shea butter in before applying but it melts easily. His diaper area is so soft and rash free and not red at all. I think that this is a great all over alternative with many uses. In the cold winter months I use this on dry patches and it heals in about a day or two. Great value for the amount of product that you get!

Maritza Curryville, PA