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African Black Soap Raw Organic Natural Pure 1lb 16oz

Your Skin Will Say ‘Ooh Laa’…! African Black Soap have been used for centuries to nourish skin with vitamins and minerals. Packed with vitamins A, E and iron, this peculiar soap cleanses the skin, improves skin tone, exfoliates, reduces skin irritations, fades skin discoloration, and helps prevent premature aging……can soften skin too African Black Soap can leave skin feeling really soft during and after taking a relaxing shower….some say that this soap can have a moisturizing effect than traditional, commercial soap! Add this item to your all natural skin care regimen…..give your skin a special “glow” and try this soap today! ! ! ****One pound, 16 oz soap will come in pieces **** ****Shapes and hue will vary….regardless, each package will contain 16 ounces, one pound of soap**** Pieces will be extracted from huge bulk soap supply, shaped and shipped accordingly!

Key features

  • ngredient: palm oil, cocoa pods, plantain skins, kernel oil, water, Glycerin, Shea Butter
  • ALL NATURAL…no synthetic byproducts…organic/natural
  • Great for acne, dry skin
  • deep cleanser
  • mild and oh, so soothing….

Honest reviews


OMG where do I start?

I had no idea that African black soap existed, I must have missed the Dr Oz episode where he mentioned it, LOL! Anyway I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and I could not be more pleased. It is what I would define as an extreme exfoliator, but I have definitely noticed improvements in my skin already: my pores are smaller, sun spots on my face are not so dark, and believe it or not, the skin above my eyelids is tighter! I’m a 54 year old WF if that means anything, and do take excellent care of my skin, and eat healthy. Moisturizing afterwards is a must; something I’ve done all my adult life (it’s quick in the mornings as you’re getting ready for work) is apply baby oil right after I get out of the shower from the neck down, brush my teeth, and then dry off. This is much less time consuming than moisturizing with creams, which I reserve for the weekends. I actually use a variety of oils now (lemon oil, almond oil, shea oil, etc). My only concern at this point is if the black soap strips the skin too much, and does it upset the PH balance of our skin. If I find out, I’ll come back & post any new info!

Imelda Bowman, GA

Black Soap

This is what I expect when I order black soap. The scent is exactly as I remember it. The lather is wonderful, and my skin is left nice and smooth.

Brigitte Garden City, ID

Very drying to the skin, with a residue on skin after washing. Smells like unscented lye soap. Terrible.

This smells like regular unscented soap, and seems to act like regular soap. I’ve never been able to use lye-based soaps, not even castile versions because they all dry my skin and make it feel too tight; but I had hoped that this would be different – not! I’m guessing that the use of ashes in the manufacture of this soap makes it too alkaline as does regular lye soap. It leaves a residue on my skin, and dries my skin. I hate the soapy scent, and the residue. The "smooth" feeling on my skin is actually the residue left on it after washing with this. The drying effect made my skin look like parchment. Horrible cleanser!

Myra Mulino, OR

Black soap is well known … الصابون الأسود غني عن التعريف

Black soap is well knownSmoothes the skin and gives it the brightestI used it for my hairI noticed that completely stop hair lossAnd my hair became a natural sheenالصابون الأسود غني عن التعريفينعم البشرة ويكسبها لمعاناأنا استخدمه لشعريلاحظت أن تساقط الشعر توقف تماماوأصبح لشعري بريقا طبيعيا

Marcia Coalgood, KY


I’m in love with this stuff….why don’t I marry it then? Well, I would if I weren’t already married!!Ok, seriously though, it’s great.My 3 year old get’s eczema flare ups on the backs of her knees reeeallly bad. I wanted so bad to find natural ways to heal or prevent it and not have to use the prescribed ointment, I’ve tried all kinds of things for it and so far organic coconut oil raw shea butter helped the most but she would still get the flare ups. I tried this the day I got it…on her first at, her bath time and she FREAKED out when I put it over the eczema spots….she was screaming that it itched really bad and hurt…so I felt SOOO bad and was mad that I didn’t try it on myself first and was so worried it was going to flare up even worse. I put her medicine on it and she calmed down. The next morning I’m expecting it to be super bad off…it was COMPLETELY gone. No joke…that had NEVER happened before…even her prescribed medicine would help a lot but would take several days of two applications a day for it to start to heal up. I’m not sure exactly what about this stuff makes that happen but it was amazing. Her legs were completely smooth! So I felt much better that I didn’t harm her with some random soap. Now, she rarely has flare ups…usually it’s after we go swimming…I use the time on her and the only time she gets itchy is when she has the flare up.I originally bought this for me though. I wanted a more natural face wash…I have really sensitive skin and due to hormone issues get break outs like I’m 14 again. This stuff works GREAT for my face…it does itch a bit on my blemishes but it works so well on them and leaves my skin feeling really soft…I apply shea butter to my face afterward to moisturize. Will never buy "designer" skin care again!!

Lesa Kingston, ID

Awesome All-Natural Soap – (A little goes A long Way)!!-Plus A Great Tip

This is an awesome all-natural product.An important note, real African Black Soap does not contain any sulfates OR artificial ingredients and only contains less than 8 TOTAL ingredients and must contain: Plantain Skin Ash, Cocoa- Pod Ash, Shea Bark Ash, and Palm Oil. The original formulary only contains about 5 ingredients in total, (some newer formularies may also contain shea-palm-leaf-ash, vitamin E oil, honey or/and organic aloe depending upon the region in which it is made). But, the traditional recipe is the one you want.It is Great for controlling eczema, psoriasis, acne, oily skin, etc.Important usage tips:”African Black Soap is very potent and depending upon your skin type needs, is best used between 2-4days per week, with a normalizing or moisturizing (aloe, cucumber, shea, honey) natural soap used on the alternating days to maximize benefits and prevent over drying. Also, it is important to apply your African Black Soap with a soft cloth or facial brush or bath brush to avoid scratches as Natural soaps derived from caustic potash may retain some solid organic bits that may bruise if rubbed directly onto the skin. And authentic African Black Soap does not have any `labeling’ and is simply cut and wrapped in a saran-like plastic wrapping and shipped.”-TIP: Save your soap crumbles and make LIQUID soap!If you get to the last little bits of your soap save them and dice them into even smaller pieces with a small knife. Steep the crumbles in hot to warm water until fully dissolved and add more water as desired for consistency (many suggest about 1ounce of crumbles to 2ounces water)Usage note:If you get the 1lb bar or larger, cut it into smaller bars using a sharp (butcher’s) knife and freeze the rest.In terms of quality, definitely rates an A/A-For other great tips try, &

Patti El Segundo, CA


Great soap, will keep buying it. We only use it for our face and it is amazing cleans with out drying your face

Lesa Dorchester, NJ

Not for me.

This didn’t work for me.

Tessa Everly, IA

Good Quality Soap

I like the black soap and this one is great. It’s not too hard on my skin and doesn’t crumbles quickly like some other black soap.

Casey Seeley, CA

Bought this at a higher price

I initially bought this from a very good company but it’s quite a bit more expensive; still wanted to use this soap and it does help with oiliness and acne. Not very aromatic but is clean scented, if that’s a good enough discription?

Esmeralda Minneapolis, MN

great buy

i buy two pounds at a time and split them in half which gives me 4 soap bars . each bar lasts me for about 1 1/2 month therefore 2 lbs lasts me 6months. I believe all skin types can use this because i have dry skin and my boyfriebd skin is oily and i always catch him using my stuff. Iam acne prone and this keeps my acne in check

Alyssa Carbondale, KS

Did not help acne

Do not like the soap any longer it made my skin purge and burn whether I left it on for one second or several seconds! I use the Nubian Heritage Black soap and I melt it down added tea tree oil and rose hip seed oil works so much better for my skin drinking plenty of water is also a bonus!

Leila Muscoda, WI