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Afirm 3x 0.60 % Retinol-1.05 oz

Anti-Aging Retinol Cream for Oily Skin Afirm 3x 0.60 % Retinol is a highly effective anti-aging cream for people who have normal or tolerant skin. This anti-aging treatment is specially formulated to help make your skin healthy and glow naturally. Retinol, which is the main ingredient of this cream helps repair hyper-pigmentation and photo-damage and remove acne scars, age spots and brown spots. For normal skin Contains Vitamin A, C and E Fragrance-free An effective anti-aging cream, the 3x 0.60 % Retinol cream minimizes the signs of aging like brown spots, fine lines and other skin aberrations that occur due to photo-damage (or sun-damage). Just for you : For oily or less sensitive skin A Closer Look:Afirm 3x 0.60 % Retinol contains the patented APS MICROSPONGE system that helps retain the retinol molecule for prolonged time. This system ensures continuous release of retinol and enhanced absorption by the skin. It also ensures less irritation. You Won’t Find: Harmful chemicals Get Started: Clean the skin and then apply the cream to the desired area once daily at bedtime. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Key features

  • Advanced retinol cream for more tolerant skin.

Honest reviews


Love It

I love Affirm 3x it is such a good retinol product. It makes my skin beautiful again and I got it for a great great price.

Marcia Gilmanton, WI

Doesn’t seem to do much

I expected some drying/peeling to occur based on everyone elses reviews but even with regular application (evening use only for 6+ weeks) I didn’t really see much of a change except a little dryness around my mouth (I have the 3x). I did not use this in combination with any other product in the evening – just on a freshly washed and fully dry face. It’s not that I have tough withstandall skin either as I do experience contact dermatitis with several brands that are supposed to be more hypo-allergenic (like Clinique products). I can’t dismiss that obviously this product is doing something for all of the positive reviews it has received – but it hasn’t done anything for me. Although I was hoping to find a cheaper alternative to my rx, I think I will stick with my rx cream for the time being, which does seem to do a great job with my skin. For reference, I’m 29 years old and I use my rx to help even my skin tone (I have some old acne marks that it helps with too) and help maintain healthy/younger looking skin.

Kate Chesapeake, VA

Amazing Results

I tried Afirm 3X in place of Retin A in the Obagi Nu-Derm plan because I was nervous about jumping right into the harsh effects of tretinoin cream…The results were AMAZING. Within a few days this product had me gently but rapidly turning over new skin. My moderate hyperpigmentation disappeared within a couple of weeks…even before I moved up to the prescription vitamin A products that are part of the Obagi system. I used Afirm for several weeks and gradually prepared my skin for the more aggressive Vitamin A in Retin A or Tretinoin. Afirm 3X helped me completely avoid the red peeling and discomfort expected in the initial weeks of Obagi. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!BTW, I started the system for some moderate sun damage and discoloration, but the bonus is that my wrinkles are GONE. (the ocassional mild acne breakouts have also stopped completely) I was recently forced to leave a little neighborhood pub until I could come back and produce my driver’s license to prove I was 21. I will be 40 in 3 months…maybe the bartender was sipping a little behind the bar before I got there…but I credit this product working in conjunction with the hydroquinone of Obagi– Admitedly, the poor lighting in that filthy bar didn’t hurt either. Good luck!!!

Beverley Speonk, NY

A good product for a good price

I’ve been using this product for about a month now. I am very happy with the results. I’ve had some drying/peeling but I got it under control switching to a gentle face foam cleaner (Olay) with a facial loofah pad instead of my Neutrogena soap bar. I have a very oily T-zone with large pores. I’m 44 and have hormonal chin breakouts monthly. Afirm has really smoothed my skin and balanced the color tone very well. Also my pore size is smaller (or less noticeable). I still apply a very light dab of benzoyl peroxide my chin nightly for the breakouts after using Afirm. I also like the fact that you can get the grade that you need and go stronger slowly. I think the price is great compared to most and does the same job.

Iris Keeler, CA

Be mindful

Ok, this is strong stuff. I had no idea. That’s my bad. It gets a three star rating because I thinks it’s way to $$$ considering all of the other products out there that do the same thing. Otherwise, if your new to this product, do not use it every day! Good God, you’ll regret that. It will burn your skin off, you will peel like a dragon, and there will be way more deep set wrinkles for about a week. No kidding. I had to place chamomile and tea tree essential oil along with aloe on my face on night. Ouch.So, it does take off skin layers. Does it erase wrinkles. Maybe by 20%. But that’s it, tops. I prefer the glycol acid over this.Also, it is a heavy cream. I don’t like the feel of it. Too heavy. I only put it on at night…and very sparingly now. I’ll stick with it until I run out. If I see a huge improvement when all is said and done, I will surely report back! :)Using for approx 3 months.

Pearlie Mc Connellsburg, PA

Did not work for me

I waited three months to give this product a fair shot. My skin did not peel to reveal new skin, my pores did not diminish, in fact it diminished the glow to my skin and dried it in spots. I will be returning to Olay products and probably get a professional peel.

Meagan Oregonia, OH