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Advanced Formula Anti Aging Moisturizer with Matrixyl – Top Anti Wrinkle Face Skin Care Cream Solution for Women – Newest Ingredients for Fighting Aging Facial Skin – Daily Moisturizer Cream Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles – 30ml Airless Pump – Ebook on Benefits of Matrixyl Sent after Product Ships – Guaranteed to Work

Concerned about multiple signs of aging? Want the secret to looking younger? It’s all about the formula! Joliesse Advanced Formula Anti Aging Moisturizer products contain patented pentapeptides and other cutting-edge ingredients that work to keep your face looking younger – Matrixyl® is the key ingredient, proven in clinical tests to reduce fine lines and wrinkles – Significantly reduces the appearance of stretch marks – Reduces minor skin imperfections – Glides on smoothly and absorbs quickly – Hydrates for firmer skin appearance and a radiant glow – Enhances the skin’s defenses, preventing further damage – Gentle exfoliation for smoother, even skin texture – Paraben free Our Anti Aging Moisturizing Products are Superior to most Alternatives – Our advanced formulation is of the highest quality, containing patented pentapeptides for maximum effectiveness – Manufactured in a state-of-the-art FDA certified lab that uses good manufacturing practices (cGMPs) – Money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. Our Commitment to the Highest Quality Anti-Aging Beauty Products Joliesse Skin Care is committed to bringing you advanced formulas that fight the effects of aging, resulting in fresher, younger looking skin for our customers. That’s why we: – Never use parabens in our formulations – Source from environmentally sustainable sources – Source ingredients from the USA almost exclusively – Strive to improve our packaging at all times You’ll absolutely love this non-irritating skin rejuvenation cream. It will help you dramatically reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles! And it contains Matrixyl® which nourishes your skin, helping you stay younger looking. Click the ADD TO CART BUTTON above and PURCHASE TODAY.

Key features

  • Now includes advanced formula Matrixyl to dramatically minimize the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles
  • May help to significantly improve the appearance of stretch marks and minor skin imperfections by adding the buildup of collagen
  • May help to significantly improve firmness of both facial and body skin. Also enhances your skin’s defenses and prevents future skin damage
  • For ALL skin types
  • Made in the USA

Honest reviews


Made me breakout, but does leave skin soft

I have very sensitive like some of the other reviewers, so I always test on the back of my hand first. I waited overnight, and I didn’t have any reactions. I don’t know how it will affect any fine lines or wrinkles since I definitely haven’t used it long enough, but I will update my review with my results. There are some ingredients in this that people should be aware of and be careful with. This does have peppermint oil, so people with high blood pressure could have a reaction to this. I received this product free for my honest opinion. This is my opinion after receving and testing the product myself.UPDATE July 15, 2013: I can no longer use this moisturizer. It makes me breakout like crazy. I did like that it made my skin soft. Since I can no longer use this, I cannot attest to whether or not this helps with fine lines and wrinkles.UPDATE July 25, 2013: I gave this to my grandmother, and she has fallen in love with this product! She loves the way it makes her skin feel and says her skin hasn’t felt this good in years. I have changed my rating from a 3 star to a 4 star based on the results she has experienced.

Helene Geneva, IA

Love it!

I just received this yesterday and tried it out right away. I have very sensitive skin so I always proceed with caution when I try something new. I used a little on the back of my hand first before trying it on my face. It has a very mild pleasant smell. This was a relief to me b/c I don’t like overly perfumed up products. The moisturizer absorbed quickly as well. My hand felt very soft and I had no irritation at all. Last night I used the moisturizer on my face as intended. Once again, I was very pleased with the smell, quick absorption, and feel of my skin after. Most importantly, my sensitive skin had no irritation at all! Big win when it comes to a product I use on my face. I will have to follow up in regards to how it works over the long-haul. My initial experience is two thumbs up!

Britney Beebe, AR

Skin dry this helped

My wife uses it. We live in Colorado so our skin is really dry. She just started using it so don’t have full results yet. She loves how it smells.

Lidia Westport, NY

It’s REAL!!

I read a review saying this was a scam and the product and bottle were “fake”. The bogus review was funny and intriguing…actually causing me to purchase this product. I bought it, received a real bottle with a real product. No scam involved! :)Now, for a proper review:This product came in 2 days in a nice, smooth pump. The formula had a faint, pleasant odor, which I didn’t notice again after the first use. It’s non-greasy and soaks into the skin quickly. I put my makeup on after with no issues. My face is very sensitive and yet did not break out with this product. My fine lines and wrinkles are fading and my eyes look so good! I’m 45…but I don’t have to look it anymore. It worked! Its been a little over a week…and I’m hooked! :)Thanks to rude people. ..I look GOOD!! 🙂

Brigitte Coal Valley, IL


First off i received my Advanced Formula Anti Aging Moisturizer safe and on time. I Have a problem when every time i wash my Skin is always left so Dry. But when i use this product, it leaves my skin so soft and smooth. I Also love that this product has Green Tea Extract in it. as we all know that green tea is great for many things… and our skin is one of them. i also love the fresh scent this product has. it’s a fresh scent of Peppermint Oil. Leaving my skin feeling so Alive. What a incredible product. Thanks! : )

Jasmine Pine Level, AL

Have they stopped carding you at the store cuz your age is beginning to show? LoL

My college classmates (ages 18-23) used to think i was the OLDEST in class at 26:) Then they were guessing 28…then 30…then 32.Uh oh. Then last year the store didn’t ask for my ID anymore!And a client asked if i was 38! :CWere my wrinkles showing????? gasp.When i saw this anti-wrinkle formula i had to try it right away!This Joliesse has a cool-ish scent. As i’m allergic to this planet this is important to me.It does absorb easily, dries quickly. Is not greasy felling at all.When it arrived i massaged some Joliesse on my left hand only.My left hand feels soft & smooth, appears less wrinkly than the right hand which had no anti-wrinkle on it.It must be helping to smooth out my skin cuz now someone guessed i’m 35 instead of 38 :D:)

Lorraine Webberville, MI

Very mild and gentle!

Hi, this is Terry’s wife – I’m the one who bought the Joliesse. I really like the mild, gentle formula. It leaves my skin soft and smooth with no greasy residue. I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I noticed today that the fine lines on my neck are less visible. It has a very light fragrance, which I appreciate as well.I want to mention how pleased I am that the pump works properly. I bought another skin care product recently that came in an identical-looking bottle, but the pump never would work. It’s one of those details that you don’t think of unless you had a problem like that previously.I do want to mention that you should be very careful not to rub your eyes after application. I did that the first time and my eyes tingled for a bit from the peppermint oil. I learned my lesson and I’m more mindful now.Overall, I really like this moisturizer and will definitely continue using it.

Velma Cresskill, NJ

Very disappointed.

I really wanted to love it, but found it to be rather sticky after a light application. So I applied powder over it, but then my skin looked like leather. I returned it.

Cathy Paintsville, KY

One of the best I’ve owned in a long time

I really enjoy the texture and feel of this moisturizer. It hardly takes any to coveryour face. The feel of the moisturizer itself is nothing compared to the feel of my skinafterwards. The scent is not off putting in anyway, with some moisturizers I just can’tget past the smell (probably because it was on my face) but, you know what I mean.I thoroughly enjoyed this moisturizer and all of the benefits that have come with thematrixyl, also I noticed my pores are tightening which normally comes from a toner typeproduct, so I went looking and sure enough they have addedwitch hazel extract in which is most likely the reasoning for my much improved pores.I really like that there is more than just one benefit from it’s use,it’s like getting more than one product in one.

Haley Mickleton, NJ

Love it great skin prepare and frown reducer

When I got Advanced Formula anti aging moisturizer with matrixyl by Joliesse skin care I was skeptical at first. I had never heard of Joliesse skin care but so far it’s a good moisturizer After using It I can see the difference in quality that I was missing – skin stays fresh throughout the day, no need to reapply, even against weather Agree with my instinct and I say this stuff is a keeper for future purchases , Have just got my container this week and plan on using it every day, The ingredients is high quality because this is your skin were talking here you don’t want to go to low quality but for the quality and the small amount needed per application, you can justify it. Good product – hopefully they expand their offerings.Thanks courtesy of Joliesse Skin Care…

Elisha Fort Eustis, VA

Smooth skin

This feels good going on the skin but I can’t say I see any difference in diminishing wrinkles. Maybe I didn’t give it enuf time?

Beverley Platina, CA

Very luxurious cream

In the time I have been using this, less than 2 weeks, I can already see the lightening of the lines beside my eyes. I dispense this, 2 or 3 pumps, onto the back of my hand and then rub any remainder into my hands (hands show a ladies age almost as fast as her face) and my hands are noticeably softer as well.

Colleen Payson, UT