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ADOVIA Dead Sea Salt Moisturizing Soap for Dry or Sensitive Skin, 4.4 oz.

By combining Dead Sea minerals with trace elements from Dead Sea bath salt, skin is not only cleansed but left hydrated and moisturized.

Key features

  • Removes dirt and cleanses your skin,

Honest reviews


Surprisingly – I liked it

I was given the opportunity to try this soap. I was hesitant because I DON’T like bar soap. I haven’t used it in 15 years. But I can say I was pleasantly surprised with the feel of this soap on my face. There is good lather and a mild scent. Which is good because I don’t like scented products on my face. It also did not dry out my skin which was wonderful. I can recommend this bar soap.

Sybil Morgan, UT

Love it!

After trying out the soap for myself I love the way my skin feels after; my skin feels clean, soft and hydrated. It doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or scratchy but left my skin feeling smooth and soft. Not to mention I think the soap smells so good and fresh! It’s just one of those fresh scents that can truly be appreciated when you smell it. Also, I noticed that this soap doesn’t give the residue after effect that a lot of infused soaps do, which is a huge plus to me. I hate that residue after affect and avoid those soaps at all cost to be honest. Something else I noticed when I used this soap is that the exfoliation benefits are tremendous and instantly noticeable. I’m one who appreciates instant gratification so to see an immediately noticeable difference is again, a big deal for me. The one major thing though that really caught my attention about this soap is that the bar is solid. What I mean by that is that other moisturizing bars disintegrate whereas this bar is holding up well in the shower and so far not dissolving.Needless to say I’ve had a positive experience using the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap bar. It works great, it’s high quality, and feels great! It’s also supposed to be good on sensitive skin as well, but I’m not so sensitive so I can’t vouch for that one. Not to mention it smells good. I definitely recommend the soap.

Kayla Fitzgerald, GA

my skin feel good with this soap

This soap smells really good, make my skin feeling moizturized, clean, refresh, soft, , one thing that I love of Adovia is the ingridients that they use in each of their products. I love all the products that I have try from them so far.

Melisa Santa Isabel, PR

LOVED this one

LOVED this one! It’s nearly gone since I used it every day for about a month (and more than one time a day while on vacation).This soap definitely did it’s job in removing dirt! It gets pretty sudsy when you use a loofah too! I was a little worried that showering multiple times a day (sometimes even 3 times due to activities) that my skin would get super dry. Luckily this soap is true to it’s word though and kept my skin hydrated and moisturized.

Rose Frostburg, PA

great Soap!

I received a wonderful Dead Sea Salt Soap from Adovia. I used this awesome soap on my body in the shower. I do not use soap on my face so I can’t speak about how it works on your face. However, I fell in love with this soap! It smells really good and cleans so well! I would recommend this product along with all their products!

Mitzi Beaver, KY

Great soap

I like that it makes my skin glow when I get out of the shower. I’ve needed less lotion since starting with this product and I’ve found that the skin on my hands doesn’t look as old as it used to. It also smells great. It was a little overwhelming right out of the package (I could smell it THROUGH the mailing package) but after taking it out and putting it in my shower, I’m pleased that the strong smell has gone away leaving it with a light, airy scent that is really nice.

Maxine Spring Lake, MN

Love this

I reviewed this along with other Adovia products and of course I love them all. This Dead Sea Salt Soap though was by far my favorite. It left my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated with out scratching or itchyness left over from harsh chemicals

Shawna Stacy, NC

In love with this stuff!

Okay … At first I was thinking, "Yay! Free soap." I have a slight addiction to soaps and things that smell good.THEN IT ARRIVED IN THE MAIL.I honestly do not think after trying this that I will buy anything else.First the smell, because I always start with the smell. It smells AMAZING. There isn’t one bad thing to say about the smell. I think I huffed the box a good five or six times getting myself excited for bath time.Second. You know how most soaps after you rinse them off, your skin feel rough? Your fingers don’t slide over smooth, its a bumpy ride. This stuff. NOT THE CASE! I swear I feel like a baby. Well my skin does. It is really soft. So the moisturizing capabilities of this stuff is awesome. I normally use dove, because its soft too. But this stuff blows my normal brand right out of the water.Third. Seems to have a slight healing capability too. I had broken out really bad after trying a lotion with too much perfume. my skin reacted so badly to it, that I had little red bumps "Which naturally I had picked at and irritated farther." ONE USE and they were almost gone. Two days … they were finished. So I am thinking that if I had a really bad break out on my face "Which I don’t know if its true because thanks to vitamin c serums I haven’t have that issue." But my assumption is that it would work on clearing that up quite well too. IF YOU GUYS TRY IT, and you do have a problem with acne. Please let me know. "I am curious."All in all this stuff ROCKS! I don’t like the price tag off 11 dollars a bar … but I love what it does for my skin, so I will be looking past that. I truthfully LOVE this soap.Thanks for stopping by xxDee

Lelia Cumberland, NC

Love It!

I was lucky to get to try out the Adovia Moisturizing Mineral Soap. I love the smell of it as well as the way it leaves my skin smooth and moisturized. I honestly didn’t find a con to this soap at all, I did notice a few pimples that popped up a day or so after use but I would have to say that is probably due to the salt pulling the impurities out of my skin. I will continue to use this bar of soap and update my blog review once the bar is used up! I have super sensitive skin so knowing I didn’t have an allergic reaction to this wonderful soap just makes me love it even more. If you would like to read my full review you can do so at the link below[…]

Sonja Powell, OH

Nice soap – very moisturizing

Dead Sea Salt has all sorts of minerals, but I was skeptical whether it would really make any difference in a soap. I have only used the soap a couple times so I can’t comment on long term skin effects, but I can say the following things:1. The soap is super moisturizing. My skin was so soft after showering.2. It smells really nice (and neutral – my husband can use it without complaining…)3. The bar is solid. Other moisturizing bars disintegrate. This bar is holding up well in the shower.A few of the minerals in the soap are magnesium and potassium – both necessary for healthy skin and muscles. We soak in epsom salts (magnesium) for health so if the body can absorb any of these from the soap, it’s probably a good thing.

Gay Shippensburg, PA


OMG! I love this Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap! When I first heard this product, I thought the soap was going to be rough or grainy because of the "Dead Sea Salt" but, I was so wrong. When I opened the box for the first time, the scent was strong, but I liked the scent. It’s a very clean, fresh, almost kind of an ivory scent. I put it in my shower and left and when I returned the whole bathroom smelled so nice. And, even after I use it in the shower, there is still a nice lingering fragrance on my skin after each use. It lathers very well and rinses off without leaving any residue. My skin feels so soft and smooth afterward, especially my face! Some soaps leave your face dry, this one leaves my face feeling fresh, clean and moisturized… This bar of soap is amazing and it feels great! I’m going to continue to use this product and recommend it to everyone!Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are my own and based on my personal experience with the product. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free for my unbiased opinion.

Nell Alberta, AL

Does not clog pores or dry out skin

This soap smells nice and soaps up well. It does not clog my pores or dry out my skin either. My only complaint is that it does not moisturize as well as a body wash. The soap, as with all bar soaps I have used, leaves a tight, almost draggy feeling on my skin. Therefore, I would pick a body wash over the bar soap formula.

Kristie South Egremont, MA

Love it!

Dead Sea Salt soap sounded to me like it would be coarse (like most exfoliating soaps) but it wasn’t at all! It has a very clean, fresh scent to it that stays with me throughout the day. There is no “perfumey” smell that is overwhelming like I’ve found with some soaps. It leaves my skin feeling soft and looking smooth. I love this soap! I have used it on my babies and it has worked well with no issues. I would definitely recommend this soap to anyone.

Holly Falcon Heights, TX

really like it

Good soap, does what it’s supposed to do and has a nice ingredient list. The scent is not my favorite, but it’s not unpleasant just strong. Great for dry skin.

John Weidman, MI

Pricey but worth it.

Over the past few months, I have been trying many Dead Sea Salt and Mud products and have been very happy with them. It is no different with this Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap. The soap is in the form of a bar, which I do not typically use. However, I do not really mind it being in a bar. Actually, I think a soap like this would be more beneficial being in a bar form, rather than body wash. The Adovia Dead Sea Salt is white colored and virtually has no mess with it. I have used other Dead Sea soaps that while they worked made the biggest mess ever.The way I have been using Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap is by putting it on a washcloth that has a scrubby side to it. I find by using the soap with the washcloth, there is an added benefit and it helps to remove the dead skin. Personally, I have noticed a significant difference in the smoothness and the health of my skin. My skin is not irritated by the soap, as there is no smell or anything that would be an irritant.The soap is good for dry and normal to dry skin. My skin is combination – dry, oily and normal. With the dry spots, I have noticed that the soap is really helping to moisturize and smooth it. The normal parts of my skin, I have not noticed a difference. The oily parts, the soap has helped to subdue some of the oiliness, but it also is moisturizing my skin, so there is a bit of a different feel to it.My only problem with the soap is how expensive it is. It is $11+ for the bar. Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap does last a long time and has so many great benefits, so it is worth it, just really pricey.

Rosalind Middlebrook, VA

Delightful and hydrating

This soap fit easily into the palm of my hand and glides over my skin creating a light, clean, fragrant lather. It rinses off easily and left my skin with a delightful, healthy glow.Usually after showering I must apply some type of body lotion to my skin to avoid the chalky, ashy look of dry skin. I didn’t apply any lotion after using this soap to test it’s hydrating ability. I was pleasantly surprised that my skin continued to look bright and healthy for over 8 hours. For me this is Huge. If there is a way to shave a few minutes off my morning routine, I’m all for it. I will be purchasing this soap over and over again.

Lesley South Butler, NY

Love the smell of clean soap

This Dead Sea Salt Soap form Adovia is a good entry way into the world of bar soap. It’s made of natural (and easily pronounceable) ingredients: palm and palm kernel oil, dead sea salts (magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc), demineralized water, and natural extract fragrance. I feel pretty good about putting this on my skin and my skin feels pretty good about it too.Compared to shower gel, it’s not as moisturizing, but for a bar soap, it’s not too drying. It leaves me feeling very clean. It also does a phenomenal job of getting rid of funk. Seriously. This is the soap to use after a workout or a long weekend camping. I think it gets rid of stink better than most shower gels I’ve used.I am also in love with the fragrance of this soap. It has a fresh, clean, laundry dried in the sun smell that I wish I could bottle and spray in my car. Because it smells so good, I wish the smell lasted longer on my skin. But I’ll take it making my bathroom smell nice and crisp after I shower.

Deborah Woodberry Forest, VA

Smells good!

I have been using this soap for about 2 weeks off and on and I find it has a nice scent and it does seem to leave me feeling clean. I am not a big bar soap user. I have tried some of the other Adovia Dead Sea Salt products and have found them to be very nice so I wanted to give this soap a try. My husband also seems to be enjoying it. I like the fact that it is 100% Natural Soap. I have strange allergies and this soap did not cause me any problems!

Zelda Roundup, MT

I really like this moisturizing mineral soap–my skin feels good

I started using this recently and really like how my skin feels clean but not tight or dry. I have been using it morning and again in the evening. I put on my usual moisturizers and makeup during the day and at night I use it to clean my face of all the makeup and then I use my moisturizers. My skin looks and feels good. I love that it is 100% all natural too..there are no weird ingredients. I was noticing a little flaking and dry skin prior to starting with the soap but after I started using the Adovia Dead Sea Mud Soap it seemed to stop. My skin has been looking really nice and it feels comfortable, not tight or dry.

Deann Seneca Castle, NY

Get dead to bring life!

Want to revitalize you face and skin tone? Look into products that utilize Dead Sea Salt. It is amazing. This bar of soap feels great. Doesn’t give the residue after effect that a lot of infused soaps do so I really appreciate that. Plus, the exfoliation benefits are tremendous and instantly noticeable. I am loving Dead Sea Salt products and will keep trying more options that come available.

Lindsay Smithland, KY

Super Healthy Soap!

I received one bar of the Dead Sea Salt Moisturizing Soap to review! The soap is very fragrant and it does leave your skin soft, while cleansing your skin. The soap has over twenty six minerals essentials for healthy skin.Key Ingredients:Zinc: Facilitates skin cell renewal, stimulates Colagen and Elastin synthesis, Anti oxidant properties.Bromide: Relaxing and soothing effect on the skin cells.Sodium: Improves the skin’s metabolismCalcium: An important ingredient in skin cell protectionMagnesium: Stimulates protein synthesisPalm Oil is the natural oil base for this soap, which allows for gentle cleansing and moisturizing, without over drying. The soap is full of great ingredients!

Dee Clay, TX

Wonderful for the face – not in love with the scent

I opened the package in the car and my husband exclaimed, “What is it? It smells like something my Great Aunt Mildred would wear!” FYI: He never was a fan of how she smelled. The good thing is, it smells strong, but it doesn’t not smell strong on my face (or hands that I use to lather my face).This can be used as a face and body soap. I have only used it on my face, and will continue to only use it on my face, as after three days of using it, I have already noticed a difference. My skin is naturally very dry and breaks out with most products. I stopped using other products several days before using this so that I would know how the Dead Sea Salt worked.I have noticed the biggest difference in my complexion. I would recommend this to anyone that has redness or an uneven skin tone.

Tabitha Whitman, WV

Great moisturizing soap

I absolutely love the Adovia Moisturizing Mineral Soap with Dead Sea Salt . This soap is gentle on my sensitive skin and does not have a smell to it. I used it for two weeks as a daily facial cleanser. It leaves the skin feeling not only cleansed but soft and not dry; which is important to healthy skin.

Cornelia Reliance, TN

Excellent soap

I love the smell and lather of this product. It will show signs of working after a few days and as everyone has a different skin tone and type this might not be for everyone and the results will not be the same. If your using this with another product that could cancel the effect as well.

Ivy Hugo, MN

Makes skin so soft

I really love the Adovia products and this Dead Sea Salt Soap is not different. I love how it cleans and makes the skin feel so soft after use.

Virginia Wells, TX

This soap is so great for your skin and smells amazing!

There are several key things that I look for when it comes to trying a new soap or body wash: scent, lather, how easily it washes off the skin, how my skin feels afterwards (including if my skin feels moisturized or dried out), if I can use it on my face/shave with it and how long the soap lasts. I wasted no time in putting this soap to the test.Scent- This soap smells AMAZING. The best way I can describe the scent is to say that it smells really "clean". There is something else to the scent (faint floral notes?) but I can not place it. I thought the smell was a little overpowering when I first removed it from the box, but it isn’t overpowering as you use it in the shower. It actually makes your entire bathroom smell amazing for hours after your shower. The scent also lingers a little on your skin (not a lot, but enough to be pleasant and make you feel clean).Lather- This soap not only lathers well, but it does so easily. You use very little of the soap when in the shower.How easily does it wash off the skin- Very easily. It does not stick to your skin or make you feel like you have to work to rinse it off.How does my skin feel after using- I feel really clean and smell amazing. The soap does not dry out my skin at all like most soaps do. My skin doesn’t necessarily feel moist, but it doesn’t feel dry or sore either. It feels soft, clean and healthy.Can I use it on my face/shave with it- Yes! If I use other bar soaps on my face it is peeling and dry when I get out of the shower. I have been using this Adovia Mineral Soap on my face for 2 weeks with no peeling or dryness. It makes my face feel so much cleaner than the facial wash I was using previously. I love it on my face! I have also not had as many breakouts. I have also been using this to shave. Since it lathers so well and is not drying, it makes shaving really easy.How long does the soap last- Well, I have been using this soap for about 2 weeks now. As of now the bar looks almost the original size. You can even still faintly see the Adovia stamp on the bar. It appears that this Adovia Mineral Soap will last for a long time.As you can see, the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Moisturizing Mineral Soap passed all of my tests with flying colors. The soap is currently on sale on Amazon for $11 with free shipping for everyone. I normally would not spend that much on a bar of soap, but this soap is definitely worth trying. I recommend it!

Tiffany Davant, LA

I’m Sold! Gentle enough for my sensitive skin!

This bar soap is very moisturizing and lathers up really nicely. It’s perfect for anyone with dry or normal/dry skin, since it hydrates so well. The bar itself is a nice thick size – bigger than most other bar soaps I have used – so it will last quite awhile. I’m usually not a fan of bar soaps since they tend to leave my skin dry, but this soap is as moisturizing and sudsy as a body wash cream. And the best part is that it contains natural ingredients from the earth.At first I was just using the soap on my body in the shower, until I realized I should be using it on my face too, as the directions state. I always get kind of nervous when trying new cleansers on my face and I’ve never tried a facial bar soap before, but man, this one really impressed me! I have sensitive skin and didn’t have any irritation or redness, like I usually do after washing my face. I could feel all the dry skin being washed away, and it looks like it helped clear out my pores as well. This soap rinsed away easily and left my face feeling super clean and soft. I’m so excited to finally have a soap that doesn’t leave my face red after using it! It’s gentle and moisturizing, which is exactly what I need.

Jillian Lanark Village, FL

I love this soap

I love this soap, yea I already love dead sea salt & how softening, moisturizing & just great for skin health it is, so adding it into a bar of soap for me makes it perfect. This soap is smooth & is not at all gritty when using it, not harsh & has a mild scent, the scent does not bother me but might bother others. This soap is great to use for general skin health but is also great for skin issues such as eczema, rough dry skin, psoriasis, hives, rashes acne & more. What I tend to hate about even natural soaps is they leave behind a residue especially if they have any kind of salt in them, this soap not only does not leave behind any residue it rinses off very easily & leaves your skin feeling amazing.You have got to love a soap that is natural, healing, soothing & has soap magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc & more for a total of 21 minerals needed for skin health & body health. Feel the rich lather that makes you feel like you are not using soap at all, then feel how great it makes your skin feel & look & how others are noticing the great results.Thank you to Adovia for making all these great skin care products, I love what I have tried so far,great company with great communication that really cares about the customers & that is important when buying online.

Alyce Grass Range, MT

The scent disappates quickly

While I was not a fan of the smell of the soap, the scent dissipated soon after use.This soap does as promised and is very very moisturizing.Go to […] to read my full review

Janine Annandale On Hudson, NY

Moisturizing with a strong scent…

I received a low value free gift from the manufacturer for posting this review. I was not required or compelled to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with FTC 16 CFR, Part 255.I like that this Soap contains Dead Sea Salt and Minerals from the Dead Sea located in Israel. Both ingredients known to provide healing benefits to the human body.This soap come in a small box that well represents Adovia’s design and standards. The Soap it self is a good size and it should last for some time.It has a nice scent, but it is very strong, and it made my allergies go a bit crazy. So I was not really able to use it on my face, but I have been using it for my body and do like how fresh and soft it leaves my skin.As much as I like Adovia Products, and while I did like the end results of the Adovia Dead Sea Salt Soap, I think it’s a bit on the high price, and I’m not sure that I would buy it because of my allergies. If on the other hand you enjoy or don’t mind strong scents and are looking for a high quality soap that offers many benefits this may just be the soap for you.A fact that many may find appealing is that this soap can be freely used on the body and on a delicate face as well. Leaving the skin clean, refreshing and soft feeling.I wrote a more detailed review at our site, you are welcome to check it out at craftyspices {dot} com

Polly Mount Hermon, CA