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Adore Semi-permanent Hair Color

What it is: Adore, the new and innovative, Semi-Permanent Hair Color will infuse each strand with a vibrant burst of luxurious color with No Ammonia, No Peroxide, and No Alcohol. What it does: Adore is a Semi-Permanent Hair Color that deposits natural looking color while giving your hair a healthy resilient shine, leaving your hair in better condition than before coloring. What else you need to know: Adore’s exclusive formula offers a perfect blend of natural ingredients providing rich color, enhancing shine, and leaving hair soft and silky.

Key features

  • Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color #130 Blue Black 4oz – For a vibrant shining color that gives hair a beautiful, sensual feel and color that really lasts!

Honest reviews




Marjorie Compton, IL

Very happy with this product!

I was very iffy with trying a brand that is specifically geared toward extensions or people of African American descent because their hair is oily, and much more thick. My hair is on the thinner side, and I expected this dye not to stick to my hair very well..I was wrong. This dye is very bright, vibrant, and works best on hair that is bleached. HOWEVER, it did show up on my natural black hair..I was very surprised. It left a pink tint to my hair xD I bought the color Hot Pink and it was awesome. I would definitely strongly recommend this product!

Claudine Bremen, ND

best semi permanent and cheap too

I bought Raging Red. Now if this color is put on blonde hair it serious comes out as a rich, vibrant, fluorescent red violet color. You will look like C Viper from Street fighter no joke! I had my hair done red violet at the salon and it washed out very fast, after using this it was breathtaking, if you have pale skin this shade does wonders, a million billion times better than manic panics vampire red, and more depth and dimension. The application was very non messy as the consistency I found was perfect, not too runny not too stiff. was applied to towel dried hair and sat for 35 min.If you are looking for a not so bright red shade then stay away from this one, but if you wanna stand out, this is one of the best pink toned reds out there.

Malinda Mc Caulley, TX

Conditioning Color

Safe for same day coloring on relaxed hair. Bold intense color that lasts for well over 6 washes (atleast for me). Leaves my hair soft and shiny.

Erika Wellston, OH

Loving this colour

Didnt think I’d love this more than manic panic or other similar semi-permanent colours but it’s fab. Not a fan of the smell, but who cares, my hair looks wicked.

Patricia Harris, MI

I use it on extension hair for clip highlights

I have used this dye on my head before, and it does give amazing color. But, it stains the bejeepers out of your scalp too, so you have to either settle for colored skin for a few days or uncolored roots. My hair is fair, so I couldn’t really hide the roots as well as someone who has bleached highlights and still-dark roots.But! This stuff does look amazing on inexpensive human hair extensions. I can buy a small package of long extension hair in light blonde and color it any color of the rainbow for clip in highlight extensions. Sally’s charges $15 for a pack of 1-2 colored clips, but I can make a full rainbow of set for a lot less.Crimson and most of their red hues looks shockingly beautiful on hair darknesses anywhere from 8 (light blonde, but not platinum), to 2 (but not black). If you use it on platinum color, it will look pastel a lot sooner, but every other color seems to hold onto it fabulously. If your hair is a true black, you probably won’t see any change, but even dark-chocolate colored brown will tint and show in the sun.

Georgette Clifton, NJ

Amazing AND cheap!

I bought this at a beauty supply store but noticed reviews are hard to come by so decided to share my experience. I bought the color Purple Rage first and since my hair is black I bleached it first to a dark golden blonde color. The purple rage was a bright vibrant pink based purple! It was too pinkish for my liking as I had wanted a royal purple kind of color, I decided to add some African Violet on top of the lighter purple at the next washing, it came out the dark rich royal, I think the violet of this color mixed beautifully with the pink of purple rage and made it more true purple than if I had used it alone. It looks black indoors or from far away but taking photos with flash or being in the sunlight and all you see is this gorgeous purple color! I loved my purple hair I took very good care of the color because people said it washes out easily… Washed it only twice a week, used a bit of dye mixed in with the shampoo and conditioner, avoided harsh chemicals and kept it moisturized and now that my roots have grown in about 3 inches I want to go back to my black hair and this stuff is impossible to wash out now lol not that I’m complaining but if you care for your color fading won’t be a problem! This stuff is great it smells yummy and easily comes off skin with alcohol but stained a cabinet so be careful but it washed easily off my bathtub and tiles. Left my hair soft and conditioned too. Look up budgeting beauty how to dye your hair purple to see my results and pictures!

Lavonne Minden City, MI

Best bright red hair dye there is

I used this dye 5 years ago when I was in highschool and always loved it. Unable to find it at the beauty store I used to go to I tried all the other brands (Manic Panic, SFX, Splat, etc) they were all dull, and only lasted one wash. I thought my hair was just too processed to hold color till I tried Adore again and viola!This is a true Cardinal red, it’s extremely eye catching and I get compliments everywhere I go. Would recommend to anyone wanting bright red hair, or a tint to put on top of their natural hair.

Rachael Isola, MS

Love it!

This color works amazingly! I did not use heat when applied, I just wrapped it up and left it on for about 30 minutes. I dyed over lightened hair. It took very well and came out true to what the color was supposed to be. I have washed my hair about three times now since dying it and it is just now starting to fade, mostly just at the ends. I do suggest rinsing your shower/tub out after you dye it and every time you wash your hair as the color does come out and will stain if you don’t rinse. To get the stains off you just need some CLR and it will come right off. Try not to get it on your skin, as it will stain your skin. If you do get it on your skin wipe it off as soon as possible. To prevent that from happening you can use vaseline to make a barrier to it will not go onto your skin. I recommend this product for anyone who is looking for a good fun/funky color.

Lynda Avis, PA

So So

Not sure what to think. I used it once to refresh my red, but it seemed to have dried my hair out quite a bit. Not sure if my hair needed some good conditioning or it was the dye. Will try one more time.

Ma Cortland, IN

Great for using as a toner

I put some in my conditioner and shampoo to tone down the brassiness in my hair. I think it leaves my hair a little glossier, too. You don’t have to use a lot to use it this way. I have plenty left for future bottles. If I feel like it, I might do a strand of hair to see what it does color wise.

Bobbi San Joaquin, CA

I love it!

The color was absolutely beautiful! I used it to ombre my hair from Raging Red to Pink Rose to Aquamarine! It stays for a long time and the color is vibrant!

Grace Prairie Home, MO


Love the color and the duration of time that it stays in your hair. I bleach my hair to a pretty light color. There are two different tones of blond in my hair. One is a yellowish blond…light yellow, and one is almost white blond. The light yellow blond keeps the color so well I might touch up the color ever other month. By the time you are faded out enough to color it again, you really shoud be bleaching the roots again any way. The super light/white blond doesn’t keep the color is as long. It’s dry and damaged and just can’t hold the color as well. The more dry and damaged the hair, the less it can hold the color. BUT on the other hand, if you hair is smooth and not processed at all it wont absorb the color well. I used to think that the dryer it was the better it took the color. And that is true till you hit a line. Once your hair is so damaged and dry it simply just cannot hold the color as well. That being said, I still only have to dye it once a month and don’t need to touch up the color between bleaching the roots. That’s some pretty good dye, as I’ve tried ALOT of different brands. Nothing has ever stayed in like this has. And when I’ve gone months without touching up the color, and not bleaching my roots it fades in to (on the white blond hair) a lovely icy mint looking color. Like a super 50’s retro color. And on the yellowish blond it fades like you would expect from a dark blue/aquamarine to picking up more green tints every week or so.

Chasity Lakewood, WA

Great product.

I adore this product. It came out just like the swatch online. I am using it to maintain a red ombré. I applied it with a brush on kitchen foil, left it in for about an hour, and it came out great. It has lasted over 2 weeks, and I only used 1/2 a bottle. I have very long hair.

Wendy Perry, NY


I bought this product based on reviews that it lasted long and the color was vibrant. First off, it turned most of my hair a pinkish/orange color and it did not last 3-4 weeks! It only lasted about a week and I was very disappointed. I am now using Joico semi-permanent color in indigo, which is working much better.

Miranda Sun, LA

Adore Clear

This made my hair very soft and full of shine, the only downside being the pinkish tint, which left a weird sheen effect on my naturally dark blonde hair.

Kelsey Hazleton, PA

Great color

It’s more black than blue…but a great color nevertheless. I used this along with Aquamarine and Indigo Blue to dye my hair. It was a nice effect!

Della Inyokern, CA


Try it it’s good

Candy Stinesville, IN

Buy It.

This stuff is amazing. I really really tested it the first time I used it. I put it in my dirty hair, which still had tons of hair spray from the night before. (It was actually hard). I diluted it in conditioner so it was a medium light purple (It is practically black in the bottle, very pigmented.) I only left it in for an hour. No heat. Then, I washed it out in the shower, in HOT HOT water. And scrubbed the heck out of it. And then, I conditioned it, and scrubbed the heck out of it again. Through all that, it came out strong. I haven’t bleached my hair in two months. And I put it over strong pink, and it dyed perfectly. The only spots that are still pinkish, are the spots where I left a ton of hairspray in. But even then, it dyed it a bit. When I use Splat, I have to leave it in for 3-4 hours. I have to wash it in the sink in cold to lukewarm water. And even then, it is a fuchsia. By the third wash, it is a bright pink color. This color is amazing, and I tested it to the limits. Best fun hair colors available, and the cheapest!

Lorene Oysterville, WA

Nice color

I got”Hot Pink” because I was looking for a true red based pink, instead of being on the bluish side. The color is exactly what I was looking for. It made my hair feel stiff and coated though and I could not get a brush through it.

Anne Lookout, CA

#88 Magenta

I absolutely LOVE this color! If you find out that regular red hair doesn’t look good on you, which was the case for me, then I would beg you to give this a try. While looking at this color in the beauty supply store I thought it would be strange to buy something that was mixed with pink & purple together for an every day hair color. But I was so sick of my dark brown hair that I decided to try anyways, and glad I did! It looks very vibrant and I get compliments all the time now. It looks great on darker tan skin but I’m sure many others could rock this beautifully. The only thing I dislike is that it kinda rinses out with every wash but that is to be expected with hair colors like this. I just treat it as I would red hair, rinse with cold water and shampoo less frequently. I also never tried Redken products but I might incorporate that into my dye routine soon. But even with color rinsing out this color is unique because there is no dupe hair dye for it, and I don’t mind. Totally worth it 🙂

Amy Union, WV


Such a great purple and seems to last longer then manic. Mixed it with pink one time and with blue another to switch up my purple tones. I’ve bought 3 bottles already, seems to last a while but I have very long thick hair so it take a lot of dye.

Jeanine Copalis Beach, WA

Gorgeous colors

I have used the red (forgot the name) and violet gem. I used the red on bleached hair and the color was sooo pretty and bright. I also used it over my black hair and it left pretty subtle red highlights.I recently dyed my hair red violet (level 2; very dark) and it faded alot. I didn’t want to dye it again, so I decided to "touch it up" by using violet gem all over. My hair is probably a level 4 right now, and the violet gem made it noticeably purplish/reddish. It is sooo pretty. It’s not too bright and obvious, but in the sun or light my hair has a lot of really pretty reddish/violet tones. My hair is also SO shiny and soft after using this. I like that its not damaging, and your hair doesn’t have to be white to have a noticeable effect. I can’t speak for fading because it seems my hair fades no matter what I use (my hair is really fine) but for the price this can’t be beat. I have fine hair but a lot of it, and its pretty long. I used almost a whole bottle but I don’t think I’ll have to touch it up too often if I am careful of how much I wash my hair.Warning: your hair WILL bleed every time you shampoo, due to the fact that this is semi permanent. Be careful because if you don’t wipe it right away, even if it is diluted because its wet, it can stain. Rubbing alcohol is a great stain remover though.My only issue is that it is very runny; which makes application a mess.Try this I bet you won’t regret it 🙂

Angelia Fairfield, IA

excellent in a pinch

excellent price, speedy service. i use this if i can’t get my hands on special effects (grrr). highly pigmented, but runny. once you gets used to that, it’s easy to use.

Caryn Hillsboro, TX