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Acure Organics, Conditioner, Pure Mint + Echinacea Stem Cell, 8 fl oz

Pure Mint Echinacea Stem Cell Conditioner Volumizing by Acure Organics 8 oz Liquid. Build dynamic volume with intense lightweight moisture For hair that feels thicker fuller and uplifted. Quinoa protein extract supports keratin. Argan Oil Babassu Oil provide lightweight moisture for root and scalp maintenance. Echinacea Stem Cells promote cellular regeneration at the root level. Forget the neighborsturn up the volume Features Color Safe Vegan Gluten Free Sulfate Free Paraben Free Phthalates Free Cruelty Free Directions Apply to wet hair. Massage into scalp and hair working through the ends. Rinse thoroughly. Feel free to belt out some horrible 80s tune that you listen to when nobodys around. Whatever you totally do it. Other Ingredients Organic Euterpe oleracea (Acai) Berry Organic Rubus fruticosus (Blackberry) Organic Rosa canina (Rosehips) Organic Punica granatum (Pomegranate) Organic Fair Trade Certified Rooibos Cetearyl

Key features

  • Build dynamic volume with intense lightweight moisture
  • For hair that feels thicker fuller and uplifted
  • Argan Oil Babassu Oil provide lightweight moisture for root and scalp maintenance
  • Echinacea Stem Cells promote cellular regeneration at the root level
  • Color safe shampoo that is paraben, sulfate, phthalate, petrochemical, silicone, & gluten free

Honest reviews


Didn’t really try it

When I received the product the smell of it wasn’t so pleasant. It could have been a great hair product but I’m really picky and would much rather find a product with a scent of my liking.

Clara Dewey, OK


I absolutely love this conditioner. I’ve tried just about EVERY single natural and organic brand of hair care products out there. This is by far the BEST conditioner I have ever used. I have fine hair, buts tons of it, and it can tend to get weighted down and oily when using other conditioners. With this one, my hair looks shiny and soft, almost baby-hair-like in the morning after using it and very volumized. It does an amazing job at detangling as well and you only have to use a small amount to get results, unlike other products where you practically have to use the entire bottle! I just stocked up on this because I love it so much!

Juana Partridge, KS

Good but expensive

I liked this product but I think there are cheaper organic products that work just as well. I might buy again.

Natalie Gove, KS

Goes along well with the shampoo

I bought this conditioner in conjunction with the volumizing shampoo. This conditioner comes out in a white liquid. It does not smell as minty as the shampoo, but I think it complements the shampoo well. I wish the conditioner was just a little bit thicker- it was a bit watery for my liking. I just put this throughout my ends and comb it through with a wide-toothed comb once I let it sit on my hair for a few minutes. My hair was a bit less tangley while combing the conditioner through than it is with other conditioners, so I liked that about this product. I would suggest using this in conjunction with the volumzing shampoo. Once I dried my hair, I did noticed it was softer than usual and had a bit more volume, but not a noticeable amount. My hair feels clean and smells really good after using this conditioner (along with the shampoo). I have only used it once so far, so I cannot say if my scalp will be itchy or if it gives me dandruff, but if something like that starts to happen, I will update this review and let you guys know!

Sallie Carrollton, GA

Best Organic Conditioner I’ve Found-

My hair: peri-menopausal crazy hair, fine wavy/curly, oily scalp with ends that are dry/damaged from coloring, washed every three days.Nothing has worked as well as Acure mint/echinacea conditioner to both calm my hair without leaving it limp and allow me to ease a wet hair comb through the knots for which fine hair is famous. I was using mainly John Masters Rosemary conditioner (and occasionally other organic conditioners like Desert Essence coconut or Juice Organics) but none of them worked as well. I smooth a tiny dab of J. Masters through the ends as a leave on conditioner after rinsing out the Acure. The two together do wonders to make my ends look healthy.For anyone with the same hair type who has been searching for a good combination of organic/natural products, here’s what (after much experimentation and $ spent on various hair concoctions) seems to work the best for me- wash with Pura d’or hair loss prevention argan oil shampoo, then the Acure/Masters conditioners. In order to minimize damage, I’ve taken to either allowing my hair to dry naturally or leaving it wrapped in a towel until it’s damp (as opposed to still dripping) then using a diffuser on the lowest setting to get more body at the roots. I spray a little Aveda Volumizing Tonic in my palms, rub them together, run them through my roots and then scrunch a small dab of Mop-Top Leave it in Conditioner into the rest of my hair. This gives it more body than not using any styling products.Acure mint shampoo is also good but my hair seems to be a little fuller and stays clean a little longer with the Pura d’or shampoo.It’s great to finally find a combination of organic products that work well for my hair type. Hopefully it will for you as well.

Marie Stockbridge, VT

Excellent Conditioner

Love these products. We’re big on "organic"/natural ingredients, and this fits the bill.My hair seems to have more volume. It "feels" clean (this could be because of the mint smell – you can definitely feel it tingle a bit when it’s in your hair). I love the smell.Overall, I’d say these products are in my top 5. I’ll continue to use and buy these products.[Hair: 3A/B curly, thin]

Nita Minier, IL

Excellent Shampoo

This line of shampoos and conditioners is great, judged against natural and conventional ones! This has a nice slip to it without feeling oily, and the mint smell is very refreshing and not fake or plasticky. The price is good and they have good safety ratings from Environmental Working Group, so there’s just really no reason to use a conventional conditioner!

Rose Chatsworth, NJ

Pleasant Surprise!

This conditioner was a very pleasant surprise. Not sure if I will continue to purchase as it is a bit watery, however, it works well and smells wonderful!

Maria Channahon, IL

It was ok.

This is ok but it doesn’t leave my hair looking or feeling as nice as my old bad for you conditioner did. I don’t know if it’s just this or if it’s all the natural conditioners but I have yet to find one that leaves my hair as soft and shiny as my old stuff. It’s not bad and as far as natural conditioners go it’s the best I’ve tried but it didn’t leave my hair as soft and manageable as I would like. I will continue to search for great natural conditioner.

Cristina Normal, AL

Amazing conditioner

I was looking for an organic shampoo and this is it. I have fine hair and this product makes my hair fuller. The best thing is that my hair looks so good that I wash it every other day instead of daily.

Lakisha Sipesville, PA

Left my hair lifeless!

Left my hair limp and feeling greasy, and I normally have really dry hair. While it did give my hair some shine, it was so slick and ended up looking really lifeless by the end of the day. Used it a few times, but won’t be finishing the bottle or buying again.

Caroline Felton, DE