ACURE Facial Cleansing Creme – 4 oz – Argan Oil + Mint

This foaming, creamy facial cleanser features the moisturizing benefits of organic Moroccan Argan oil, olive oil and cocoa butter, the antioxidant power of blackberry and rosehips and the soothing deep cleanse of mint. It easily removes makeup, dirt and impurities from your pores without stripping your natural moisture, keeping hydration plentiful and skin looking refreshed.

Key features

  • Purifies and cleanses without drying
  • Provides nutrient dense moisture as it cleans
  • Protects skin’s natural acid mantle
  • Great for normal/combo to dry skin
  • Vegan, gluten and cruelty free, food grade ingredients, paraben, sulfate, silicone, phthalate and synthetic fragrance free

Honest reviews


Fried My Eyes.

This stuff fried my eyes. I made sure I didn’t get it in my eyes. But whenever I used this on my face my eyes would sting terribly. And I’d wake up the next morning with them all bloodshot. So while I was impressed by how nicely it left my skin. I had to stop using it for the sake of my eyes.

Allie New Cumberland, PA

Great face wash

Although it is marketed to women I like this, It seems to have cleared up my acne without drying my skin. The picture is wrong it actually comes in the same type of tube as as the Acure shampoo’s and conditioners. All of the ingredients are recognizable and its fair trade. You can’t go wrong.

Carmen Attica, NY

My new favorite facial cleanser

My face is dry with blotchiness, black heads, and frequent acne. I’ve tried many face products and am so far very pleased with Acure. The cleansing cream makes my face feel fresh without feeling overly dry. It smells similar to some clay/seaweed masks that I’ve tried, and the cleanser actually has a hint of green. I’ve only been using a week, but am very pleased and have noticed that my complexion has improved and my acne has lessened. It does a good job at removing my mascara and eye liner (I don’t usually wear other make-up). I have not noticed any improved on black heads yet, although the only thing I’ve found so far that does work on black heads is getting a facial. My success could also be in part that I’m also using the eye cream, gotu kola day cream, and the night cream, and have been very satisfied with those. This definitely burns if you get it in your eyes!

Katrina Delmar, IA

Love this facial cleanser!

I have been searching for a safe cleanser, that would remove makeup easily and not leave my face dry. This one is perfect. It even took off my mascara without having to use a cottonball with oil. Other reviewers comment on the smell being a problem, but I guess this is another example of how different we all are because I love the smell. It is minty and refreshing, and really uplifting. I would not like this product as much without the smell! If you like aromatherapy, you will likely enjoy this product (I did notice a little tingle in my eyes when removing mascara, but just plan to make sure I have them tightly closed and rinsed well before I open them during washing next time). 🙂

Janie Dunbridge, OH

I purchased this locally (paid few cents less due to sale price). I am absolutely impressed by this product!

I’m a 48 year old African American male. I have always looked younger than my age. I have worked-out off and on for decades, which has helped me to retain a youthful appearance and vigor. I decided to focus on retarding the appearance of age in my face in preparation for my life ten years from now (Yes I do sometimes think ahead). Please consider as a guy I have simply been using my bar soap (Tom’s or Dove) on my face while in the shower.I went to Whole Foods and asked a young lady to recommend a facial cleaner. She went srait to this product and said she loves it. This same young lady has made recommendations for me in the past and has never let me down. The same is true of this product.I used it for the first time last night prior to going to bed. I could not belive the version of clean that I saw in the mirror and felt on my skin. I was totally amazed! Unlike bar soaps that I have been using for years (Tom’s Moisturizer now, Dove before that), this product did not make my skin feel unnaturally dry or oily. The surface of my facial skin felt and looked much smoother. It was almost as though I had a facial (I’ve had two facials in my entire life. The last time was ten or more years ago). I followed up with a Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Intensive Anti Aging, Facial Lift Skin Care Formula (another amazing product).I used this product again this morning before work. The results were even better than last night. I am now mad with myself for not knowing about this product years ago (Oh well). There may be better products available. However, for the cost you would be hard pressed to get these incredible results. Also, a couple of dabs goes a long way. I am 6’2″ at 205lbs. The size of my face is proportionate with my height and weight yet it took very little of this product to thoroughly cleanse my face. I am one of those people that likes to see the lather. So to say it did not take a lot of this product to accommodate me says a lot.Bottom line: Although I purchased this locally I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Although the sale price was $11.99 locally, that is temporary. The regular local price is approx $2.00 MORE than the current price here. Regardless of where you purchase it BY THIS PRODUCT!!! Also consider Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Intensive Anti Aging, Facial Lift Skin Care Formula. If you use too much of the Bell essence it does leave a shiny residue. I then then take a piece of tissue and wipe away any excess of the Bell Essence (not this product) that I can’t massage into my skin. As for this product I have all PROS and no CONS to report at this time.I’m just a guy enjoying this thing called life and hope that you do as well…

Cora Geneseo, IL

A must for great clean skin!

This is one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used!

Lindsey Lake Dallas, TX

Stings Eyes

Using as a preshave which works fine except for stinging of the eyes. Cleans face pretty well.Shall not repurchase.

Ursula Moose Lake, MN