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Acrylic Powder Kits Primer Basis Nail Art DIY Decoration Set Kit w/ Brush

Features: 1. New and high quality 2. Great for beautifying your nails and enhancing shine 3. Suitable for professional or home use Specifications: 1.Weight: 316g/11.15oz 2.Nail brush holder dimensions: 0.47×8.07 inch /1.2 x 20.5cm(Dia x H) 3.Weight of Acrylic powder (Clear):0.92oz/26g 4.Weight of Acrylic powder (White): 0.92oz/26g 5.Weight of Acrylic powder (Pink):0.92oz/26g 6.Nail Wash WaterWeight: 4.73oz/134g Package includes: 1 x Acrylic powder (Clear) 1 x Acrylic powder (White) 1 x Acrylic powder (Pink) 1 x Dappen dish 1 x Nail brush holder 1 x Nail wash water

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  • Acrylic Powder Kits Primer Basis Nail Art DIY Decoration Set Kit w/ Brush

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Like it

I Like it, Its Not all that cause i didnt get my 3 there powders only got 2 but its cool powders are really small and powder was every where

Myrtle Pointblank, TX

Great for the price…

Haven’t used it just got it today. Cannot believe how fast I got it! They packed it securely, The powder comes with an extra seal plus packed in a zip lock bag . All canisters where filled to the top and the brush is a little small but very cute and I love that you can use the handle part of the brush as a cap, so after use, you can just snap the metal part of the handle off and store the brush inside of it. I wish the acrylic liquid bottle was bigger its only 4oz but so far it seems like a great product at a great price and great speedy service. I do a lot of nail sculpting and 3d nail art, so Im hoping its easy to work with. I will give it 5 stars when I test it out tomorrow.

Chelsea Stryker, OH

Acrylic Powder Kits Primer Basis Nail Art DIY Decoration Set Kit w/ Brush

i was a bit disappointed with this set. the "liquid" that you get in this "kit" was not monomer which is how it was represented when i bought it. it’s some other kind of liquid i don’t even know what it is….but it’s definitely not monomer…the powders are ok but for the price of the kit i wanted to be able to use EVERYTHING…the plastic dampen dish is ok…it stains easily though if you put colored acrylic powder in it. i suppose it you were getting this for a beginner it might be ok…but remember the liquid is not monomer…maybe my "kit" was just an error but i don’t really know…

Rocio Lozano, TX


Love love love this, for the price it was great and it works very wellI recommend it, the only problem is is that you know they’re not big size they’re small size bottles but great product for the price you can’t complain…

Doretha Elmore, OH

not to good

if I would look at this picture I would say each thing is pretty large, not at all they are very small and theres very little product. I do not recommend this product to someone that does not wish to waste their money.

Marcella Viola, DE


I would recomment this product! I am satisfied with the pricing as well. The pink powder is a little sketchy, but the others are just fine.

Ella Boaz, KY

Probably not what you are looking for.

Prive isnt right for this one. Dont mistake the Hand wash bottle for acrylic liquid. The brush is cool i guess, but you can buy actual acrylic liquid, and the three powders seperate for the same price or less. I reccommend you keep looking.

Teresa Olla, LA

Difficult to use

The liquid does not blend well with the powder and is extremely difficult to apply. I had a very hard time blending.

Alfreda Malad City, ID