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Acquarella Nail Polish, 30 Love

Acquarella makes nail polish fun and hassle-free. You can change nail color without the dreadful smell of toxic chemicals since it is the only truly safe, easy nail polish available that is both completely water-based and non-toxic. An easy preparation, no base or top coats with fast drying makes it a snap! Acquarella Nail Polish hydrates the nail, helping to prevent nails from chipping, peeling and yellowing commonly associated with harsh conventional nail products. The unique Acquarella Nail Polish and Conditioner system contains: – No Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP) or other phthalates – No Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde like derivatives – No Toluene, Ketones or petrochemical solvents – No Polyurethanes or Polyurethane film formers – No Parabens or Camphor – No Gluten or wheat by-products – No aromatic hydrocarbons Since Acquarella is completely water based, it is non-flammable and free from toxic fumes making it a perfect companion for traveling, the office, or any other place. Acquarella Nail Polish comes in a wide variety of playful shades that fit any occasion.

Key features

  • Completely Water Based – Free from Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Toluene or other petrochemical solvents!
  • Safe – Non-toxic with virtually no odor
  • Easy – Two thin coats, no base coat, no top coat (some nail preparation required)
  • Vegan – Free of animal products and not tested on animals
  • For a complete color listing and descriptions, see our Acquarella Store.

Honest reviews


Bought 6 colors and remover!

I was happy at first…I’m trying to rid myself of chemicals.Even though it takes three or four coats to look nice….I felt it was worth it to get rid of the chemicals and strong smells!I use all organic cleaning products in my home.Unfortunately…if i do anything this nail polish comes OFF! I mean like half my polish…Not just the edges!!!I guess I could wear gloves… when I’m rinsing the dishes etc….But geez…Now I find that even when I was my hands it takes this polish off!Thumbs way down!

Ola Phillipsburg, MO

Revised Review

I’m not big on manicures, but I enjoy a pedicure and polish on my toes when I don my summer sandals. And as a cancer survivor, I love the idea of a nail polish without harmful chemicals and toxins, so I decided to give Acquarella a try. I purchased a bottle of clear conditioner, a bottle of Tickle Me pink and a bottle of remover, which was quite an expensive investment – I could have bought several colors of regular polish for what I spent to prepare my nails for one color of Acquarella. I buffed and cleaned my nails as instructed on the packaging, applied a base coat and then applied a coat of Tickle Me. The color in the bottle is a horrid Barbie Doll pink; on the nails, it is kind of a watery see through pink. I applied a second coat. It still looked watery and streaky. I’ve had it on for several days and it is holding up fine. No chipping or peeling. But the color and streaky looking coverage just isn’t very pleasing to me. I guess you don’t know how these things will turn out if you don’t try them, but my personal opinion is that this was a waste of my money. I’ll go back to regular polish and pass this along to my niece for her four year old daughter.Revised Opinion: I later purchased another bottle of Aquarella polish in the color Aristo, which is a dark reddish pink color. I am very pleased with this shade. While I wouldn’t recommend the color Tickle Me Pink, I give a thumbs up to the color Aristo. I took this with me when I had a professional pedicure and had the nail technician apply it and I like it a lot. I’d change the number of stars on my review from 3 to 5 if I could.

Maureen Palmyra, TN

Nice to be able to wear polish again!

This review is showing up in Bliss, which I haven’t used. When I was 21, I developed allergies to fragrances and chemicals in cosmetics, inherited from both my grandmothers. I was able to find cosmetics but even the fragrance-free cosmetic lines had nail polish with formaldehyde and toluene, which broke out my skin in a rash. My cuticles stay much more healthy when I wear polish but for years I had to go bare-nailed. I used traditional polish on my toes, but even then I had problems because of peeling and cracking and taking off layers of nail with it. Finally I found Aquarella, which I love. There is no smell, and on the odd occasion when the polish lifts at the cuticle or peels off at the ends, it doesn’t take bits of fingernail with it (I find that it lasts a week to ten days, and then it might start to peel a little). I used the conditioner as instructed, and I have a few colors I use regularly. It lasts forever on my toenails, which I didn’t expect. I use Aristo and Vixen on my toenails, and on my hands, I layer a semi-opaque, like French White or Demure, with a layer of translucent shimmer, like Celestial (probably my favorite) or French kiss (another favorite). It is nice to cover my nail with a shade that is opaque or semi-opaque, because it isn’t thick like regular polish, but it covers nicely. Sometimes I’ll wear the translucent alone. My next purchases will be Bliss and probably Winsome, since I wear copper eyeshadow and berry-colored blush and lipstick. One thing I really like about these is that you get to use the entire bottle. It took me two years to use the first bottle of conditioner, and unlike regular nail polish that gets thick in the bottle, I’m not throwing away a 3/4-full bottle of thick gooey nail polish. One reason they last so long is because if they do start to thicken, a couple of drops of distilled water will thin them out again. I think that for those getting the streaky effect, either the nail hasn’t been prepared and buffed and conditioned, or the polish is slightly thickened from contact with the air. Using a dropper and some distilled water will thin the polish out and make it glide on a well-conditioned nail. I am so grateful for this polish because I do feel much better when I have it on, it holds up well, my nails are protected and they grow out well and stay long if I want them to, and they look very healthy. When the ends of my nails have taken a beating for some reason and the polish comes off, I just touch up. And I love how the remover makes my nails feel when I take the polish off; it does take a little extra work, but it is so worth doing to have healthy pretty nails. Thanks Aquarella! I’ve turned my mother and my niece onto it! When I first started buying Aquarella, it was through their website because it wasn’t on Amazon yet. It is so nice to get these through Amazon…I bought Quinceneara, Celestial, and Demure through Amazon and it was wonderful. Some have commented on the colors; it is best to go to the Aquarella website and read the descriptions. It describes which of the reds are orange-based and which are blue-based, what the pinks look like (including the one that is a bubble-gum pink. The aquarella site has great descriptions of the colors, including which are translucent, which are opaque, which are metallic; I’m amazed at how many options there are). Some are for fun and some are more glamorous; and they are often not as bright after they dry. Demure took some getting used to, but after it settled down, it was a pretty pink. Thanks!

Casey Ireland, IN

Expensive but worth it

After reading about this polish on EWG/Skin Deep website, and learning Acquarella is the best rated ( meaning lowest in toxic chemicals) I had to try it. Plus most important to me is that the company does not test on animals. I bought Wicked, a cheery sparkly green, along with the remover and conditioner, and buffer. I have not used the remover yet, but I did follow the instructions regarding buffing and then used the conditioner for a couple days. By the 3rd day, I was ready, and painted 2 thin coats of Wicked. The color goes on so thin and smooth and covers well! Dries very fast and stays shiny. It has been almost a week, and there have been teeny chips but I just painted over those and no problem. I did add a 3rd coat and the color looks even better. I love this polish! No smell at all… I ended up buying a few more, a red and the baby blue. I figure I can buy a couple colors every month until I have a whole new ” wardrobe”. Oh I also painted the toe nails too. I have had so many positive comments and compliments from women AND men!I have short nails, by the way. I think the crazier fun colors look better on short nails.I had a question and contacted the customer service by email. I got an answer right away with very helpful info, so I wanted to add how great their customer service is.I hope you try it, we need to not only to stop the awful use of innocent animals being tested on, but stop the use of dangerous toxic chemicals. Also their packaging is assembled by handicapped employees! For all those reasons I am more than happy to pay 18 dollars for an excellent product.

Gilda Carroll, IA

Pretty Great!

I am SO happy to find a non-toxic, odorless nail polish that’s of high-quality, allows your nail to breath and doesn’t cause yellowing! It’s also very easy to apply. I’m a convert!! However, I’ve downgraded my rating of 5 stars down to 4 because of the cons listed below. I’m still very happy with this line though!!PROS:No Toxic SmellDoesn’t Cause YellowingAllows your Nails to BreathMakes Your Nails HealthierDries FastEasy to ApplyLasts Longer than Conventional Polish (and stays on my toenails forever!)No Need for a Base and Top Coat!CONS:Most opaque shades require 4+ coats before truly being opaque.Some colors settles quickly and requires a LOT of shaking. Shake the day before if you don’t want lots of bubbles in your manicure!Must wait 4+ hours before showering, hand washing dishes, etc (though, that’s easy to do, so it’s not really a con!).Takes a little longer to remove than conventional polish.WEAR:This polish lasts longer than a conventional brand I was using. I did not follow the Acquarella steps of conditioning my nails for several days, but I hear the longer you use this polish, the longer the polish lasts. I do start to get small chips within about 3 days of use, but if the color is very opaque (such as Mahalo), adding one more coat midweek makes the color last nearly a week. Also, after painting, I am careful not to submerge my nails in water for the next 4 hrs (such as washing dishes, taking a shower, etc., as doing so can cause the polish to come off).DRYING TIME:Quick!!! I like to give one full minute in between coats (if only doing two) and after as well, but I find that in less than 3 minutes, my nails are good to go. As stated above, I avoid heavy water contact for the next 4 hrs, which is easy to do. I also love that I don’t have to apply a base and top coat!REMOVAL:To remover the polish, I use Karma Naturals (non-toxic remover). I will continue to use Acquarella’s remover to “prep” my nail before applying the polish, but for removing the polish, it simply takes too long, and it dries out my skin and makes it peel a couple days later. However, if I only have 2 coats to remove, it only takes 5 minutes per hand to remove with Acquarella’s remover.TIPS:Do NOT use saponified soap, such as castile soap or bar soap (usually soaps made from oils), as it will strip down your polish!Some say applying the conditioner before and after makes the polish last longer.Apply after showering or at night so as to avoid heavy contact with water.Give each coat plenty of time to dry and don’t apply coats that are too thick–if you do, the polish will not “cure” (fully dry), and you might find it peels off after having heavy contact with water. Otherwise, the polish doesn’t peel.Condition your nails as recommended by Acquarella.Remember that the longer you use the polish, the healthier your nails become, and the longer the polish lasts.I find thatKarma Organic Tea Tree Nail Polish Removerremoves the polish faster than the Acquarella brand. However, Acquarella’s remover is supposed to be better as far as conditioning your nails in a way that makes the polish last longer. The oil in the Karma brand could possibly hinder this (from my understanding at least!!). Note: I do find after using Karma remover that the polish doesn’t last as long on my fingernails as before.Buff nails, swab with Acquerella remover and rinse and dry them thoroughly before polishing.If your polish comes off in the shower, simply wear thin, non-latex, disposable (but reusable) gloves with a rubber band at the top to seal out the water–it sounds odd, but it’s a quick, easy solution! Wear gloves when washing dishes.

Wilda Eaton, NY

couple of tips…

I’ve been using this occasionally for a couple of years now, and have some tips:* Apply it AFTER you’ve showered, not before. It generally lasts as long as most nail polish, but will wash off if you shower or wash dishes within 4-6 hours of applying it* Use the conditioning base coat! I normally use that, and then went 3ish weeks without it (plus I used traditional nail polish remover once) … and my nails started breaking way down on the nail bed. Ouch!! Four fingernails and two toenails over the course of 2 weeks. Lesson learned :(* For everyone wondering about colors, I can’t link to an external site her per Amazon’s review policy, but Google can help you find a great listing of all the colors with pictures PLUS descriptions that list out whether the various colors are opaque, translucent, shimmery, metallic, blue-based in color, orange-based in color, etc. Really, everything I need to know, BUT it’s really hard to find, so here’s how:Find the Acquarella web site (Google can help!), then click on:Products > Polish > then under the pictures of colors, click the image “Help me decide colors”

Chrystal Montrose, CO


Streaky and chipping this could not have been more expensive or more horrible than this. It doesn’t smell though. I followed the directions from the company and it still turns out horribly. Overall 0 stars.

Genevieve Putney, KY


UPDATE – removing with alcohol eventually dries out your nails – use their remover or similar.Lasts 1 – 2 weeks on toes and about the same as normal polish on my nails (which is about 2-3 days).I still LOVE it for my toes.______________No really WOW!!!So here’s my story – was researching on Skin Deep/EWG for a healthy nail polish (currently breastfeeding and had gone “bare” all through pregnancy) because it’s summer and I really want to have prettily polish toes at the very least! Hoping that there would be something ok…Found this brand that was a “1” on EWG/Skin Deep which if you don’t know is crazy great for chemicals!!!Found this on here and decided what the heck – purchased Pomegranite (odd colour in bottle when I got it but goes on to be the true Pomegranite I had hoped.)Pros:1. Lasting for a few days on toes without any chips so far2. Stays shiny (after 3 days so far)3. Freakishly healthy (VERY low chemicals) for you!!!! (This should be #1…oops)4. Comes off with alcohol (yes you read correctly!!!)5. Dries quickly – which is supreme for me especially on my nails because I have a 9 mos oldCons:1. Perhaps a bit “thin” looking when you put it on? I don’t mind that it doesn’t have that salon manicure 4-5 layered thickness look.2. Due to it’s ease of alcohol removal – I am apprehensive of harsh/acidity of detergents, foods (lemon, vinegar). I have not had an issue, but I’ve have been making sure to wash the dishes with gloves and not eat salsa, lemons too much with my fingers.As for the streaking that another reviewer reported, I have not had that issue what so ever (although that was some of my apprehension initially when purchasing). My thoughts are perhaps this may be the case depending on colour or your application???I love it and plan of buying more colours.Side note – I don’t use the system the recommend, but then again my nails hadn’t had any polish or service done to them in over a year – so that may be why I am able to go without buffing and conditioner??? I don’t know, just thinking out loud and sharing.Good luck! 🙂

Rosalinda Republic, KS

Great color

This has a great color! It’s good for use during pregnancy. It doesn’t last as long as the non-organic stuff but it’s thin enough that you can touch up spots without it looking clumpy.

Rocio Rush, CO

healthy polish alternative

This polish, while missing harmful ingredients, needed to be repainted on the nails daily. It is not worth my time.

Concepcion Aberdeen, KY

I was really wanted to like this polish…

PRO:No nasty nail polish smell!Its 3-free, plus no Formaldehyde Resin, no Camphor & no Ethyl Acetate :)Cute color (I got french vanilla.)Peels off easily when you want to remove it, (but this can also be annoying.)CON:It took about 3 or 4 coats to get it to look opaque.It takes a long time to dry between coats.Only lasts about 2-3 days before it starts to chip.If you take a shower it will start to peel.Its expensive.Overal sadly, I dont think I would buy this again.

Elba New Milford, CT

Watery with a thin color

I was expecting a solid pink when I applied but instead it was more of a clear application with a pink hue. I was disappointed but after a second coat it didn’t look too bad. I was not at all happy with the lifting either; once the polish dried a few minute later it began to lift and peel away from my nail. I wouldn’t be so torn if the polish had been cheap but I paid a lot of money for a product that wont stay.I’m rating 2-star because the color is thin but pretty and works well under glitter polish and it really is non toxic and for that I give 1 star.

Marie Diller, NE


I am hooked on water based polish, which I think is a great invention and a fantastic alternative to stinky, toxic solvent-based polish.I have had great success using Scotch Naturals sticky base & top coat with various brands of water-based polish–it works great with Cosmay, a new brand on the market with an outstanding selection of bold colors.There is definitely a trick or two to succeeding with water-based polishes: I’ve been using them for some months now but I had to get the swing of things at first.1. I have learned that nails must be absolutely free from any kind of greasy or oily residue: squeaky clean.2. I get best results when I smooth, buff and polish my nails before polish. Remove all dust.3. Use Scotch Naturals sticky base & top coat. Don’t expect the sticky base to dry: it won’t.4. Definitely give nails at least 6 hours dry after painting: you will have a mess on your hands if you shower before the polish is cured.

Allie Horsham, PA

I love this stuff!

So, I’m trying to go all natural in my personal care products, and I thought I’d change my nail polish as well. Some of the reviews left me a little doubtful, but I ordered the conditioner, polish remover, and nail polish. I followed directions for buffing, washing and applying conditioner and polish and then went to the beach for 8 days. My regular polish would have been wearing and chipping by mid-week, but my Aquerella still looked perfect when I got home. Removing it was no problem at all. It just takes a little patience and a gentle touch. As I watched TV, I began soaking all my nails with the corner of a saturated cotton square, and within a few minutes, it began to wipe the polish away. One caution: This softens the nails, so be careful not to scuff the nail surface by rubbing too hard, but it also acts as a cuticle softener, so I pushed back my cuticles without needing another product. Also, when I got my skin toner on the polish, it made it a little tacky, so I’ll need to be more careful.I’m used to wearing very pale or even white nail polish, and Aquarella is very sheer, so it takes a couple of coats to even see it. I think I’ll order some darker colors, but I really love this brand, so I’m sticking with it. Oh yeah, and my nails are looking smooth and healthy.

Kristie Gibbstown, NJ

Vixen, Plasma, Aristo, Incognito, Brave, Sleek, & Demure

I bought these 7 polishes from amazon over the course of a year. All are excellent quality and would buy again except Demure.I had some polish failures until I used remover on my nails after my shower, rather than before. It seems like a no-brainer, but even oil-free conditioners and lotions create residue that interfere with polish adhesion. And, if you don’t use the remover on your nails immediately after lotion applying, you may forget it’s even on. Now, on to the colors.Brave: I wanted a work-suitable, opaque and conservative polish and brave does that in two coats. It is a dusty-rose color and on fingernails lasted 4 days before chipping. On toes, brave lasted one week with perfection; I changed colors then, but it could have lasted longer. With my color palette bridging winter and autumn, brave is at the far edge of flattering for me, but it’s such a pretty color that i wear it anyway.Aristo: this is medium raspberry red. I’m a conservative dresser and this red I would feel comfortable wearing to work.Vixen: think black plums. Advertised by Acquarella as burgundy, it is densely pigmented, shiny and appears black to others.Plasma: this is a warm, blue-based red that is flattering to olive complexions.Incognito: deep navy after 2-3 coats, not black. Work-suitable, formal looking and shiny when dry.Sleek: taupe. Yellow-based beige is unflattering on me, so I was looking forward to trying sleek. Though sleek’s grey-based beige looks good on, two and three coat paint jobs on fingernails only last one day before disappearing. I had great luck with sleek on toenails this winter however, protected by socks, where sleek lasted an impressive 3 weeks.Demure: gets pearlier with successive coats. At 5 coats, the subtle pearliness became car-paint metallic. I kept applying coats to reduce transparency and try to “mature” this young-looking pink, but I could still see my nail and the polish started to look gaudy. I cannot wear this to work.*Using their nail files helped the polish adhere longer on my normally ridged nails.*About Acquarella remover: i second other reviewers’ experience on how it takes effort to scrub the polish off. However, for me it is worth the effort. Bonus: the bottle opening is a small hole. While polish is wet, I can squeeze out remover onto swabs to remove mistakes without messing up my nails.

Gena Keymar, MD

Have tried Gilded, Winsome, and Vex

I ordered Acquarella polish in “Gilded”, which claims to look “golden” on the nail. The image on my computer screen looks like a light pinkish gold. However, the bottle I received is really a shimmery orange. It’s a light orange, not a carrot orange, but still is clearly orange, not gold. It’s a gorgeous color in its own right, a lovely shimmery metallic copper, but it simply isn’t gold.I have now also tried the color “Winsome”. I like the color, but it is also redder than I expected. I would call it a burgundy or maroon type shade of purple, and it reminds me of certain grape-flavored popcicles. The shimmer is very subtle, hardly noticeable unless the light hits it just so.”Vex” is definitely one of my favorites so far. It’s a deep black with a hint of silver shimmer, and it’s almost opaque with just one coat. It’s so pretty and glossy and it’s really easy to get a smooth finish. I think this is one of the best colors to start out with if you are just getting into water-based polishes.If Acquarella polishes aren’t working well for you, make sure you try using the Acquarella conditioner in a conditioning cycle before you give up on water-based polish. Following the instructions correctly really does make a difference.

Earlene Madison, CA

plasma – blood red!

love my first experience with Acquarella, plasma looks exactly like the color of blood (yes!) and I am really looking forward to buying more colors asap

Trisha Scotland, PA

The colors online are misleading

The fact that I hate this is because it is not the color I thougt I was getting when I saw the on-line colors. Someone else might love it.

Rochelle Lonepine, MT

Excellent – part of the Acquarella system

This product is to be used as part of the Acquarella system. I adore this nail polish system: it’s easy and the results are beautiful. As soon as I received them, I read the instructions on every product completely, followed all the instructions exactly, and I now always sport a gorgeous pedicure. The polishes dry quickly and wear extremely well. (I don’t usually use polish on my fingernails, I use a simple two-sided nail buffer & shine block on my fingernails–anything more & my nails grow too fast [I’m a pianist] and I don’t want to have to take the time to file my fingernails more than once a week.)The entire Acquarella system must be purchased and used in order for any & all of the products to work: 1) Buffer Kit, 2) Remover, 3) Conditioner, 4) the nail polishes are optional & you can use just the conditioner as your only polish. I also bought four of the nail colors: French Kiss, Pink-a-Boo, Plasma, and Aristo–I prefer traditional colors in the creme opaque and translucent colors, and all of these are gorgeous. I’m going to buy also Prissy and Brave. Also, there are no obnoxious smell or fumes in any of the products.The colors come off easily when using the remover exactly as directed, the polishes apply easily & quickly because of the good brushes & polish consistency, and dry quickly. I bought this system because I was looking for an organic/natural nail polish product, and I am so happy with it I’m not interested in using any other nail polish product of any type, organic or otherwise. It is so much better than any other nail polish products I have ever used, conventional or otherwise. Had I known how good this stuff is, I would have abandoned conventional nail polish years ago even before I started using all organic beauty & household products.

Mai Palmyra, MI

Wonderful, versatile color

Aquarella nail polish in Cameo was a purchase that I will never regret! I love painting my toenails and have for years. It’s hard to remember a time that my toes have been naked for more than a few days. I know, it’s not the best thing in the world to have paint on your toes constantly so thank goodness I found Aquarella!! It’s as natural as painting color on your toe nail can be, only thing better for you would be to just go bare nails.For people like me who need their colored toes, Aquarella is where it’s at. Cameo is a beautifully versatile color, which I needed with such an expensive polish. I just use this and the Aquarella Conditioner (which I use on top of the color and on my bare fingernails when I need a shiny coat of clear). I’ve been using this combo for approximately a year and I’m still loving it.Highly recommended, you definitely need add Aquarella to your arsenal!

Natasha Lucerne, MO

Great Nail polish, but NO nail polish remover is needed

Absolutely fantastic nail polish. I used to wear a mask with a regular nail polish because of the smell, but with this one – I can barely smell it! It is great! It stays on nails for a while, I just keep polishing layer after layer for it to look good. When I am ready to take the nail polish off, I have a thick layer (after like 7 days) and when I am ready to take it off, I put my hands under the hot water for just a little bit, and pill the nail polish off, no harsh nail polish remover is needed, even though I bought it from this company.

Rene Rackerby, CA

Takes some getting used to

I bought the remover, a bottle in Apple Cider, and a bottle in Vamp about a year ago. I had no problem with the Apple Cider, although it does take more work to remove than with my old smelly remover. I tried the vamp at that time on my finger nails and it was a complete disaster. I don’t have good finger nails so I don’t usually paint them and don’t have much practice. It went on gummy and streaky and after the second coat, I gave up and washed it all off.About a year later I decided to give the Vamp another try on my toenails. Again, I had a few issues in the beginning because it doesn’t float like traditional polish. However, I found that if I start with an extra dry brush for the first coat, and then follow with two more coats with an extra-loaded brush(iow way more than I would leave on the brush normally for a second coat) I got a really smooth and professional looking finish!I was also impressed with how quickly it dried given how thickly I applied the last two coats.I am now going to purchase a bottle of the conditioner because I think starting with a coat of clear will help smooth out the first coat of color application.

Tamika Morenci, AZ


It is easy to apply and covers very well. I still have yet to experience removing the polish. This is day 2 and I expect it to last a lot longer. I am so pleased that I have since ordered 2 more colors and am delighted that there are so many to choose from.

Florence Los Ebanos, TX

Worth the extra time

I learned about Acquarella nail polish on EWG site and am so thrilled with my purchase. The results have been healthier, stronger nails and a polish that just won’t chip no matter what I do. I’m a rancher and my hands take a beating every day. I wear gloves to protect them and have found that the gloves do wear the polish off a bit, but I can just add another coat and they’re beautiful again.I gave this 5 stars because I love not having to tolerate the toxic smell of the other stuff and my nails look terrific. The only downside of it is the extra time for all the buffing and it does take a bit longer to remove it. I’ve read in the reviews that alcohol takes it off, but that also dries my nails out and the amazing thing about this product is that my nails look as good after I take the polish off as they did when I put it on.I ordered Tickle Me and I’m not tickled about the brightness of the color after a 2nd or 3rd coat, it’s more of a hot pink than the color sample shows, but I’ll order more colors because I’m tickled to find a polish that’s durable, healthy and pretty.

Emilia Schiller Park, IL