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Acquarella Conditioner

Acquarella Conditioner makes nail polish fun and hassle-free. It helps strengthen and moisturize your nails without the dreadful smell of toxic chemicals since it is the only truly safe, easy nail polish available that is both completely water-based and non-toxic. An easy preparation, no base or top coats with fast drying makes it a snap! Acquarella Conditioner is a CLEAR polish that hydrates the nail, helping to prevent nails from chipping, peeling and yellowing commonly associated with harsh conventional nail products. Since Acquarella is completely water based, it is non-flammable and free from toxic fumes making it a perfect companion for traveling, the office, or any other place.

Key features

  • Completely Water Based – Free from Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Toluene or other petrochemical solvents!
  • Safe – Non-toxic with virtually no odor
  • Easy – Two thin coats, no base coat, no top coat (some nail preparation required)
  • Use Anywhere – Dries fast to touch usually within 3 minutes, dries to use between 10 – 15 minutes
  • Vegan – Free of animal products and not tested on animals

Honest reviews


Nice sheen

Works as a nice shiny gloss alone, or under the aquarella polishes as a smooth base. I like it a lot!

Gena Alpha, IL


This nail conditioner is shimmery, not a plain clear polish. But the shimmer is fairly subtle. I don’t mind it at all. I think this is a good product, and it seems that water-based polishes create a smooth finish more easily than conventional polishes, which I like.The first time I applied this conditioner, I wore it for about 12 hours before showering. When I washed my hair, a lot of the polish peeled right off. The second time I applied it, I wore it for almost 24 hours before shampooing my hair. Much more of the polish stayed on. It was okay for some of the polish to peel off, though, since I was about to remove it for reapplication anyway.I think that waiting as long as possible before subjecting the nails to rough activities (like shampooing) is really helpful. In addition, the polish is supposed to last longer as your nails adjust to the water-based polish.

Juliana Brunswick, ME

Excellent – use as part of the Acquarella system

This product is to be used as part of the Acquarella system, and also can be worn in lieu of the Acuarella nail polishes as a clear nail polish. I adore this nail polish system: it’s easy and the results are beautiful. As soon as I received them, I read the instructions on every product completely, followed all the instructions exactly, and I now always sport a gorgeous pedicure. The polishes dry quickly and wear extremely well. (I don’t usually use polish on my fingernails, I use a simple two-sided nail buffer & shine block on my fingernails–anything more & my nails grow too fast [I’m a pianist] and I don’t want to have to take the time to file my fingernails more than once a week.)The entire Acquarella system must be purchased and used in order for any & all of the products to work: 1) Buffer Kit, 2) Remover, 3) Conditioner, 4) the nail polishes are optional & you can use just the conditioner as your only polish. I also bought four of the nail colors: French Kiss, Pink-a-Boo, Plasma, and Aristo–I prefer traditional colors in the creme opaque and translucent colors, and all of these are gorgeous. I’m going to buy also Prissy and Brave. Also, there are no obnoxious smell or fumes in any of the products.The colors come off easily when using the remover exactly as directed, the polishes apply easily & quickly because of the good brushes & polish consistency, and dry quickly. I bought this system because I was looking for an organic/natural nail polish product, and I am so happy with it I’m not interested in using any other nail polish product of any type, organic or otherwise. It is so much better than any other nail polish products I have ever used, conventional or otherwise. Had I known how good this stuff is, I would have abandoned conventional nail polish years ago even before I started using all organic beauty & household products.

Elva Silver Creek, GA

Every girl needs this

I’m a big fan of Acquarella since it’s (from what I know) the most natural nail polish on the market (as natural as painting colors on your nails can be, hah). This conditioner is great to put on the naked nail for a pretty shine or over a different aquarella color to seal.Love it!

Aline Tracyton, WA

Makes my nails peel!!

I wanted something to fill in my nail ridges without exposing me to harsh chemicals. This does that. Unfortunately, it seems to have caused my nails to peel! Fail!!

Alisha Left Hand, WV