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Acnomel Adult Acne Medication Cream – 1.3 Oz

Adult Acnomel adult acne medication tinted cream clears up acne pimples and helps prevent new ones from forming. It is an effective treatment of adult acne & blemishes. Helps improve skin texture affected by Rosacea. Less drying does not contain Benzoyl Peroxide.

Key features

  • Effective treatment of adult acne & blemishes
  • Helps improve skin texture affected by Rosacea
  • Less drying does not contain Benzoyl Peroxide
  • Clears up acne pimples and helps prevent new ones from forming

Honest reviews


Great for long-term acne management

I use this product a bit differently than the average user in that I use it as an acne preventative. Before discovering this product by chance six months ago, my skin was in terrible shape. My face is very sensitive to most chemicals, to the point that I can’t wear most commercial makeup. Acne medications seemed to make my skin worse as opposed to better. Benzoyl peroxide caused my face to peel constantly and salicylic acid seemed to make my face ruddy. I thought I was doomed to have acne forever because I have PCOS which, among other things, can cause oily skin and cystic acne. Everything turned around after I began using Adult Acnomel. This product features resorcinol (a medication used in the treatment of cystic acne, hidradenitis suppurativa, and rosacea) and sulfur (a natural antibacterial) as opposed to the harsher aforementioned agents. Within a month my breakouts had diminished significantly. Six months later, I can confidently say that my skin lacks active infections 95% of the time. When I do have a breakout, it consists of one or two small pustules that go away overnight. I coat my face with a thin layer of this product immediately after washing and moisturizing. It is important to apply the cream while the face is still a bit damp or dewy, so that it will soak into the skin. Although the cream is tinted, I find that it blends into my very pale skin easily if I work quickly and I don’t use too much product (a dab the size of two peas is perfect); darker skin tones, however, may have some issues as the cream is tinted a very generic “Caucasian orange” color. A single tube lasts me about a month and a half. However, I would not recommend using this product with makeup as it can cause foundation to dry out and cake up. A compromise I’ve found is to use Bare Escentuals or other mineral foundation, as it sits on top of the Acnomel as opposed to attempting to settle into the skin. In any case, if you’ve tried every other product on the market without avail, there’s no harm in giving this one a shot.Update, October 2012:Having used this religiously for a year and a half, I’d like to add a few extra notes about Acnomel.- It helps reduce ruddiness. Yes, the product is tinted, but I’ve noticed that my skin is clearer when washing. Given that the medication is also appropriate for rosacea, this isn’t shocking. However, it is a very nice side effect!- It will make skin more sensitive to certain ingredients if one is prone to it. I’m now allergic to the bismuth in Bare Escentuals products, which were recommended in the review above. However, it does seem to calm the skin after using other products, like tea tree oil and salicylic acid. In other words, your mileage may vary.- It won’t treat blackheads or whiteheads. It does a great job of knocking out cysts, but the hot and nasty summer gave me a nice set of whiteheads. I’m zapping them withQueen Helene Mint Julep Masque, 8 Ounce (Pack of 2)–a product that contains many of the same active ingredients as Acnomel–andClean & Clear Deep Cleaning Astringent, Oil Fighting 8 fl oz, a product with 2% salicylic acid.Acnevir Acne & Redness Relief Gel-0.75, oz., a clear gel that contains a lower dose of sulfur than Acnomel, but has the same level of resorcinol as well as 2% salicylic acid, is another option if you are not allergic to aloe vera.

Melissa Redfield, IA

If I wanted to have acne, why would I pay for it?

All this did was make it worse. It was thick & not flesh friendly at all. I smelled like sulfur all day long, which eventually made me sick. NOT worth paying to have acne when I can just get it for free. Another waste of my money. Had some insensitive jerk accuse me of actually working for a rival company because of my review. Hate to tell you all but there are just some of us who never find anything that will clear up a complexion. Nothing has worked for me in 2 decades – or if it did they would discontinue it. I’m a hideous mess with dozens of growths plaguing my face & nothing, not some stupid kit, or cream, or lotion, or gel, all of the popular medicated additives, or Rx’s…nothing. And this didn’t work either. But I’m glad for those of you it did work for.

Olive Midland, VA

Happy to find this

My friends and I used to use this in a different format when we were teens. Bought it for my 14 yr old son who is using Proactive but still breaking out. Acnomel has a different active ingredient than Proactive I believe so hopefully it will help. We haven’t used it yet, but if it’s like what I used it has a bit of a tint to it that helps to hide the redness….three days later…WOW, this stuff really works! Bumpiness is gone and most pimples healed. Not too drying on him, no flaking skin.You should get some :)May 2013: UPDATE: This product is quite amazing. My son was starting to break out in more “cyst”-like pimples. Sounds a bit gross but these are really just more sebum accumulated under the skin that are more like bumps, some of which can be hard. There is no real redness but they are bumpy and can get pretty big.I put a generous amount on the cysts at night so that it can work while he sleeps. If you do, put an old towel or the like on your pillowcase to prevent staining. The result is truly amazing. After just one application the size was minimized greatly and after a couple of applications, most were gone. The ingredient is sulfur and was used in ancient times I discovered.

Carolyn Levittown, PA

not for me

Fast delivery. I am not a big fan and this product. It doesn’t work for me. I put product on at night and not even a little shrinkage of the acne

Ruth Berkley, MA


So far it only dried out my skin, and it smells awful.. I have to be careful with wearing it to bed bc it gets all over my pillow and then my hair.. then I smell like this stuff all day. I havent seen any different at all, i feel like im just putting mud on my skin, its only dries it out!? ugh!

Ursula Centreville, MD

Excellent for cystic acne!!!

This stuff works great for cystic acne. Whenever I feel one coming on, I’ll dab some of this on it and within 2-3 days the cyst is gone. The only downside is that it’s tinted so I only use it at night. Very inexpensive and definitely worth at try!

Adrienne Groveton, NH

Pretty good!

I use this in conjunction with a face wash and, together, they keep my face fairly clear. I have some blemishes, but nothing too severe, and this helps keep it at bay. I would recommend!

Annie Fair Lawn, NJ


One of the FEW acne creams that actually work. Good for face, upper arms etc.I wish this product was available in stores,..but it seems like only Amazon sells it.Hope it never gets discontinued.

Genevieve Franklin, AR

I don’t care to wear makeup…

I think it helps with the acne, it’s the tinting that I cannot tolerate! I’m a fairly white dude and the tinting looks like I’m wearing makeup. It doesn’t match my skin color, I should give it to my darker complected cousin and see how she likes it. After it dries a little, you can rub some of the makeup part off, but it still doesn’t work out for me. I used it at night when I was home for the evening, but it messed up a pillow case, so I started wrapping the pillow in an old towel. It’s just not worth it to me, so until they have an untinted version, no thank you.

Kristine West Van Lear, KY

Five Stars

Works very well for problems with pimples etc would recommend to anyone

Abigail Shelly, MN

Wow….where would I be without this product?

I have used this product since my very first ZIT!!!! It is cover up/make up for MEN!!!! And it heals my acne very quickly. What a life saver before a date:)

Willie Prairie Du Chien, WI


This stuff is quite amazing! I have been using it at night as a spot-treatment and it seems to help a lot.

Maureen Fallsburg, NY

Acnomel Adult Acne Medication Cream

It does work if you are consistent with applying it and keep your face clean with the Witch Hazel. I like to just use it overnite.

Josefa Josephine, TX

Didn’t work for me.

This did barely anything for my acne. I had tried the usual suspects (salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid, tea tree oil, antibiotic gels, clay masks) and was hoping this would work better, but it didn’t. I guess it was better to use this as concealer than makeup to get some clearing action, but I eventually threw it out. Didn’t seem to make any difference in my breakouts.

Jeanie Griswold, IA

Wow. Impressed.

So, I am 38 years old and have struggled with acne ever since I was a teenager. I have generally been able to keep my extremely oily and acne-prone skin relatively clear (I am used to having several blemishes at any given time, but as long as I can actually count them, it is what it is.) However, recently, I’m not sure if my hormones went wild or what, but my skin broke out more terribly than I’ve ever experienced before. My forehead was nothing but a painful mass of bumps. The sides of my face were breaking out horribly as well. I had gone several years wearing very little makeup, and just doing some mild tanning to keep the acne under control and regular creams and washes. But lately I’ve had to cake that awful foundation on just to hide my disgusting breakout. I keep trying new and different remedies and nothing was even touching this evidently hormonal breakout. So I finally came across this cream on Amazon. Wow.First of all what attracted me was the fact the active ingredients are different than anything you can buy at the regular store. It really doesn’t do any good to keep trying the same benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid preparations just by different brands. Second the great reviews!When I got it first, I applied it like a regular cream, ignoring the instruction to "spread thinly" and also that it could cause drying. NOTHING causes drying for this oily face, so I ignored it. WOW um yeah, it causes drying. haha. That first night, my face felt like drying cement and it started to itch. However, the next day, my acne, while severe, showed signs of drying up. Hm. Okay, good start. Long way to go. After that, I just used a THIN layer and ONLY over the actual broken out areas, before bed. I also use a good quality, oil-free facial moisturizer as well (it’s been forever since I’ve had to use that!). I only use the Acnomel at night, because it does have a slight sulfur odor. It’s not super strong, but then you also get used to it while maybe others would not.Anyway it’s been about two weeks now, and I have been using only the slightest thin layer before bed over problem areas (while using other cleansers and more gentle creams at other various times) and this has absolutely gotten my severe breakout under control. My face is back to sort of a "regular" state (still have some acne) but the mass breakout has finally almost healed up. I’m still going to use it wherever I have the blemishes in order to gain even more control if possible.BTW the tint really isn’t a big deal…I just use it before bed. All it really does is sort of lessen the red, inflamed look around acne…I don’t think it’s really made to cover anything up because if you use enough to cover up a blemish, it’s going to suck your face dry like a sponge. I don’t think it’s intended to replace foundation…just slightly reduce the pinkish tinge of an inflamed face.Anyway…great purchase….the tube should last me pretty much forever so it is also a good value. I would have paid twice the price, knowing what I know now about the product. Just be careful to use this extremely sparingly and only at night until you get familiar with how it reacts on your skin. After that, you’re good to go. Thank you Acnomel!!!!

Marjorie Ellenboro, WV