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Acnefree 24 Hour Acne Clearing System Kit

See results in as little as 3 days! Clinically proven to fight acne 24/7. Breakthrough time-released Benzoyl Peroxide formula. For all skin types and ethnicities. For all ages – teens to adults. Dermatologist preferred 3-step system for acne. A major breakthrough in acne treatments. Time released Benzoyl Peroxide formula works 24/7. Is powerful yet non-irritating. Use the Acne-Free 3-Step System every day, twice a day. Even after acne clears, continue using for preventative care. Step 1 – Purifying Cleanser: Purifies, gently exfoliates dead skin cells and removes clogging dirt, oil and impurities leaving skin fresh and clean. Non-irritating formula, delivers Benzoyl Peroxide directly onto skin to attach and eliminate bacteria. Step 2 – Renewing Toner: Gently remove dead skin cells and revitalize and renew with this skin balancing formula. Deeply penetrates to remove excess oil leaving skin feeling clean, fresh and perfectly toned. Prepares skin for Step 3. Step 3 – Repairing Lotion: Fast working medicine provides the most effective acne prevention available. Attacks bacteria to kill acne and blackheads before they start. Breakthrough Time-Released Benzoyl-Peroxide provides all day oil control and works 24/7 to keep pores acne-free! Made in USA.

Key features

  • Renewing toner with oil control and tone balancing
  • Repair lotion with continuous relief
  • Use lotion AM and PM for 24 hour continuous clearing

Honest reviews


Burning, Redness, Swelling…OUCH!

My son has acne and I’ve tried several products before this one and really have not been impressed by many. This one impressed me the least.My son started doing this at the begining of the week and kept it up for the next few days. During that time, his face was burning and turned red. Also, the pimples and surrounding skin seemed to swell up a bit. He complained of itching and pain.I was worried because he doesn’t have terribly sensative skin. I took him to our pediatrician *he’s 15 and she told me to immediately have him stop usuing this product and she gave him a shot of cortizone.I’m not sure why he had the reaction he did, but it didn’t make it ANY better at all, it made it WORSE. I can not recommend this to any one. I would not want to see anyone else’s child go through what mine did. I’d try something else or consult my physician first.Thanks – Amy

Paula Voth, TX

Average Acne Cleaner

So I had acne most of my teenage years and now I am 25 and still have some spots here and there but nothing like when I was a teenager. First I tried the many of Oxy pads, clearasil cleansers, etc and nothing was working. Then I tried that Green stuff they had on tv i forget what it was called but comes in bottles like this. That stuff was too harsh for my sensetive skin. Then I tried this and it worked pretty good for a while then stopped working after a few years. I then stopped this and went back to just washing with acne cleansers in the shower and that worked for a while and then I found and got his regimen and that has been working for me ever since. The stuff works great from that site and you can tell the difference. It is kinda similar to this, but I figured I would try his method because it was working. So I gave this a 3 star rating because it does the job and is average and is not too harsh for sensetive skin if you use it right.

Felicia West Creek, NJ

Made my acne worse

Ii’m fifteen, and used this system exactly as directed (twice a day, morning and night). The toner smells of alcohol, and the other two steps are benzoyl peroxide formulas. Anyway, when I washed, I dispensed a small amount (dime sized), and massaged for about 40-60 seconds. A few days passed, and my pimples and blemishes became more red and irriated and my face itched. I returned it.If you have sensitive skin, don’t use this product. If you still want to give it a try, use the Acnefree sensitive skin system instead.

Madeline Hampden, WV

Does not work

I have mild acne that I have been dealing with for years – I’ve tried Proactiv as well as many other products so when I saw this I thought it might work and liked that it costs much less. I soon learned there is a reason why it costs less – about the only thing this product did was dry out my skin and bleach my wash cloth. It didn’t even begin to clear my skin and I’ve almost used all of each bottle. I will not be purchasing this again – go to Target or a similar store and get some of the bigger named cleasners, they will work just as well as this stuff.

Lesley Parchman, MS

Great for Oily Skin

I have extremely oily skin which makes me prone to breaking out. I started using this product about year ago and it does a great job. In the event that I do break out, this product helps expedite the recovery period. I’ve used the Murad line for acne skin and found this product worked better for a fraction of the price! Be sure to use white towels and cover your shirts when using this product as it will bleach your stuff! While this make sense given the ingredients in this product, it took several ruined shirts and towels before I “got” it!

Fay Galena, MO

Dried out my skin

This stuff totally dried my face out, even with the lotion, I wouldn’t recommend it.

Shari Staten Island, NY


I’ve had this Sensitive formula for nearly 2 weeks and have had immediate results. No dryness has occured anywhere on my face. The spot treatment dries and clears up blemishes quickly. Be careful though with it- as it may bleach items. I personally have not experienced this issue. My face seems to be well moisturized after washing and spot treatment. I proceed with the moisturizer- and I have added balance. I would also like to note that after using this product my face did not have any sort of breakout due to pores purging out bacteria. I tend to have a slightly oily T-Zone and moderate breakouts. I experience most on jaw area from hormones or stress, etc. Occasionally I will experience one on my cheak. I would highly recommend this product as opposed to Proactive. Great price and great results!!!I like the fact that you do not have this on automatic order is you choose not to do so.

Sherrie Arnett, WV

Good Facial Cleanser, Doesn’t Help with Acne

I have moderately heavy acne on the sides of my face and sometimes my chin and forehead. I’ve tried proactiv along with other products and none of them worked well for me.I bought AcneFree hoping it would be the answer to all my prayers, but was extremely disappointed afterwards.The cleanser really had no exfoliating beads or anything, it felt like putting soap on my face and afterwards when I used the toner, there was still A LOT of left over dirt on my face. I’m a really good scrubber too, I rub, I lightly use my fingers, and I rub my cleansers in for quite a while, and I had never had this problem with other cleansers.The toner wasn’t too bad, it got rid of a lot of extra dirt and I actually liked to use it three times a day, especially if I was sweating a lot.The repair lotion didn’t seem to do much for me. It gave my face a really greasy feeling and I actually broke out from it! I had to stop using it.I was really disappointed in this product. I cleaned my face twice a day, never had any problems with dryness or peeling, I still had a lot of acne and a lot of oil build-up.For the price however, it’s a sufficient product for those with mild acne (3-4 pimples a week).

Tammie Friona, TX

Works pretty well

My skin starting breaking out pretty terribly, worse than it had in years, soon after I got pregnant. Once my dr. gave benzoyle peroxide the “OK”, I ordered this kit. It has returned my skin to normal – which for me means just a few minor blemishes here and there. I’m no longer embarrassed!A downside to all benzoyle products is the bleaching of fabric. I have avoided this so far by switching towels, using the wash only in the shower, and using the lotion only at night with old T-shirts and white sheets. Once a day is half of what’s recommended, but works for me.I haven’t used Proactive in years, but I am at least as pleased with this product now as I was with Proactive as a teen. It’s VERY similar, and certainly cheaper, esp with Subscribe & Save.

Shelley Bowdon Junction, GA

Worked for me

I have mild to moderate acne and I have tried many different products on my face. Proactive was one of them. Proactiv didn’t work for me. Maybe I was impatient and didn’t use it long enough, but I got frustrated and wanted to try something else. My cousin told me about Acne Free and I decided to try it. After using it for about a week I noticed some changes. The redness was starting to go away and the big bumps that hurt started to go down and dry up. My skin also got very dry and started to peel which was already expected from an acne product. My skin may actually be a little sensitve for this product, but I just used another moisturizer along with the 3 step system. After about a month of using it, my skin looked completely clear, something I had not seen in a couple of years. This system may not work for everyone, but I encourage anyone battling acne to at least give it try. You have nothing to lose but $20. I know- you work hard for your money and that’s $20 you could have had in your pocket if it doesn’t work… but what if it DOES work? You can have your beautiful skin and your confidence back. Just give it try. It just might work for you.

Leann Nunn, CO

Just as Good as Proactiv

This item is not for me, but I always buy it for a family member. For years, I use to buy him Proactiv (which cost me $50 each system), but I wanted a cheaper alternative so I sought out other products with the same active ingredients as Proactiv. Well, this is definitely comparable to Proactiv, but is less expensive. He has been using it for years and it is a staple in his facial regimen.

Adrienne Sunfield, MI

Very Drying

My daughter is 14 and blessed with a porcelain complexion. Just recently she began breaking out with small little bumps and I (perhaps foolishly) picked up this kit.After reading the label I realized that this contained active ingredients that were known to work, and which were also known to dry out one’s skin. So I decided we’d proceed cautiously.I used the Purifying cleanser 1 night and realized that with my old-mom-skin that I wouldn’t be able to use this every night. I let my daughter use the cleanser and ONLY the cleanser because I was trying to see which item was the most drying.Two nights passed and she was okay. The following evening she used the cleanser and the toner, and followed it up with a very light ‘regular’ moisturizer. THE NEXT DAY I got a call from the school nurse. My teens face was red and irritated. (Why it waited for the middle of a fun school function, I don’t know.) But I needed to bring in an medicated lotion. After that she was fine.SUMMARYI thought that the lotion had a positive effect on my mom skin, but it’s too drying for me, at my advanced age, to use.I’ll also note that it was harsh even for my young teen.So if you have a tween or young teen that has breakouts you might want to try a less aggressive product before trying this one. Certainly advise them to proceed cautiously. Which is what I’d tell you. This product seems to work, but don’t over do it at first until you know how you react to the ingredients.

Lucia Wind Gap, PA