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Glycolic acid (a.k.a. alpha hydroxy acid – AHA) powerfully exfoliates and helps bring new skin cells to the surface, which helps the complexion appear smoother. This 10% glycolic acid is pharmaceutical grade and completely non-comedogenic. It goes on clear and spreads easily. AHA+ also contains licochalcone, a licorice root extract which helps calm acne-prone skin. It is fragrance-free and dye-free. For the face: From Dan: “I have always kept some glycolic acid around as a secret weapon. This is how I describe what it does: The Regimen ( will get you completely clear. Adding in glycolic acid will take clear to ‘perfect.'” When to start with AHA+: Perform The Regimen for a month before starting with AHA+. When you are ready to use it, you can either replace your nightly moisturizer with AHA+ 2-3 times a week or dispense 1/2 AHA+ and 1/2 moisturizer into your palm, mix, and apply every evening. You should notice your skin looking better and more even-toned and will undoubtedly get some compliments. For the body: AHA+ works alongside Treatment (benzoyl peroxide – 2.5%) to completely clear body acne. See The Body Regimen ( for instructions. As a spot treatment: If you see a zit forming, apply 2.5% benzoyl peroxide and allow it to dry. Then apply AHA+. Many people find that this prevents the zit from maturing. This works best is if you catch it very early. To combat irritation: When anything rubs against the skin repeatedly, such as a chin strap or helmet, it irritates the skin and can cause a breakout. Attempt to avoid or reduce irritation when possible. However, if you do end up irritating your skin, try applying AHA+ after your next Regimen application. This can help prevent an irritation-induced acne flare up.

Key features

  • Contains a full 10% of pharmaceutical grade glycolic acid, the most that can be found over-the-counter.
  • Intensely hydrating. Powerfully exfoliating. Improves skin texture and leaves complexion visibly smoother.
  • Ultra-light feeling lotion spreads easily and leaves no stickiness. Fragrance & dye-free.
  • Also contains licochalcone, a licorice root extract which powerfully calms acne-prone skin.
  • Formulated by founder Dan Kern.

Honest reviews


A must for the fight against Acne

I used a very similar product in the past, Jan Marini Factor A+ lotion, w/ good results; but after time it caused more problems than it was worth. I would get reactive pimples around my chin, so I discontinued it’s use. Six months later, acne returned b/c my skin was not turning over as quickly b/c of aging. I have since added this to my routine, along w/ the cleanser and BP; and I am very happy w/ the quick results. So far, no reactive pimples. I also like this in a tube rather than pump, b/c I can control how much is dispensed.I must mention that I am not using it exactly as prescribed. I started using the AHA at the beginning of the regimen, b/c I am already very accustom to AHA. Prior to this I was using Jan Marini Bioglycolic wash, which I had to eliminate since that would be excessive chemical exfoliation. I also found that applying BP prior to adding moisturizer was too irritating for me. My current routine is first DK cleanser, then Moisturize (Decleor Iris Night Balm), add a light layer of DK’s AHA all over, then spot w/ DK’s BP to trouble areas. No irritation, only results.

Ella Rumsey, KY

Great for keratosis pilaris (those red bumps on the upper arms)

As a huge fan of Dan Kern’s benzoyl peroxide gel for acne, I got this AHA to add to my face routine, but then found it made no difference to my face. BUT, it’s great for those annoying red bumps on the outer side of my upper arms, which I’ve learned are called keratosis pilaris and affect up to 50% of the world’s population. After 5 days of using it once a day on my upper arms, the red bumps that I’ve had since I was born are 75% gone. Wow! Other AHA-containing creams are way more expensive than this, so this is a great deal. Once again you create awesomeness, Dan Kern!

Tamara Stem, NC

This is great, bought it a second time

I am 50+ year old with oily acne prone skin. So, I gave this and the benzoyl peroxide treatment a try (so many other have failed). Behold, my face looks better and better, very smooth to the touch and the plugged pores are few and far between. The calming effect of the licorice in it is noticeable. Generous size lasts a long time, too. I am nicer to my face now. Wish I had this years ago, but the acne scarring is diminishing over time with this. One tip I learned I will pass along – B vitamins causes breakout in some people, it does on me.

Monica Lowellville, OH

Great product, reasonable price

I am very happy with this product. Not too fancy but downright effective. After a few months of use, I notice my skin to be softer and more radiant. Will keep on using this.

Silvia Bangor, WI

Not very satisfied

I already use the acne treatment and it works good. I thought this product would be an advance type of product for acne. I have very sensitive skin. I started using it and it started to burn a little. If you have any open sores on your face I wouldn’t use this on your face. I used it a couple of times. I stopped using it because I started breaking out more. Again that doesn’t mean this will happen to you. I tried to return this item and I waited to long? Oh well on to the next product. I think with any product after a while they just don’t work the same.

Julie Corning, IA

works ok

in the beginning it began to clear my acne but then my back acne just returned again , though it has significantly reduced my arm acne as well , my chest acne is barely there but it is not really helping me with scarring maybe it will work bette for someone else. My facial acne is not bad at all but there is one pimple that will not go away and this is not helping with it, i just wish my bacne would be cleared by this

Gladys Rosedale, NY

I don’t know about this stuff

Personally, I dont think it creates acne for me but I do think it inflames any acne I have. If I have a pimple and I use this stuff by the next day the pimple is huge and red. For this resaon I havent used it consistenly enough to know if it actually exfoliates like it says it does.

Briana Eben Junction, MI

Cannot say enough good things about this cream.

This is the BEST acne cream, hands down. Don’t waste your money on any other products, just buy this one. It does not stain your clothes, or your bed sheets, and adsorbs quickly. Doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Whenever I notice a blemish forming, I just put on this cream and the next day it is gone. Works like magic.

Lorna North Street, MI


I absolutely LOVE! It saved my skin, literally. This product is truly "the cherry on top" so to speak. You won’t regret giving these products a try.

Madelyn Hahira, GA

A Must-Have For Acne-Prone Skin

After reading rave reviews about this AHA lotion on, I thought I’d give it a try. I have oily / acne-prone skin.I’ve replaced my regular moisturizer with this a few days ago, and I am amazed at how much my skin has improved. It feels much softer, smoother, and more even-toned. Post-acne marks have started fading much more quickly.The lotion doesn’t feel greasy at all, it doesn’t smell, and it absorbs into my skin very nicely. I only need a little bit for my entire face, and at $16.11 per tube, it’s a great price, seeing that it will last a long, long time. You can use it as a full face moisturizer, or a spot treatment. It even works well on stubborn body acne too.The only drawback is that it increases your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so keep some sunscreen at hand. You probably shouldn’t put this on right before you lay out on the beach!If benzoyl peroxide isn’t doing much to heal your blemishes, I would definitely recommend this AHA lotion.

Evelyn Ainsworth, NE

Best AHA around!

I use the whole regimen and I’ve had great results. My skin is finally clear and beautiful. All the cystic acne is gone- finally after years and years of dealing with it.

Celina Sandgap, KY