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Acne-d Professional Comedone Extractor for Zits, Pimples and Acne, Whitehead/Blackhead Remover, Stainless Steel

The Acne-d comedone extractor offers a quick, safe and easy way to remove blackheads and whiteheads. Made with professional grade stainless steel, the Acne-d comedone extractor is perfect for helping treat and prevent blemishes, acne, zits and pimples.

Key features

  • 100% Stainless Steel
  • Easy to Use
  • Safely Extracts Whiteheads and Blackheads
  • Perfect for Zits, Acne and Pimples
  • Lifetime Warrenty

Honest reviews


Sucks a lot

I bought it regardless of the bad comments, and these really suck. I mean, for those who complain your skin gets red, well that’s what happens when you press something firmly against your skin! The flat end works alright, but I got it for the other loop end and that one hurts without it even working. I wouldn’t mind the pain but seriously, it doesn’t work.

Nita Chester, NH

Be careful

I broke out badly after using this. Make sure to disinfect it continuously. I don’t find this tool very helpful and wish I avoided it. I need a better tool for blackheads. If you have larger pimples that you want to squeeze out in a sterile manner this is a good tool.

Queen Corcoran, CA


We have tried other implements without success. But this one works extremely well and is easy to use!! I will order another one to keep in my travel case.

Carol Dalton, GA

Not what I expected

Guess I thought this tool would help me release the bacteria in my pimples without me picking at them and creating big huge holes. i tried this several times and it just didn’t remove the dirt/bacteria, whatever that gross stuff is that makes a pimple. Would not recommend.

Polly Nye, MT

Cheap, but still do the trick

… I got what I paid for is all I can say. it is sturdier than one you would get at your local pharmacy but the design just looks cheap

Lakeisha Avon By The Sea, NJ

good quality instrument

this is made from good quality steel,Basic, fairly unbreakable. Not much to it really.Price was pretty good too.

Dominique Trail, OR

Disappointed: Did not work for me.

I am really bad about picking at my skin. So I thought this might help with leaving less red marks, etc. From my attempts, it does nothing to remove either whiteheads or black heads. It almost seems like the diameter of the opening is just too large. I’ve tried it after a shower too, but still no luck. I wish it worked, but now it is just sitting in the bottom of my drawer.

Twila Paynesville, WV

Just what I needed

I don’t have bad acne…but a blackhead or whitehead here and there. I originally paid $18 for the tweezerman one at sephora. Once I saw this at this price…I returned the other one. With slight effort all the nastiness comes out without squeezing or pinching. I spritz with 99% alcohol before each use and I’m golden. I only use one end though (smaller one) not sure what the other side is for. Quality metal. Not flimsy at all

Mindy Pacific, MO

Like it said professional

You have to be able to know to use these and I couldn’t seem to understand and you tube didn’t help me either.

Wilda Revelo, KY