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Abhair- Long Curly Golden Blond Synthetic Hair Wig Costume Wig

Achieve a refined apperance with this shag curl hairstyle. It features a jagged bang and natural beach curls.

Key features

  • Long Curly wig.
  • One size fits most.
  • High quailty with Janpanese Synthetic Fiber
  • Adjustable straps to better fit you.
  • No combs, so do not worry about get your own hair tangled.

Honest reviews


Soft and Accurate Color

This wig is super soft, and the color is just as depicted. It’s the perfect length, except it tangles easily. Putting it in water helps very much 🙂

Tracey Genoa, NE

An “okay” Halloween wig.

I’m unsure of why this wig has many good reviews. I bought it simply for a Halloween costume, and I’m unsure I’ll even wear it for that. If you plan to wear this for everyday use, I think you’ll be better off looking elsewhere.While the hair itself looks and feels realistic, the wig just doesn’t look like the picture on Amazon. No amount of styling will change that. Mine was curled in all different directions, making it look extremely awkward and uneven. The bangs are FAR too long. There appears to be too much hair in the front of the wig, but not enough hair in the back. The color is slightly darker than shown in the picture.I’m attempting to save this wig and make it wearable, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to. I’ve straightened it out, and I’m planning to put curls in it myself. Still, because the hair is thick in front and thin at the back…. I just don’t think it’s going to work out very well.Consider my review 2.5 stars. The overall feel and look of the hair deserves that much, but the style does not.Edit: In the end, I didn’t wear this wig. I just didn’t look good. Maybe I got a bad/defective one.

Neva Winthrop, ME

if you’re into that…

If you are going for the sunday school teacher/conservative perfectionist look, then this wig will be perfect for you. It is darker and shorter than the picture. I’ve tried brushing and tugging on the curls to loosen them up and add some length to the wig, but no luck. You feel like a foolish goody goody in this one. Very disappointed that it looks so different from the picture.

Alyssa Berlin, OH

Amazing quality for the price

I couldn’t believe at the quality of this wig for what I paid. When it arrived, all I had to do was shake it a few times to untangle the curls and it was 100% wearable instantly. I wore it out for a night to ‘test drive’ it before I had to wear it to a costuming event and it was comfortable and due to the straps in the back for perfect fit, it didn’t slide off. Even after 6 hours of hard wear, it still looked perfect. I finger combed it, put it back in the hairnet it was shipped in so it would retain its shape and rebagged it. I love this wig!

Concetta Senath, MO

all wrong

no no no – BAD. i should have known but i thought i’d give it a try. only buy this for Halloween purposes.

Dana Woods Cross Roads, VA

Pretty, Light , and Breezy!

I received this wig in 4 days! I was SO happy! I ordered several wigs ,from another company, way before this one,and they STILL aren’t here! I really love it! The color is darker than it shows, on the pictures.., more of a strawberry darker blonde, But ,it is a very realistic color.. I pulled this out of the bag, and immediately was struck by the softness and the very bouncy curls! Just beautiful! I am wearing it every day, and it is so comfortable.. It’s so light ,and I feel so happy, wearing it…My friends and family say it looks real, not like a wig, at all! Also, It hasn’t shed or tangled, much…. Just the normal shedding and tangling ,for a synthetic wig. Brushes out very easily.. I also used my Instyler ,on the bangs, just a little, to make them less poofy.. And ,it worked great! I definitely recommend getting this wig.. I know I really love it.. Is my favorite wig, of all my wigs, right now!

Frieda Linville, VA