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AB Mezical Fiber Double Eyelid Eye Lift Fibers 60pc

Strong Adhesion‧No Tearing‧Discreet‧Perfect Double Eyelids!Automatic Beauty Mezical Fiber easy to carry, perfect and long-lasting effect. It is created natural and perfect double eyelids with Strong fiber and fine lines.It will brings the eyelids uplifted and becomes larger naturally. Does not irritate the skin, waterproof and anti-sweat, just tear off from the eye corner.Simple to use, showing the perfect double-eyelids easily and look like as natural.

Key features

  • Mezical Fiber Double Eyelid Eye Lift Fibers 60pc

Honest reviews


read description carefully.

The description was horrible, these are for Asian women to correct eye folds. I couldn’t use them at all and threw them away.

Luz Summit Hill, PA

Very good but it will waste your time…

I am Asian and I have a mono lid that is why I love using things that can double my lid..I use tapes before but it’s kinda visible even i put some make up so I purchased this fiber… It is effective but you need to be expert when u use this..I wasted 10 fibers before I perfectly put it in my eye… and as a woking mother, time is important to me that is why this is not meant for me…I went back on using tapes again.(-:

Sarah Washburn, IL

can’t figure it out

tried this product over and over, it’s definitely difficult, or the directions are just no good. Once I got it to work I still think eyetape works better and is much easier.

Georgia Sanborn, NY

It works but requires a little practice

I have a droopy eye so I been searching for a product that was invisible but strong enough to lift up my eyelid. This product definitely requires practicing multiple times before perfecting this item. This product works similar to eyelid glue or tape but used in a string like fiber that sticks onto your eyelid. My only problem with this product is that I have a hard time cutting close to the fiber ends. When I try to cut it too close, sometimes it lifts the ends up and it makes it visible to see the fiber on my eyelid. Other than perfecting the cutting of the fiber, it’s works well. I would buy it again.

Elda Coffey, MO

Love it

The fiber was easy to use and it stays on for the whole day. Invisible to others . Recommend buying

Frances Bay City, MI

Cant use

I tried for several hours trying to use these. The instructions are so freaking tiny i needed a magnifier and glasses. But no matter what i could not use them. The sellers did get them here quickly so not their fault at all.

Kristine Liberty, WV