AAA Shea Butter Premium Grade A Unrefined Shea Butter, Net WT. 1LB

ALL SHEA BUTTERS ARE NOT EQUAL! 100% Pure & Natural Shea Butter is an all-natural vitamin A cream. Shea Butter has been shown to be a superb moisturizer with exceptional healing properties for the skin. Shea Butter may range from excellent to very poor. Grade A Shea Butter may be used to treat a number of skin conditions and serves as an excellent moisturizer. Poor quality Shea Butter should be compared with products such as less expensive coca butter and mango butter. Only high quality Unrefined Premium Grade A Shea Butter can offer the health benefits mention here. Buying Laboratory Tested Shea Butter is your only means of knowing the quality of Shea Butter you are purchasing. THe American Shea Butter Institute Seal assures you are buying High Quality Premium Grade A Shea Butter. Grade A Shea Butter is laboratory tested for iron, mercury, lead, copper, mold yeast and bacteria content in addition to other important proprietary test. If you are not using laboratory tested Shea Butter, how do you know what you are putting on your skin?

Key features

  • Dry Skin, Skin Rash, Skin peeling after tanning, Itchy skin
  • Blemishes and wrinkles, Sunburn, Skin cracks, Insect bites
  • Stretch mark prevention during pregnancy, Eczema, Dermatitis
  • Tough or rough skin (on feet), Frost bites, Healthy skin

Honest reviews


So thick and greasy

I really didn’t like the texture of this shea butter it was too think even when I was trying to warm it with my hand, I gave it to my mom and she didn’t like it either.

Berta Liebenthal, KS

Got used to the smell, authetic raw shea butter, does what I wanted

It’s IMPOSSIBLE for a first time buyer to purchase true, real, raw shea butter online I think. Well, I USED to think that until I found AAA Shea Butter Premium Grade A Unrefined Shea Butter, Net WT. 1LB (16oz).Yes, it has a smokey smell. And by that I mean it smells like if you had been standing around a smokey campfire in your backyard and it got on your clothes, skin, etc.Yes, it’s greasy for a bit if you put too much on. I found that rolling a small ball, about the size of a large gumball between my palms to warm it up, then I put it in a waterproof container with a screw on lid and run hot water over it (or pop it in a cup full of hot water). It melts quickly and makes it easier to spread.I have noticed a lot less redness on a scar of a surger I had May 2010 and my son has been using it on his acne scars, people have been stopping hiim and telling him “your skin looks really great!!!” My husband uses it to fade age spots on his head (he is bald) and I use it to moisturize our biracial daughters kinky/dry/coarse hair and on my face. I’ve gotten a lot of comments of looking “radiant” and “well-rested” in the last few weeks so I can live with that(I don’t wear makeup, I try to stay out of the sun, I don’t smoke or drink, I do get plenty of sleep, take care of my skin, etc. so hearing those comments are a very nice thing.This is on our “reorder” list as we ALL love it. The smokey smell really does go away after about 30 mins but the moisture does NOT and I love that!

Hester Montello, WI


I use the Shea Butter on my natural hair. I have to let it melt in my hand and then apply it. Because it is thick, it may leave a white looking reside which eventually melts. To help with this, I also use jojoba or castor oil along with the shea butter. This product is great for naturals.100% Unrefined Certified Grade A Shea Butter 4 oz.

Georgette Lublin, WI

Best winter skin protection

I have very dry skin. I started using Crabtree & Evelyn’s GARDENERS ULTRA-MOISTURISING HAND THERAPY because that was the only thing that really helped my hand from cracking and bleeding in the winter time. I realized from some doctors that Shea Butter is what works best and gets absorbed best on dry skin. So, saving $22 before taxes, I tried this product instead and was very pleased!I read other reviews about the smell before. So I bought the one with a hint of lavender scent, which helps masks its original “fatty” smell.It is best used at night when going to bed because it could leave your hands feeling a bit greasy. Also, it is not easy to spread around, which reminds me of “Lamer cream.” The same method applies here– Scoop a little bit and warm it up between your palms with some lotion or oil. It would become more spreadable. A little goes a long way.

Selina Overgaard, AZ

The best!

I researched the best shea butter products before making my purchase. I am very pleased overall with this pure shea butter. After a major surgery, I rubbed it all over the incision for a month. Today my scars are nearly impossible to see.Its an amazing moisturizer as well. Grab a chunk, let it melt with the heat of your hands, then rus it in…excellent!

Cindy Ringgold, VA

a must have

the quality of this shea better is a lot better than the yellow butter, this butter cost more due to the quality, so I only use it on my face and as a spot treatment for other areas of my body because it is pricey, and I have seen dark spots disappear, and even my skin tone on my face.

Germaine Hamden, OH

Seems OK, but no expiration date

This product has a faint smokey smell, like the shea butter that I had purchased from another supplier. It is much better quality though. This is a good quality butter, which spreads and absorbs easily once you rub it between your palms. It has an ivory color, and I feel good about the fact that it has certified by ASBI, so must be a genuine shea butter. Gave it three stars because there is no expiration date on the jar.

Jimmie Montmorenci, SC

Pleased with Purchase, Would Buy Again

I read hundreds of reviews for Shea Butter before purchasing & took into account packaging, seller reviews, quality & color of the shea butter, and finally decided to go with this one (AAA Shea Butter, 1 LB = $25 w/Prime free shipping). I’m glad I did, it arrived in perfect condition, well packaged, glad to have a sturdy tub to hold it in, very light yellow/cream color as I expected, and if you are familiar with raw unrefined shea than you’d expect it to have the distinct nutty scent, which it did. It was cold weather when I received it, so in transit the butter was very hard upon arrival. I was a bit anxious, so I used low defrost heat in the microwave just to take the chill off & make it pliable (at everyday room temp in my bathroom it’s a perfect consistency – hard to the touch when it’s in it’s container, gotta dig in & scoop it w/your fingers, then work it well into your palms before you can smooth it into your skin). This stuff is wonderful. It feels a bit rich & oily for just a few minutes. Keeps my skin moisturized through the whole day, I can still feel the butter on my skin in the evening after a long day. Plain lotion wears off after such a short time, and in the winter you really need a thicker emolient. Your skin will thank you! This stuff is rich, and water will just bead up on you when you have it on! Works better than anything else for elbows, heels, knees, hands, cuticles, etc. It’s great to slather on your feet before bed, then put on a pair of socks before hitting the sack & let your feet just soak in all those moisturizing riches overnight! I’ve turned on many friends to shea butter & will definately continue using it & will order this particular one again when needed. Good packaging, good price (w/Prime shipping) & quality/color/scent just what I would have expected.

Kimberley Maceo, KY