8 Italia eyeliner pencils Set 1

8 Long eyeliner pencils Very vibrant and easy to apply. Black, Light Brown, Gold, Royal Blue Sky Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink Pearl 7″ Long

Key features

  • 8 Long eyeliner pencils
  • Very vibrant and easy to apply.
  • Black, Light Brown, Gold, Royal Blue
  • Sky Blue, Green, Lavender, Pink Pearl
  • 7″ Long

Honest reviews


Eyliners terrible

Did not come in yet. I honestly wouldnt recomend this to anyone since it hasnt come in yet and its past the due date.

Pamela Animas, NM

8 Italia Fine Eyeline Pencils!!! A++++++++

Let me begin by saying I am not affiliated with this product and this was purcahsed with my own hard earned money. I recieved this product about 4 days after ordering it. I was scared at first to try a brand I had never heard of and was thinking it wouldnt be that great. The pencils were very well wrapped with a FRAGILE shipping label on it and the pencils were wrapped in bubble wrap and the envelope was made of bubble wrap as well. They were all in tact and looked exactly like they did in the pictures. I am african american and I have a caramel complexion. I tried the first pencil which was the 1015 Royal Blue on my hand which is much darker than my face because I work outside in the sun. There was a great deposit of color, then I tried the Green and then Mocha..all colors showed up just like the color tab on the bottom of the liner. There was a faint hint of shimmer. I love it and I look forward to trying some of their other products. These are very much comparable to my M.A.C eye kohl!! Keep It Up!!!!!

Samantha Rimrock, AZ


I see why these were so cheap they are like pure colorful wax and they do not apply well or last long smuggy and cheap looking while on

Lauri Hamill, SD


This 8 eyeliner pencil is great and cheap. It has light blue, dark blue, avocado, pink, black, light brown, purple and gold. The colors are not dull, and the feel is creamy. Buy it!

Constance Gloversville, NY

Best Eye Liner Pencil I’ve Ever Used!

Best eye liner I’ve ever used! Good on like butter! And stays on well. Highly recommend!

Lynnette Lebanon, CT

Pinky Pigmented!!!

Smoothest Eyeliner!!!! So pigmented! The Pink is my favorite or all time for my waterline! I love this product. It came on time. Packaging was on point which is a point!! I’m definitely going to buy more! Love love love ♥

Frankie West Henrietta, NY

so far so good

I got this because the variety of colors specially the lavender and gold which I adore.. but when I got my order those colors were missing.. i received three shades of green which was a bit disappointing but the liners are very good and go on smoothly.. I got a partial refund from the seller for the mistake which is ok with me mistakes happen 🙂 I am still looking for the gold eyeliner and most likely will get this brand as well

Therese Durham, MO


its great. amazing product colors come out so bright and beautiful.vibrant colors. wonderful there big pencils. i’m definatley ordering again. i reccomend this to anyone wanting to add color to dull stuff to bring it to life.

Arline Elkins, NH


Meh… not bad, but not great either. Not good for sensitive eyes like mine. I ended up giving them all away, cuz even after make up removing them, they would leave a red mark on my skin… way too gore for me 🙂

Pamela Louisville, IL

So Creamy!

The price for these 8 pencils was a steal. I love the richness as it glides over whatever lines I am using it for on my face. In love.

Marlene Evanston, IL

I love them

These are awesome. I’ve found that they work great with a small layer of white eye liner underneath the color. I have central Heterochromia, so my eyes are dark and light blue on the outside, then have these big rings of green on the inside. When I use the green eyeliner it really makes the color pop out 🙂 The brown works as an eyebrow liner, and the pink works as a lip liner as well.

Camilla Cameron, WV

Excellent purchase

they all were wonderful very soft glides well and show up great plus they are longer than most of the other pencils i have.All of my colors were as described and were better than the pic. It also came early big plus..i ran test on them b4 doing this review and they are worth it. They did not smudge easily. they all show up on my brown skin..LOVE LOVE LOVE

Marianne Isabella, MN

They all work amazing

The dark blue is the best. It shows up well on the waterline. The others need to be used on the lids, because they are too light. But they show up really well

Rachel Saint Marys, PA

Wonderful and bright eyeliners!

These are beautiful colors, and they glide on so easily! They look great and stay put! I’m very pleased with my purchase. The price I paid was very low compared to the quality and amount of product you get. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! Thank you!

Jewel Dennis, TX

Not a pencil eyeliner user….BUT!!!

These are the first pencil liners I used…ever!! They go on soft and the colors are great. I enjoy using them on the top lid. Normally it’s hard for me to do the top lid with liner but these pencils make it much easier for me to do. Not sure how well they’ll be after sharpening but I’m sure they’ll still be great. I would suggest to purchase these if you love color liners. They DID arrive on time!

Hester Mather, PA

Money well spent.

The colors glide on smoothly and they show up nicely on all skin shades. I will definitely re-order. I should have ordered two sets if I had known they would be this cute

Pearl Boswell, PA

Just ok….

I had high expectations for these eyeliners. The colors are great but they smear really bad. If you barely rub your eye you have it all over. Huge mess! That’s the only bad thing about it.

Annabelle Osborn, MO

Love these Liners

I was running low and ordered these based on reviews and price. I was surprised at how wonderful they are. I am fair skinned and the pigmentation is fantastic. I use the black everyday as a liner and sometimes to define my brows. They glide on amazingly easy and last all day with NO smudging for me. I set with my eyeshadow after I apply. I will buy again.

Bertie Frostburg, MD

Good Quality/ Almost True Color

The pencils are highly pigmented and they are creamy and smooth (the best is probably the gold). The pencils aren’t exactly true to color but are very close. The variety of colors is very good. The purchase was very worth it.

Lynette Sudlersville, MD

For the price, there is no better deal on eyeliner!

I have been experimenting with lots of different styles and makeup tips (thanks to Pinterest..)and this has been an amazing purchase! There is no way I would have bought all of these colors for "regular" prices, and now I am able to experiment on different styles without breaking the bank.There are plenty of different colors, for almost any kind of look you are going for. Love Love Love!!!Would definitely purchase again, and definitely will in the near future!Hannah Booth

Rachelle Kahlotus, WA

Love them!

When these finally came in I was so excited to start trying each color on.I got all 8 as described, no substitues or different colors other than the colors listed. The love the pink, and the green looks amazing. I have never tried any other eyeliner colors but black, so getting all these different colors was new and exciting. The price is unbeatable and I love it when it says free shipping! HahaA+++ on my end, I love them! 🙂

Noreen Wellsville, UT

Love the colors!

I just got it today and tested the product. It easy to glide and creamy. The package came early and I love it. Also when I open my package I notice how the item smells sort of fruity. Overall it cheap and worth it!

Olga Saint Cloud, MN

Great Product, Great Price

my wife loves them. they are nice soft vibrant colors. they come with tip caps to protect them as welli normally dont tal about shiping in reviews, becasue i believe only the item is on review.but they were able to send it first class (regular mail) from CA to Chicago basically, quicker than my prime items that i ordered at the same time! Very quick seller, good doing businessso overall this item is a WIN WIN!- JRA

Mitzi Wakarusa, IN

Best eyeliner ever!

these eyeliners are the best ever! I have used many brands and these last long and the colors are very vibrant!

Ronda Millston, WI

8 Italia eyeliner pencils Set 1

I absolutely love these eye pencils, they are very long (so they will last a long time) and the colors are vibrant and goes on very smooth. I have used all so far and I’m just lovin’ them. Best $6 I ever spent, whether you’re a pro or a novice in the makeup game invest in these pencils you won’t regret it. Seller shipping was very fast.

Geraldine Andover, CT


I’ve been looking for a creamy eye liner that glides on easily! My favorite is the black, which is dark, and not many black eyeliners are dark.

Eddie Talala, OK

love these

Great pencils go on with vividly Color and sharpen easily. I would our purchase again. A very nice item for a gift too.

Clare East Waterford, PA


The colors are not vibrant and they don’t show up very well at all. I have brown eyes and dark hair but my skin is pretty fair, I don’t tan so much as I burn and I have freckles, so it’s not like I was trying to get light colored eyeliner to show up on an olive complexion, not at all. The only colors that worked out of the 8 I received were the brown, the black and the dark blue. I have had purple, violet, lighter blue, green and emerald colored eyeliners that have gone on easily and showed up well, but these did neither. I wound up giving most of them away. I gave the light blue and green to a friend who is blonde and blue eyed and she said they hardly showed up on her either so she gave them to someone else.I kinda figured that there was a reason for the super low price on these eyeliners, now I know the reason!

Adela Keldron, SD

Love em!

I really like this product they glide on so easy and love the colors and received them really fast. Recommend

Mallory Niagara, ND

Too soft.

I like soft pencils but some of the colors are soooooooooooooooo soft that you need to sharpen the tip every time you use it. And that’s a little annoying. Other than that the colors are as they are shown in the picture and the price is very fair.

Susanna Cataumet, MA