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7pcs Professional Cosmetic Makeup Make up Brush Brushes Set Kit With Pink Bag Case

Specifications Powder Brush Length: 5.59″ / 14.2cm; Hair Length: 1.58″ / 4.0cm; Hair Width: 1.22″ / 3.1cm 2 Pcs Eyeshadow Brush Length: approach 12.8 – 13.1″ / 5.04 – 5.16cm; Hair Length: approach 0.35 – 0.39″ / 0.9 – 1.0cm; Hair Width: approach 0.16 – 0.26″ / 0.4 – 0.7cm Lip Brush Length: 5.0″ / 12.7cm; Hair Length: 0.24″ / 0.6cm; Hair Width: 0.20″ / 0.5cm Eyeliner Brush Length: 5.04″ / 12.8cm; Hair Length: 0.2″ / 0.5cm; Hair Width: 0.08″ / 0.2cm Eyelash Brush Length: 5.63″ / 14.3cm; Hair Length: 1.22″ / 3.1cm; Hair Width: 0.24″ / 0.6cm Eyebrow Comb Brush Length: 5.59″ / 14.2cm; Hair Length: 0.87″ / 2.2cm; Hair Width: 0.39″ / 1.0cm Material Plastic (Handle), Aluminum Ferrules, Synthetic Fibre Handle Color Pink Bag Color Pink Weight 2.4oz / 68g Bag Size (after roll up) 6.93″ x 2.95″ / 17.6 x 7.5cm (L x W) Bag Size (unfold) 8.35″ x 6.93″ / 21.2 x 18.2cm (L x W) Package Includes 1 x Powder Brush 2 x Eyeshadow Brush 1 x Eyebrow Comb Brush 1 x Eyelash Brush 1 x Eyeliner Brush 1 x Lip Brush

Key features

  • 1 x Powder Brush 2 x Eyeshadow Brush 1 x Eyebrow Comb Brush 1 x Eyelash Brush 1 x Eyeliner Brush 1 x Lip Brush
  • Bag Size (unfold) 8.35″ x 6.93″ / 21.2 x 18.2cm (L x W)

Honest reviews


Picture is deceiving!!! BEWARE!

They are cheaply made. The spiral brush does not exist anymore/in place of it is a sponge brush…like I want ANOTHER one of those. The tips are clear, NOT BLACK as shown in picture and where the brush and handle meet, they are not connected properly. They are falling apart basically. The brush hairs are so firm (extremely stiff) that you can barely use properly.I have purchased hundreds of items from Amazon since 2006, expensive AND inexpensive…..just because a product is inexpensive (specifically this brush set) does not always mean it is cheaply made…..just not in this case. There are companies who take pride in their product and sell decent work….JUST NOT THIS PRODUCT! Do not settle….I DON’T, I work too hard for my money.I do not recommend.

Shannon Somerset Center, MI

Not good

The brushes came in a cute package and looked good, however they were small, and the bristles started coming off the first time. And the handle came off of two of them

Staci Millhousen, IN

Awesome product, a little false advertising…

I bought this as a gift and I was extremely pleased with this purchase but it was a little falsely advertised on online… it didn’t come with the eyebrow or eyelash brush instead I got two different brushes. Otherwise, I love it! The brush case is very cute and extremely pink! My friend is going to love it! I tugged on the brushes to test them a little and them seem to hold fine for now, and the case seems to be made well. For paying less than $2, I’m thinking I might get one!!!!

Christa Sweet Home, AR


This product is so nice! The brushes are very soft and everythings beautiful! I really do love this product alot

Yolanda Rowan, IA


great price especailly for a young lady who is just learning on how to put make up on cant go wrong with the color and price

Victoria Greentown, PA