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60 Acrylic Flower Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration

1) Brand new in retail pakcage 2) Flat-bottom 3) Approximately 60 pcs Flowers with Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration 4) You can also use them to decorate your home, cell phone’s case, glasses, made card, body art…..etc 5) Clean the surface of your nails, brush and base polish ,Place it onto nails

Key features

  • Flowers with rhinestones in different colors
  • Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails
  • Great for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, acrylic nails, etc. to create a fresh image
  • With this set, your nail will be more attractive
  • 5pcs for each color, 60pcs in total

Honest reviews



I never have recieved the product ! I have many clients waiting on this and they never showed up ! I bought several other things over seas and they have showed up 3 weeks ago ! I really needed this product ! I really just want my money back ! I paid for this stuff on September 9th

Kristen Vermillion, MN

Too BIG!!

Im verrrry disappointed in this product. They are so very beautiful and came as advertised. All 60 pieces were there BUT the flowers are too big to put on my nails. The are 3 dimensional and almost the size of a dime. They dont curve in the back and I like my embellishments to be completely flat on my nails unfortunately these were too big and only a little piece on the back was touching my nail. Unless you have ginormous nails that are like 2 inches wide, I would not recommend these for nail design. They are very pretty so I will probably end up using them on other craft projects but I really wanted these for my nails.

Shirley Endicott, NY

Too big

These could never be used as nail art, even on a big toe. I was planning to inlay these in gel, but that just isn’t going to happen. Maybe these could be used for some other craft project.

Denise San Juan, TX

Very cute, very slow, very BIG

The flower has a little detail on the front face. I love it! However, I fail to find anyone has a nail big enough for these flowers. It ships from China and very slow from this seller.

Alba Hadensville, VA

Nail flowers

I love the flowers they glue on great and the colors are perfect the only thing is they r big so recommended for long tips

Ramona Chicken, AK

I don’t think I can comment on this product

I paid for it but never got it. I was excited but this product left me frustrated. Consider buying something else.

Fran Fairview, OK


I just received these and I love them. They are the perfect size for real nails or fake ones. The colors are so bright, they look just like the picture. You get 5 of each color and you will be able to use them over and over. So now I can’t wait to do my nails and I got them just in time for Spring!

Johanna Jal, NM


Love them haven’t got chance to use yet. I’m very proud of them. I started with bow’s,and wanted something else. So orderd flowers like the bows. Just right size,with rhinestone. And nice colors,I love color.. Came fast and in nice container.

Jeanine Dutch Flat, CA


Good good to be the most part of the most popular and its a good time to get the best

Flossie Floyd, NM


These were beautiful but they were huge. They were too big to fit on any of my finger nails. Bummer

Lucile Dequincy, LA

Very pretty rhinestone flowers in multiple colors to match any polish or nail art design!

I love these flowers with rhinestone centers. I really like the variety of colors and the case they came in. The only negative is that 1 flower was flawed and another had stone missing. All in all it is a very lovely set of rhinestone flowers. Arrived very quickly.

Rebekah Royal Oak, MD


These are really cute flowers. Unfortunately, they are WAY too BIG for nails! They are thick and cover my entire nail. I’m sure they could be used for some craft project, but not for nail art in my opinion!

Juliette Bear Creek, NC

Too big

The flowers are cute and beautiful but way too big for a nail decoration. It completely takes over the nail and if you are not careful, snagging it will rip it off immediately. The bottoms of the flowers are not flush so it doesn’t sit flat on the nail either. These could be good for scrap booking but for nails, not so much.

Eula Pratts, VA

super cute

I think these are really cute, very colorful, and made of a good solid plastic material. My only concern would be that they might be a little heavy to wear on your nails. I plan to use them for other crafting purposes so I am not concered about the weight. I think for crafting they are an awesome deal and I am very happy with this purchase.

Margot Slanesville, WV

glitter flowers

i love it! love all the colors very pretty summer goes with any colors glitter .it perfect for my nail @ very pretty with any decoration you chooses. i lust love roses.i have most of the flowers decor!

Tamara Chestnut Hill, MA

Way too big!

These were way too big to be put on a nail for "nail art" They literally take up the whole nail and leaves no room for anything else! I ended up giving them away for someone to use while crafting!

Gladys Amity, AR

Two Stars

some flowers were broken and missing

Isabelle Millwood, VA

Too big for nails !!!!

It look pertty but too big for nails ! If I know it that big I never order it . And some color only have four inside. :((

Melisa Trinidad, CA

Takes for ever

Havnt recived yet….so many days…and to expensive..i hope i can get it soon..and what i pay for it ,i th

Jillian Castleton On Hudson, NY

It’s pretty but..

These flowers are beautiful except they are too big on natural nails and even fake nails. I feel like these are more suitable fot like decorating phone cases or something else.

Clare West Sayville, NY

Big for nails

There cute but there really big even for acrylic nails it’s more for crafting

Katrina Windham, NH

Samira Nail’s

This flower’s are nice and the size is perfect they look good, the colors are very pretty . my custumers are happy.

Rhonda Fielding, UT

Wrong product

When I received these, they weren’t flowers, but bows. Granted, I do love and always want more bows, I really wanted these flowers.

Gina Dewey, OK