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6 type nail art cuticle oil treatment revitalize kit

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  • 6 type nail art cuticle oil treatment revitalize kit

Honest reviews


Haven’t used yet.

Way smaller then I expected but I haven’t used this yet. I will return to let you guys know how it works.

Vera Decatur, TX

Not to bad

I got this because the water at my job makes my hands really dry especially my cuticles. I kinda thought that being it was in pen like form that it would be more of a oil gel but it’s a reg oil. Being that it is in the pen like form it is messy because the oil leaks all over the place. I got it cause i needed something that was going to be a little neater being that i got it to mainly use at work. Its still a really good cuticle oil just, but if you are looking for something to be mess free this is not it

Clare Somersville, CT


They are maybe not the original opi but they work very well 🙂 and they are good for the price :)The smell are very nice 🙂 I will by more of them if i need it:)

Ella Blytheville, AR

It smells good.

it is worth buying, you get 6 different scents and its not pricey. They work very well, the brand is O.P.I

Ida Fullerton, LA


Love these! They were as described. Scents are great. Work well and what an awesome price for 6! Will be buying these again.

Matilda Attica, NY

Oil treatment

First of all let me say this I Love It So Much I will order some order more and give it to my friends as gifts. Because I try it on my friends and clients they love it as well

Ada Zillah, WA

Nice, but only 1/2 full of product

These are convenient and a great price, and smell great. Just be aware that each oil stick is only about 1/2 full at best.

Serena Shelbyville, TN

Uhh… Ehh

So when i received this some boxes the cuticle oils came in were smushed. Secondly 2 out of the 6 cuticle oils i ordered were already opened and twisted and product is coming out. Its not a lot of product used but still very concerning! Also the package came a month or so later than i bought it… And no updates on the cuticle oils so it comes whenever the expected days are…

Elaine Crawfordville, FL

Randomized Scents; Awesome Product!

Just got it today and so far, it’s just as advertised: a pen-style cuticle oil treatment. I’ve read that some people didn’t get all the scents mentioned, but my set DID come with six different scents, so I’m not complaining. The smells are faint, which is nice, and overall, I’m satisfied with the price/quantity ratio.From what it looks like, the type of scents you get are randomized. Mine weren’t exactly listed, but I got: Honey-Peach, Lemon, Grape, Lily, Lavender, and Jasmine.Edit:I’ve been using the oil for a few days now and I’ll have to say that I LOVE them! Specifically I’m a huge fan of the Lily scent, as it smells like a soft white-tea scent. I will definitely be buying these again in the future once I run out. At first the price/quantity ratio was worth it, but now I’ll say that the price/quality ratio is also worth it. I know warehouse issues occur (also it varies from seller to seller), but I hope others ordering these get a good experience as I’ve been having 🙂

Paulette Stillwater, OK

6 individual cuticle oil treatment

so i got these today and i am very happy with them!the brand is opi. they are pens you twist to make the product come out. i didnt get the "orange" one i did get two pineapples. over all this product is a steal!

Christi Washburn, WI


I just absolutely love these!! It came with 6 different scents and they all smell great. It works great too. I put it on 2 to 3 times a week and my cuticles look great and they never dry out anymore. I’m definitely buying more of these for myself and maybe as stocking stuffers this Christmas 🙂

Danielle Lisbon, OH

Handy Cuticle oil

Nice product, I got 6 different smell options and they are very handy to carry along with my purse. Handy for quick use when my cuticles are feeling dry. So many at a great price I had to share them! Will buy again if I run out and recommend.

Sadie Moffit, ND

Pretty scent, interesting selection, fun!

I bought these as a springtime kick-off gift to add to Easter baskets for my sister and Mom, and everyone instantly loves these! The scent is nice in each, and the package is a random selection of scents. The price is fair, and the quantity you get is plenty to have some for yourself and share as well! I didn’t even mind a random repeated scent in the selection, because then I can share one I like already.

Marcie Ransom, KY


these came in today after a month of waiting. I opened the packaging and noticed the six little boxes the oils came in was a little bent and slightly opened so I got a little worried that these were tampered with but I think its because they just rubber band it together with no bubble wrapping or anything around the boxes. The cuticle oil pens itself was intact, no tampering, leaks or breakage of any kind. I got six different scent (orange, lemon, grape, aloe vera, apple and jasmine oil) the smell is not over powering but some had less product than others. When you twist the pens it takes awhile for the oil to come out at first. It took about 10 or more twists before the oil started coming out for me. I just put the aloe vera oil on my cuticles and it feels and smells very nice. So I think the product is a great buy even though the waiting and packaging isn’t great but for the price I think its worth it.

Jeannine Zavalla, TX

Nail cuticle oil treatment revitalize

My cuticles are a mess so I started to use this once I received it and it is helping my cuticle’s feel and look so much better. Thank you!

Wendy Gettysburg, SD

Nice smell,

All the applicators have a mild pleasant smell. My cuticles usually crack and split or peel in every season but summer. I use the cuticle oil z3x a week and so far it’s prevented the cracking and peeling. It took 3 weeks to arrive from Order date so I will reorder well on advance.

Sophie Warriormine, WV

Convenient and effective

These work very well – the skin on the tips of my fingers were peeling off when we moved to a dryer climate. These are the size of a ball point pen, so i put one in my purse, one on my bedside table and one at my desk, and my fingers are great now.I am planning to use them as stocking stuffers too, since i gave one to my mom and my friend and they both loved them.They are super cheap and smell great too.

Ines Hackensack, MN


Love the packaging. These tubes are very convenient to keep in a purse. Watch how many times you spin the bottom of the tube to release the product because if you are not paying attention, you can easily go overboard and have oil leaking over the pen and all over your hands. Wasting is not a good idea with these as not much oil comes in the tubes. Misspellings on the packaging are hilarious!!! Not a fool, of course these are not manufactured by OPI, but the price is right and the packaging clever. Will consider buying again.

Ida Lohman, MO

Love it!

I actually ordered it for a couple of times now, I love it, it’s so comfy to have your cuticle oil in the pen. T he oils smell amazing and do the job well: take care of my cuticles and my nails, I definitely recommend it! Plus for that kinda price it’s a steal!

Jolene Checotah, OK

6 type cuticle oil

was happy to get them there were 6 in the bag like the smell I use one already wen I did my nails and pedicure def gonna buy more

Denice Gerlach, NV


I originally received the wrong item and when I contacted the seller they were great! They apologized and quickly rectified my order. I love this oil. It smells great and leaves my cuticles conditioned. The price is awesome! I will definitely be buying more once I’m out.

Vivian Retsof, NY

Great product

This is great it came weeks before it said it would it really strengthens your nails and they smell great definatley recommend buying these

Sylvia Houston, AK


I hadn’t realized this came with all six! Love them, and give away others as gifts-makes my fingers feel awesome.

Darla Zanoni, MO