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#52101 Black All Night Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Smudge Proof Cosmetics Makeup

My own experience: I have been using this eyeliner and some other eyeliners from this collection for about 3 months, and they never disappointed me. After having this liquid eyeliner, I never need to take out my mirror every few hours because my makeup always looked clean and perfect. I used to wear it for 12 hours and I didn’t even use any powder under my eyes. Key feature for this eyeliner: Great for Daily Use – highly resistant to tears, sweat & sebum, keeping your beauty more long lasting; Highly Black Finish – give you a pair of dramatic eyes & sexy look; Very Quick Drying Formula – Will be totally dry between 5-30 second; One of the BEST liquid eyeliner I ever used. Even this is not a name brand product, it will give you exactly what you need. (Smooth, Smudge proof, Without fading, Easy to use and etc.) You won’t be regret for your choice!—Contact us if you have any other questions.

Key features

  • Smudge proof, very black, without fading
  • Quick drying formula; long lasting
  • Felt-tip brush for easy application
  • Can easily create different thickness effect

Honest reviews


black eyeliner

it was okay . it wasnt the best product . it smudge when u take it out and leakes out . i wish it was better product .

Marilyn Wauchula, FL

Not Waterproof

This product is not waterproof. It does not sting your eyes, but if your eyes water at all, it will be all over in your eyes. If you are looking for a waterproof liner, This is NOT it.

Alexis Wickett, TX

very precise

It works well, especially with my under eye eyeliner tray—stays put all day, without any sealant-Thankyou so much, jennifer Lil K

Linda Beccaria, PA

liquid eyeliner

these are cute, they are tiny but really cute, unfortunately they burned my eyes so i gave it to my daughter she liked it

Jill Loyal, OK

Great product cute bottle.

Cutest bottle, but the important part is using it> Its amazing. Held up all day and went on very simply and accurately without getting in my eyes. Highly recommend for people wanting those cat eyes liner.

Erica Catawba, VA

Finally an Eyeliner that STAYS on! Even overnight!

I love this eyeliner and the brush is awesome too! It is not too thin, and I have vision problems even with magnifying mirror. I only need one coat and ready to go! I am getting ready to buy more next week. Love this!

Erna Preemption, IL


I love this eyeliner! I goes on great and stays on! The only problem is the tips seem to get ruined awfully fast.

Brandi Flournoy, CA

Its okay.

its great with the stiff brush but after a while it softens up. Plus I notice after two weeks its starts to dry up. Its great for the price.

Beatriz Telegraph, TX


It’s okay if you’re looking to try liquid liner, but it isn’t long lasting and the shape of the applicator tip isn’t as precise as I’d like it to be. Shell out a bit more and get one from a trusted beauty brand.

Suzanne Pomfret, CT


This eye liner is great for such an affordable price!! I wore it all day and it didnt smudge AT ALL!!!! It’s a little difficult to get it straight on the upper lash line but that might just be me that I’m not the best at putting on liquid eye liner! I love this and highly recommend it. I will definitely be repurchasing!’

Clarissa Hanceville, AL

Teddy Bear Eyeliner

Wow, this stuff is pretty good for the price. I was just looking at random Asian cosmetic products for the sheer cuteness of them but this works great. They come in three colors I guess from the picture, and I received the pink one. It’s really easy to apply, and doesn’t smear or wear off throughout the day. It’s very dark black, not grey, and stays that way. Also, I noticed that when removing my eye makeup, it doesn’t smear and wipe all over my face and take more cotton pads to take off all of it, like when I use gel or pencil liner. Would buy again.

Dorthy Grace, MS

great Makeup

The makeup works better than I had hoped. It is waterproof and stays on unil I remove it. No more smudges or raccoon eyes.

Wendy Jonesville, SC

Heng Fang Bear Shaped Black Eyeliner

Ok, I ordered a japanese doll shaped eyeliner & received this one instead. This seller is working on sending me what I ordered, so I thought I’d review the item that was actually sent. I got the little teal colored bear, it’s cute packaging. The applicator is felt, which is really easy to use for winged or cateye looks. The eyeliner itself is really black, dries fast & is smudge proof. I tested it on my hand & it last for a few hrs, even after washing my hands, so it’s definitely waterproof. It’s great for the price, just not the one I ordered, but this seller is great for making things right.

Penny Cantonment, FL

Great eyeliner with a cute bottle.

Its a great eyeliner.The wand is a perfect point for those who like a fine line.I will be buying again..thanks..:)

Angelita Decatur, TX