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500pcs Lady White French Acrylic Style Artificial False Nails Half Tips

50 Tips in each size 0-9, 500 pcs totally. Full Tip High standard for professional use. Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fibreglass applications.

Key features

  • Each size is separately packaed in pre-numbered bag
  • High standard for professional use.
  • Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fibreglass applications.

Honest reviews


Pretty good for the price

I love the quantity of nails, and they came organized. However the quality of the nails are not as great. The outside edges ARE curved in so it’s hard to find a good fit that reach the outsides of your nail bed & fit properly against the nail itself. But I’ve learned to make them work, and my nails still come out looking good eventhough it’s a hassel fitting them.

Marcy Worthington, PA

It’s plentiful

I haven’t used them yet. I will in 45 days. These are white all over. I bought them for my teenagers birthday party.

Lucy Wanaque, NJ

What I needed!

First of all, don’t expect these to be high quality. However, they are wonderful for the price paid. I prefer to do my own nails at home. I’ve inspected all the bags, all different sizes -no, I won’t count them individually, I’m very happy to just have them available without the high cost of a salon manicure- and can be easily trimmed down. I’m surprised that they are a bit thin, which actually makes me like them even more because I have some high quality tips that are just so stiff, they make the tips of my fingers soar for a couple of days after applying them (I can only guess that it’s from the tension of the tip on the nail bed).

Elisa Excelsior Springs, MO


received this item quickly. definitely worth the reasonable price. I will certainly recommend this site and this item to others

Kellie Mount Vernon, GA

Sorry not that good

They look really fake, unlike other nails and they are wide. I’m not sure if it’s the material used, but I don’t like it.

Tameka Quaker City, OH

Don’t Buy!

The quality on these is SO bad. Horrible. First they wouldn’t stick at all with the highest quality nail glue there is. It took my forever to get them to stick on my client’s fingers. I was so embarrased. Then they had a big gap when the edges finally did stick. Garbage. Don’t buy!!! Spend the money and get good quality white tips. Don’t settle for this garbage.

Lenora Gilson, IL


they are good. they ARE the french tips despite what others had posted but the only thing is some of them seem to not fit as tightly to nail… like the edge is more slanted up.. if that makes any sense. :O but overall very good did the job and my nails look awsome..

Kris Higbee, MO

Very weak and flimsey

They nails are very flimsey. are not stiff and still like the ones you would see as a nail salon.

Elsie Saint Charles, AR

One Star

They not soo good the product its the cheap one

Mercedes Harveys Lake, PA


They are wonderful. I am so glad I decided to just do my own nails now. I got all of the things I need for the price of one manicure. Cant beat that. And these nails are a perfect white. If you glue them on crooked, you can soak them in warm water for a while and wala!

Elena Dublin, CA

a must have for those who fequently do nails

So excited to have made this purchase I do my own nails very often and usually buy my tips from walmart but this time i took a chance and i am very happy, they come individually wrapped by size not thrown all together which I love so i will order from this company again! Please keep in mind shipping takes awhile because its overseas but I dont mind waiting!

Esmeralda Poole, KY


I like the way they look an they r easy to do they r just right if u like nails long…

Consuelo Moore, MT


I actually don’t have acrylic nails, however I still use theses. I have very short yet wide nails, I use kiss full cover nails, cut those down to a “normal” short length, then apply these tips onto the fake nail. It’s like fake nail inception lol. Works perfectly though, doesn’t look uneven or unfinished, and it actually strengthens the full cover nails.Makes a great smile line, very strong, neatly packaged, and comes in good sizes. My nails are difficult to size and I managed perfectly.Did take a long while to me delivered, but I’m so happy with what everything else that it’s worth the wait

Nicole Scottsville, KY

Fast delivery, Prefessional nails, A+

Came quicker than expected. (since it was from Asia, I figured it would get here at the end of July, but came yesterday!)LOVE these nails. Very professional & sturdy. My nails look amazing, and there is more than enough nails to last a few good sets! Will DEFINITELY order more when the time comes!

Kelley Buena Vista, NM


These nails are really good! But i’ve definately seen better! I bought the same kind of nails from amazon but they were in pink and they were a lot better quality. These are good too, don’t get me wrong but the pink one’s were thicker! These shipped fast as well and the others did not.

Brittany Frederick, CO

Great product

These were a great buy. I also bought some acrylic nail clippers and these cut with no problems. They are very white and look great after applying acrylic on top of them

Christie Peabody, KS

Good Nail Tips for the price

These tip took awhile to arrive, but they were very easy to apply, and easy to cut/shape. I went back to having natural nails, but these are great if you want to try applying your own acrylic nails.

Angelina Wrightsville, AR

Use these all the time!

These are great tips! I will order again as soon as I run out which will not be anytime soon!!

Debbie Spencer, NC

great quality

the nails don’t have any jagged edges. they are clean cut, and they don’t crack when cut. this is a great buy

Cherie Rhodes, MI


these tips are real nice they aren’t cheap felling (does that make sense?) they don’t bend easily they stay on good, i used the cheap glue at walmart,, i like them!

Meredith Westmoreland, NH

Great value

I was skeptical that when Ii got these they would be flimsy and translucent because of the price. To my surprise and delight they are sturdy and a nice white. The white is not dingy but its not "too bright" white either. Can’t wait to get my colored acrylic builders so I can try these babies out. Will definitely be doing business with this company again! Thanks!

Kimberly Jacksonburg, WV


GREAT product and very fast shipping (considering they tell you to expect 6 weeks – got it in 1/2 that time or less). They are easy to apply (you need to buy the glue separately) and always look good. I’m impressed, given how incredibly affordable these tips are.

Colleen Viola, TN


high quality nail tips& comes with 10 different sizes to fit any nail beds(took a month to ship)

Brittney Winsted, CT

love the price!

For the price they are good, I tried them already and they stay in place, the only bad think I can say about this product is not easy to file them because they are too soft but if you do it carefully they look good.

Alana Batesville, IN


Came early, none broken, as shown and hold up very well I do at home nails and these work through any condition, highly recommend.

Jewell Fall Branch, TN


great value, good strong thick nail, perfect tips for all needs WHY DO THEY MAKE US WRITE MORE WORDS THAN WE NEED TO!

Rachelle Skanee, MI

good assortment

they were sorted and they didnt take that long to come. i didnt have any deformed nails in my package. the only think i wish, if they would put them in a lil divided container instead of lil ziplock sacks

Krystal Hamilton, MS


Well worth it. Will be ordering again! I really want to try the stiletto nail pieces! Going to upload a photo of my work

Ada Navarre, OH

Pretty white tips

The package came in earlier than expected (always a good thing) and all sizes were individually bagged and numbered. Pretty excited to try these out. 😉

Dianne Prospect, CT


I don’t understand much about this stuff but my daughter likes them a lot and practices different patterns before painting her own nails

Fern New Zion, SC