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500 Pcs Half False Nail Art Painting Nail Tips, Clear

50 Tips in each size 0-9 in half well, 500 pcs totally. Half Well.High standard ABS plastic for professional use.Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fibreglass applications.Color: Clear

Key features

  • 50 Tips in each size 0-9 in half well, 500 pcs totally. Half Well.
  • High standard ABS plastic for professional use.
  • Suitable for use with gel, acrylic or fibreglass applications.
  • Color: Clear

Honest reviews


Clear Tips Review

I would like to expand on the pro’s first: the tips are made of excellent plastic quality.Cons: Too large, difficulty trimming with an electric hand file and hard to adhere to scratched nail surface.

Mable Mc Andrews, KY

500 false nails

I love dis product bcuz I love any kind of fake nails, but da only thng abt dis product dat I dnt like, is dat dey give u 500 fake nails & no glue.

Mia Pocasset, OK

Cool gift for teenage girls

Our daughter loves the nails and is working with them on her practice fingers too. I particularly like the clear, so she can she how to work with them more effectively.

Marjorie Cranston, RI

Strong & natural looking. Don’t like the edges.

I ordered these tips weeks ago and finally had the chance to put them on yesterday. The only thing I don’t like is that on either end of the tips, they are shaped round, but in the opposite direction that all tips I’ve seen used at the Nail Salons. I just bought a square shaped clipper and used that to at least make the side of the tip I’m attaching to my nails, square shaped. It just seems to me, that will help make them stay better. Other than that, they actually look really great. I did all the filing manually, so it took alot of work doing it like that and using "Gel" UV polish, not acrylic. You’d never know I didn’t get them done professionally. Funny though, my right hand nails look much better than my left hand, as I’m a left hander. So it will take a little practice, but they do look fantastic!

Georgia Greenwald, MN

these are okay if you have the right glue

the only thing is that it’s hard to get the glue to stick with the normal amount, you end up using a lot of glue then filing it off of the nail bed but they look good after that

Sonya Divide, MT

Not what I ordered

This wasn’t the picture on here when I ordered mine, but what you see in the picture is what I got. I got half well tips and they suck. I guess the glue I used is partly to blame, too. I don’t know why you’d want these instead of regular cut out tips, but if these are what you want then go for it. I ordered regular cut out tips, and this is what I got instead, so 1 star is what you get.

Michele Hartford, KY

you nailed me

hello everyone if you are into nail art like me and want a sturdy and grade A quality product well these nails are it. omg these are the best nail tips money can buy. Now lets be clear don’t get theses nail tips and then leave a negative review for them. people when you are doing acrylic nails at home or a salon remember this the tip only adds length not strength too the nail. please make sure your bead consistency is right not too dry and not too wet and research on how to apply acrylic too the nails you do not apply it like nail polish. there are three zones the nail its the tip then the stress point also called smile line then the top get some practice wheels from amazon and practice making the proper bead consistency first and how too use acrylic nail brush. my friends if you learn these steps you will be amazed at your skill level in doing your own nails

Jo Milltown, IN

Not what I thought I was getting…

It’s not what I thought it was going to be. Instead of getting nail tips, got got full nails. Very dissapointed.

Estelle Peggy, TX


Good quality. Works for acrylic. Wish I ha bought white. But that was me not thinking not the sellers fault. Good buy tho. I would recommend!(:

Joanne Buchanan Dam, TX



June Claremont, VA

Good quality on these tips

These are sturdy ABS nails, exactly what I was looking for. They aren’t too flexible and the thickness is perfect. These will hold up very well for either acrylic or gel nails (or gel on top of acrylic). The price is so much better than all of these other brands, such as EZ Flow, Lamour, etc., and yet you’re not sacrificing quality.

Terra Taylors Island, MD

wahhhhh fail for me

they didnt work out for me. they dont fit all my nails. its a challange evertime i want to do my nails. i am so giving and buy at store next time. and get once that will fit right. if they fit right i would give it more starts cause they are really cute polish hold and is bright but not working for me

Shana Carlock, IL

okay !

So far I like them but they seem pretty thin in the way but i just hope they do the job thats what really count !!

Ivy Idalia, CO

Great tips

I have not used them as of yet I am waiting to recieve my uv gel nail supplies in a few weeks and then I will be on my way.I know this is a good product.

Edna Aquasco, MD


i love them got them on time and now i have lots and lots to eaither do my own nails and or practice on !!! BUY THEM FROM THIS SELLER ITS WORTH IT !!!

Francine East Sandwich, MA

They are ok…

The tips split after shaping them to long ovals. I’ll update after trying a square shape and see if they hold up better.

Catherine Picacho, AZ

They are Perfect For Me

I bought these to do extensions on my own nails with gel overlay. I tested various glue with these and the one that works the best for me and these tips was by Kiss. Because these nails are clear, it is a bit hard to see when adhering to make sure the edges of the clear tip line up with my nails, but I am careful and they fit great and are easy to cut with a special clipper for extensions that I also purchased from Amazon.Yes, these tips are a little thicker but I love that. They are durable and do not split or break on me. I lightly file the seam and apply soak off gel over these. I am very careful with my gel and my nails come out looking smooth and professional in appearance. I have found from trial and error that, for me, this application process is perfect and durable for me. I hate doing acrylic as it takes so long for me to get them smooth so the gel is much easier to obtain professional results.Next time I order, I might prefer the ones that are considered "natural" in color so I can see a bit better what I am doing.

Cheryl Easton, WA

Love how they were packaged

Theese came numbered and in corresponding bags! I was surprised because for the money I just expected to get a big ol envelope of nails! They are clear and perfect for what I am using them for!

Marquita Emerson, NE

Great deal.

Please be aware these are tips only. Meant to be used for acrylics. I didn’t know his when I bought them. But that’s not my fault.

Marian Whiteford, MD

I’ve already done sizing on her and they fit great. They come in a big bag full of …

Haven’t used them yet, due to letting my nails rest but will be doing a clients nails tomorrow. I’ve already done sizing on her and they fit great. They come in a big bag full of little bags numbered 0-9! Very organized will be using the lil bags for other nail pieces! Perff if your and organized nail tech (:

Lavonne Keystone, WV

Nailed it

I got the clear nails and I love them!! I’m wearing them right now and I’ve had them for a week already and they look so professional!

Claudine Bradley, MI

clean @ clear

yes i love this clear nail tips. it perfect for any colors get them for a very cheap price! 500 hundred a bag. that is a whole lots of tips i’ll tell you that! awesome price that anywhere else.

Kelli Chidester, AR

will do

They are good nails i love how they are so clear the only problemI have is that they are difficult to blend to the real nailAs long as you are patient you’ll get it done

Dorothy Culloden, GA

Three Stars

there ok nott so goof

Shawna Sagamore, PA

don’t know

haven’t used it yet due to the fact that i discovered nails forms, but delivery took about a month. the pprice and quanity was right. i gave it three start for that reason.

Erna Lewis, CO

Not what they appear to be in photo

These were full false nails-not half. Very dissapointed in this product because it looks nothing like the above photo I will never purchase this product again.

Patty Asbury, WV


love the tips. i will definitely have to buy more. they last long and are very durable. they do not chip or break. great price, fast shipping

Jewell Meckling, SD


these are great nail tips! they are strong and it comes with a lot! they are perfectly clear and i think that they will be able to stay on for a long time!!! no complaints!

Juana Hamburg, PA


Very nice tips, it is very easy to work with them. Best for beginners. I recommend everyone to buy them even if only for pricing.

Melody Woodinville, WA