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5 X 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen Set for Nail Art Manicure Pedicure+10 Color Rolls Nail Art Decoration Striping Tape

Feature: 100% Brand new and high quality Ideal for fine nail art work Pen point don’t open , deform and corrode, very durable. The paints of penholder through professional processing don’t fall off and fade when soaking in the water. Suitable for professional and home use. Easy to handle and operate. Suitable for every lady. Peaked pen point. Self-adhesive, no glue needed Clean and convenient to use Place it on nails or tips and cut off excess length Apply top coat for the best result Great for designing your own nail art, nail patterns, highlights, etc. Can be used with UV gel, acrylic nail, nail polish, etc. The best striping tape for nail art decoration Package Included: 5 x Dotting pen 10 Color Rolls Striping Tape

Key features

  • The paints of penholder through professional processing don’t fall off and fade when soaking in the water
  • One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one for various marbleizing work
  • Self-adhesive, no glue needed,Place it on nails or tips and cut off excess length
  • Apply top coat for the best result,Great for designing your own nail art, nail patterns, highlights, etc.

Honest reviews


Great price

You get the pen set and 10 rolls of striping tape for such a low price (under $7 with shipping)! I purchased this for my teenage daughter and she loves them. She is doing all her friends nails now. Just make sure when using the tape, to apply a clear top coat for best results.

Irene Eighty Eight, KY


I was very pleased that this product arrived even quicker than I was expecting. I can’ wait to use the dotting tools and the nail tape. The pens however do not have different size ball points though. One side on all 5 pens are the same size. The other side though, all the points are different. The tape is smaller than I expected as well, but don’t see where that will cause a problem. over all pleased.

Terry Zamora, CA


The nail tape and dotting pens took a month to deliver. The dotting pens are smaller than they appear but they work pretty well. The nail tape is kind of cheap. After a day or two it starts to peal even with a clear coat on top of it. Also, the colors repeat. (2 reds, 2 purples) and no black color.

Leanna Iroquois, SD


Got it a week earlier than expected! All ten rolls are different. I’ve heard some people received doubles, but look closely… the ‘double’ of that color has something different on it. The dotting pens are all the same small size on one side, and the other side has the 5 different sizes. Super stoked to use try em all out!

Eula Depoe Bay, OR

No Problems 🙂

I recently just received this & I love it.I think that you really do need to know how to use these items to really get the results you’re looking for. You can find plenty of tutorials on youtube, which is super helpful & gives you lots of new ideas.The only thing that I didn’t like was how long it took to arrive! But I suppose for the price you pay, it’s not that bad.The tape requires practice & patience, so if you don’t get it the first time, just keep trying 🙂

Kathrine Ider, AL

Dotting Tools and Nail art Tape/Ribbon

The products arrived before the estimated date which is always a bonus. The dotting tools are easy to work with and dual sided, nothing was damaged nor was the metal part of the tool loose, so it felt sturdy. The Nail Ribbon tape worked fine, it sticks to the nail but the edges might rise up so applying a top coat over the ribbon is needed, I’ve heard that some people has had trouble with their top coat causing the color of the ribbon to bleed, but I’ve never had that problem. (I use Seche Vite as a top coat, but I have heard that Out The Door causes the ribbon and other nail art stuff to bleed)

Marta Phoenix, OR

Five Stars

Love everything

Cara Darien, GA

Received Only Rolls

When I received this, the package seemed kind of small for holding ten rolls of tape and five dotting pens, and I was right. It had the ten rolls of tape but no pens! As far as the tape goes, they are smaller than I expected, but that’s okay because it will produce tinier details and take up less room in my nail drawer. They are sticky and I believe that once I use them they will stay on well (especially with top-coat over them). I am very disappointed that I did not get my pens, but I contacted the seller and I hope they send them to me soon!

Abbie Badin, NC


i love the dotting tools ! none of them came broken or anything ! and i liked the tape too i did think the tape was going to be a little bigger but it’s fine

Sonya Slayden, TN

Great price

If you are just starting out doing your own nails, or working on others, this set is great for you. Way less $$$ than at the beauty supply store!!

Nettie Texico, IL

A good set

This set works great, offering you the chance not just to marble your fingernails, but also to stripe them and create new designs. I love this set and will get more of the striping when I run out

Megan La Push, WA

Love it

I like the dotting tool.The colors of the tape are good. But durability is not very good. It is very hard to find the end once you loose it.

Dianne Ringwood, IL

Good purchase

Only issue was trying to open the tapes, since they are small, they are hard to grip and open, plus it is hard to see where they unravel from. did not come with dotting pen book, but that is pretty easy to figure out. Love they way my nails look, easy to get creative.

Marva Cleveland, WV

Only good for dotting tools.

The dotting tools were awesome, but the striping was cheap and didn’t stick. I would just look for an inexpensive dotting tool kit if you are not really interested int he stripes.

Lottie Hampshire, TN


This is perfect if you like to design your nails. An absolute must to have in your nail decorating kit.

Lillian Somerset, NJ

350 buy 5 2 way marbleizing dotting pens +10 striping tape

My new dotting tools + 10 striping tape package came very promptly. The tools are very nice, my customers always compliment me on how nice they are, and the tapes are very shiny and give a really nice touch. I will definitely invest in a spare set and use the tape more often. I was very pleased.

Brigitte Dinwiddie, VA

So good 😀

there were so many strips and also a lot of useful things for them. The dotting tools work great too!

Melinda Douglas, NE

ugh! 🙁

very slow shipping and quality of product is horrible. gave to my 14yr old daughter as a little gift. accidently dropped dotter on the floor and the tip broke off. foil art is not great quality either but works well.

Kitty Tangipahoa, LA

Wish they came with instructions

the dotting pen I know what to do with it but the strips I wish it came with instructions. I have not played with it to say how well they stay on. The price for these are great!

Natalie Killduff, IA

The tape end!

The pens are great, they seem tough, not that they need to be tough…It took me so long to find the end on the tape! There’s no marking and the wheel is so thin that’s hard to find with just your eyes. Eventually I found the end of one of them, but by then I was too annoyed to use it. =/

Shelby Tiplersville, MS

nail art frenzy

I was on a nail art frenzy so i had to get these to experiment on myself….great buy and i love the dotting tools because they are cute and short for easy handling.

Candice Ivanhoe, CA

Absolutely faboulous

Placed my order June 30,2014 received it today July 14,2014 the items arrived just like the picture I’m very pleased can’t wait to try them out.FYI: items package nicely everything new highly recommended.

Cortney Lanesboro, MA

Money we’ll spent. I love it

I really love this kit. And I feel it was money well spent. The dotting pens are all different sizes. Just each one is slightly smaller then the next. The tape is really cool. I always wanted to try it but I never wanted to pay to much in case I didn’t like it. But I do. And I have fun with the pens n tape.

Ashley Palestine, WV

Great for newbie nail artists

I’m just getting into nail art and this was a nice inexpensive set. I love the tape and dotting tools so far and you can’t beat the price!

Sandra Manzanita, OR

Can’t beat the price!

For a buck…you can’t really ask for more. The nail stripes are fun and the dotting pens allow you to do all kinds of designs. Frankly I didn’t need that many dotting pens but they’re cute and colorful. I wish it came with a booklet of ideas but I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Definitely worth the dollar. Since it comes from overseas, shipping took a very long time, but that was expected and fine with me.

Dixie Uniontown, PA


They came packaged perfectly and delivered fairly quick. i enjoy using the dotting pens since toothpicks were becoming a hassle. The striping tape has done wonders to help me make some pretty spectacular designs. Very pleased with this buy.

Catalina Fort Riley, KS


This is a good set but I still don’t understand how to used the striping tape, it keeps coming off, I could be doing something wrong. The dotting tool is fine but I think I prefer the dotting tool I made from an old pair of earrings.

Valerie Valley View, PA

Great product. It was worth the wait.

Everything came as described. Happy I can now do dots in different sizes using one tool. I do wish that the other sides had a straight edge rather then a small dotted edge.

Alberta Mount Lemmon, AZ

Love these things!

First time using this tape and dotting pen. I made some simple nail art with the pens and it looks soooo cute. The tape was confusing. I thought it would just be an ongoing strip(Like your regular tape) but I had to cut one side of it to get the tape off. The tape is also a little hard to get them apart by single strip so you may end up using more than one. Although I have these issues they are really cheap so who can really complain? They’re nice and I would suggest grabbing these as soon as possible!

Alyce Freeport, TX

shipping less than it said

was recieved faster than it said and had everything ordered. the tapes are super thin and sticky on one side. excited to try to put on nails. pens really are all different sizes and the size of a regular pen although i was scared it would be smaller.

Susanne Hyannis, NE