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5 Second 12504 Brush Nail Glue


Key features

  • 1 – 5 Second Brush on Nail Glue
  • Item 12504. Number 1 maker of nail glue. Made in USA.

Honest reviews


Wonderful for cracked, split – great nail repair >> 5 STARS

Just received this – ‘ 5 second brush on nail glue ‘ today & put it on a deeply cracked nail on left thumb & believe me, it was bonding in less than 5 seconds. Let it sit for 10 minutes and put another dab on same nail. Feels great, looks absolutely normal, like a nail that isn’t cracked. I decided to put one coat on each long nail and see if it acts like a protective sealer – I certainly hope so. Those tiny bottles with that pin hole opening that the glue comes out in BLOBS isn’t for me – too much glue comes out too rapidly for my taste – this brush idea is just like using regular nail polish. Don’t hesitate in purchasing this little do-da glue thingy.

Mona Van Lear, KY

Lasted 20 hours exactly..

This stuff sucks put it on 9pm last night first nail fell off at 5pm today… and I was driving all day!!! This stuff is not good… keep searching…

Tanya Lordsburg, NM

Well it does stick after 5 seconds

So the false nails falling off so quickly had to do with the nail itself and also user error. The nails I use have deep beds so it tends to leave a bubble right in the middle when I glue it on. If I press the nail down really hard, it flattens the false nail and pushes the bubble out. My nails are still on after a week! If I didn’t get tired of the color and pulled them off, I’m sure they would’ve stuck another week or longer (forever?? haha)[Previous review (3 stars)]I use this to apply full cover false nails so I don’t know if this works better for tips only, but the nails will pop off after a day. It’s nice that it has a brush, makes it super easy to apply. I find it lasts slightly longer if I brush a thin layer on both my nail and the false nail. The “5 second” part is true, I just press down for 5 seconds and it’ll stay put. When I have my false nails on, I carry this bottle of glue around with me so I can quickly glue them back on when they fall off.

Corinne Louisville, KY

Good glue

I liked this nail glue. I only like the brush on nail glue, so this worked perfect! I have been using it for awhile and the lid is still easy to open.

Karin Tallevast, FL


It arrived fast and does exactly what it is supposed to do. It makes applying glue to my artificial nails so much easier.

Peggy Canton, NY

Wouldn’t buy again

This might work for some people who are real quick but it dries to fast and leaves a little bit of residue

Adela Sweetser, IN

Bonds quickly….

Glues on quickly just make sure you put on two coats and your ready to place the nail on immediately. Dries fast!!!

Erin Sheffield Lake, OH

Nice nail glue, love the brush

I don’t use a lot of nail glue as I only wear artificial nails on special occasions, but I do like that this glue is brush on, which is much easier to use than the typical dab on glue. I found that the glue worked as well as other nail glues, was easy to remove, and reasonably priced.

Fay Elkhart, IL


It’s a pretty strong glue. Using it with my fake nails right now! Takes skill to get used to gluing nails with it though

Mina Jefferson Valley, NY

Nail Glue

It did a great job and definitely dries quite promptly. After using a tube of glue to keep gel toenails secure (given to me by the girl who does my pedicures), this ‘brush on’ bottle of glue was so much easier for me to use to resecure any nails that might fall off. For anyone like me who had any ingrown toe nails permanently removed, I used this glue to help adhere the gel nails on my big toes, and so far, it’s working better than any adhesive glue used in the salon and it hasn’t harmed my skin or caused any discomfort. It’s nice to wear sandals again :o). A little P.S. – Most professional manicure/pedicure salons will NOT recommend using glue directly on skin, however, I’m delighted I located someone who was willing to try :o).

April Swartz Creek, MI

Great Product!

Great product that works! I apply a layer on the nail bed as well as on the back of the nail, holds for weeks. Also remove shine from nail bed to ensure extraordinary hold.

Heidi Blakely, GA

So easy to use!

Brush on nail glue!! This is SO much easier to use than other products! I stumbled upon a single package this in a drug store and feel fortunate to buy more of it here on Amazon. I use it for nail repair, but I imagine it would also be a super-convenient product for applying artificial nails.

Serena Gallman, MS

Small but very efficient

I though it would be a little bit bigger, but it definitely holds you nail in place. I used this to glue on fake nails and none of my nails came off. The only problem is that it dries really fast, so you may have to brush on a couple of coats before you set it on your finger. Other than that I can do anything without worrying about my nails falling off. It’s also very convenient to carry around.

Tommie Leopold, IN