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5 Color Set of Length Volume Fiber Mascara Doll Eye Style

This set of mascara includes fiber for more dashing lashes and contains 5 different shades (Black, Purple, Green, Blue, and Brown) Perfect to bring out that special look. A tip, different eye color when apply with the same shade of mascara will enhance the eyes. For example, green eyes with green mascara will bring the Green out!

Key features

  • Fiber Mascara Features length and volume

Honest reviews


Fantastic value

Great range of colors. Only for someone who likes their lashes or is using artificial lashes and wants color. These will not add length or volume.

Julie Putnam, OK

So many colors

I give this item five stars because of all the different colors I’m so glad I found them and a great price so if I were u I would defanitly purshase this

Emma Tonica, IL

Very workable

Wen you know that your eye makeup needs to stay in place go waterproof, for weddings or any occasion I like it

Deena Islandton, SC

Beautiful colors

After some research, I found those as I was looking for various colored mascara. Vivid colors, stays on very well.

Lenore Mc Gregor, TX

These are great!

I am older and ordered these thinking if I didn’t like them I would give them to my daughter. Well, she is out of luck. The colors are subtle, not garish or harsh. They really enhance my blue eyes. I love them and would certainly order more!!

Earline Gore, OK


i love it. there are 5 different colors, black , blue , green ,purple , charcoal , i think customers will like this.

Sandra Waldo, OH

Great color!

Love the colors! Have had colored mascara before but couldn’t see the color. This one you can definately see! Love it.

Lori Harrison, TN