48 Splashing Paint Design Color Eyeshadow Makeup Kit Palette

This 48 Eye shadow Markup kit is all you need to bring out the perfect look for your eyes. 1.76 oz. All Colors comes packed in a Black Snap on Pallette Casing. Perfect for any road trip and Daily use. This palette .has all the colors you need to recreate sophisticated or edgy looks for day and night

Key features

  • 0.88 oz each — Total 1.76 oz
  • 48 Eyeshadow Colors

Honest reviews


good pigments,

may be a bit clear for a darker skin but really great to learn makup. am having fun with this item.. colors are visible and durable.the only things is that it does not feel really good when applied /touches the waterline… not itchy but feels like having some powder for an hour or so..

Jamie Jensen, UT

Beautiful shades – great deal!

palette does contain shades shown however the photo is of two palettes (you do get both) pushed together instead of one large palette. the colors are brilliant & all are shimmer shades.shipped in a timely fashion!

Christi Pavilion, NY

nice price and pretty colors!

it is same as picture shown. maybe it is more shinny when u see the color. it is really pretty colors!! and fast shipping!!

Karyn North Judson, IN


Not a very good quality kit. I purchased this for my teen because of the many colors. Great price, just not great quality

Jasmin Emerald Isle, NC

A lot of great colors

I got a good price for these at $4.95. The colors are all very nice and seem to go on very well. I love eyeshadow so I thought this was a good buy and I would definately order this again.I remember recieving this quickly. I got it in about a week.

Kimberlee Avon, OH

Paint Design Makeup Palette

You have to have this in your makeup this is the coolest palette that I have for my daughter, love the colors and the way the company match them up. In the morning when getting ready for school it makes it so easy to match your colors and be on your way never late to school and always looking so pretty. You can Mac I have it but you pay big bucks for it and this is as good to me and get more of it then the higher price one.I am 15 teen and have a real makeup collect as my mother calls it I am working on it hard love amazon and the prices a customer for Life.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Selma Kaltag, AK

love it

I love all the colors in this shadow kit. I shouldn’t need any other shadows because of so many colors & they are pretty.

Letitia Altadena, CA


I use this set on a daily basis. When you use this set with a eyeshadow primer it makes the color very bold and, pretty. You get a lot of makeup in this Make Up Palette so, it will last you a nice long while before you have to buy another one.

Janie Wauna, WA


i got these for my niece and she is loving them. she doesnt know which colors to use first. awesome

Rosalyn Hartford, TN

A splash of color

After searching for make up that has variety of color and dark pigments this color pallet I’d say is a great product. After purchasing it and trying a few colors for the first time I was highly impressed by how dark and even the color was when applied as well as the great variation in colors. I definitely recommend this product for anyone who loves to experiment with different colors and styles and who likes a bright pigment.

Tracie Quanah, TX

This the freakin bomb dot com yall!!!

These colors are pigmented have staying power, and you get 2 palettes for was it $5? Do NOT sleep on this product. I use it everyday, and. Do my make up at the stop lights, and have people asking me if this issshhhh is MAC. My Ancient Chinese secret sure Boo!!! Get this and you will not regret — Trust my frugality Barbz!!!

Wendy Morgan City, LA

Really nice variety of shadows, but

I thought it would be 48 different colors not 24 colors duplicated in another packaging. I now have eyeshadow for years to come, that is unless I decide to share them with somebody. I love all 24 colors though. With what I have doubt if I need to order again anytime soon.

Sasha Gracemont, OK

Giving 5 stars even with the smell…

..which fades if you leave them open for a bit.;)I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this palette to be honest. It’s so cheap you almost expect the worst. So I was kind of amazed when I tried them out. The colors are so bright and pigmented. And they really have staying power. Even without primer. Also I’m not one to like sparkle and glitter etc in my makeup but these are perfect with just the right amount of shimmer.Delivered within days of ordering. Would definitely buy from seller agian.:Overall, really great deal.

Liliana Orange City, IA

Nice shades !!!!!!

I love the variety of colors .. You get so much to play with . I would recommend all to add to collection ..

Marietta Newport, WA

see previous review

Color and pigments are great . Nice palette for a modest budget or a makeup beginner . I would buy this again

Rachael Phillipsburg, MO

Love it!

I love the colors, they come on nicely and they’re very bright. My reason for giving 4 stars is that these colors don’t look exactly like they do on the palette. For example, the first one I’ve tried out was the blueish-purple that’s next to the yellow (by the way, these are two separate palettes). The blueish purple looks sort’ve magenta-ish, in comparison to my eyeliner that is the same color. Nonetheless, I love this and I completely recommend.

Ilene Nashville, OH

I love the glitter!!

It’s glittery, but not too glittery. The eyeshadows didn’t smell for me so I don’t know what everyone else is talking about and they came in perfect condition! 🙂

Dollie Wampsville, NY