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48 Piece Rainbow Colors Glitter Nail Polish Lacquer Set + 3 Scented Nail Polsih Remover

48 Nail polish set + 3 scented nail polish removers. RACK/DISPLAY STAND IS NOT INCLUDED.

Key features

  • Comes with 48 different colors (may differ from product image)
  • Nail polish and Remover Set

Honest reviews



This is an incredible value. The brand is Kleancolor and this particular collection offers a lot of the brand’s favorites. Several of the chunky holo colors are included, most of the metallics (I did not receive teal though but I was hardly sad about it with the other amazing polishes!) AND! Holo Chrome! Google a swatch of it, it is truly such a unique color.I picked through the colors I wanted to keep and the colors that aren’t very *me* (I never wear greens or oranges for instance) I am packaging up for all the teenage girls in my family. I bought baskets at a dollar store and am filling one compartment with the polishes, another with a clipper/file set, and another with cotton rounds and a couple containers of the remover wipes that came with this set. Then I’m wrapping them with cellophane and ribbons. Such a great gift and it works out to around $5 a person!The quality of the polishes is great, the color range is exquisite. What you see in the photo is exactly what I received. There are great vampy polishes, a cool modern gray, some fun neons, a few sheer or neutral colors, ballerina pinks, cool teals, metallics, glitters, scattered holographics, glitter shapes (stars and hearts) and just something for everyone. As far as I know there’s only one other website to buy this brand from than Amazon, and the prices are MUCH more than this.

Katherine Milltown, IN

I screamed every time i opened a bottle!

Yes, its true! I ordered this package 2 days before it was delivered, which was a huge surprise, because it said it would take a week or more until it would come! So for that I was delighted!Each bottle came in a plastic blue net, and all were neatly piled in the foam peanuts! None were cracked, ruined, dry or anything. I also didnt get ANY duplicates!!! In the box I received every color I had hoped for, and it came with a bunch of holos, chunkys, neons, LOTS of sparkles, shiny, mattes, and a base coat! I am very pleased with this product!

Megan Casar, NC

Y’all Need To Buy These.. 🙂

I first fell in love with Kleancolor when I purchased some at the local jockey lot (Southern for flea market). I was debating on purchasing polishes online, because I’m a “see for myself” type, I like to see the colors in person.. but after much inner debate I purchased this set. I was going to purchase a metallic set, but after watching YouTube reviews of this set and reading different reviews I concluded that there was a good chance that I’d get some of the metallic in this set.. anywho these are the polishes I received:#53 Garnet Red (crème)#52 Dark Brown (crème)#77 Blood (crème)#79 Light Red (crème)#67 Pink Sleepers (crème)#68 Pink Star (shimmer/sheer)#16 Neon Purple#20 Neon Pink#17 Neon Green#85 Funky Yellow (neon)#14 Neon Aqua#21 Neon Fuchsia#24 Bikini Green (neon/pastel)#22 Barbie Pink (crème/neon)#19 Neon Orange#23 Mango (neon)#248 Mango Burst (neon)#18 Neon Yellow#168 Metallic Black#45 Copper#44 Americano (metallic)#7 Pearl Silver (metallic)#76 Jewelry Red (metallic)#161 Metallic Red#62 Fusion Pink (metallic/shimmer)#166 Metallic Fuchsia#164 Metallic Aqua#163 Metallic Green#47 Gold Bright (metallic)#162 Metallic Yellow#298 Get to Know Me (glitter)#306 Wear this Not That (glitter)#305 Luv U TEAL I Find Someone Better (glitter)#304 All That Glitters & Glows (glitter)#300 Sequin Dress (glitter)#297 Almost Good As Gold (glitter)#301 Pacific Dream (glitter)#308 Mine & Only (glitter)#307 Golden Rule of Fashion (glitter)#303 What A Steal! (glitter)#296 Sugar Cravings (glitter)#299 Love Madness (glitter)#228 Chunky Holo Candy (holographic)#230 Chunky Holo Fuchsia (holographic)#231 Chunky Holo Scarlett (holographic)#232 Chunky Holo Clover (holographic)#233 Chunky Holo Teal (holographic)#236 Chunky Holo Black (holographic)Metallic: Ok y’all.. these polishes are absolutely beautiful!! (wish I would’ve gotten all metallic lol… they are nice and opaque with one coat.. totally love!Neon: They’re nice and bright, they do dry matte.. takes two coats to get desired coverage over a white base.Crèmes: They are pretty, dry semi glossy.. couple of coats and you’re good to go.. except for the Pink Sleepers.. it’s pretty sheer kind of like a French manicure color.Glitters: They’re nice glitters, but some of the shredded glitters you’ll have to dab in place to get desired amount which tends to sometimes leave your polish thick and hard to dry.Holographic: These “holo” polishes are a bit of a hit and miss, they’re not very ‘holography’ but they’re still nice. The “holo black” is kind of like a glitter sandwich, kinda weird in my opinion but still cool nonetheless.My box also came with this little plastic “rack”, but I’m going to use the one part as a palate for my paints lol… oh, and it had the three nail polish remover pads.. I haven’t used them, I plan on giving them to my god daughter.Packaging: My polishes came in their own boxes, there were little thin pieces of cardboard between each polish. That was all the protection they had in each individual box. The bottom of the main box was lined with a padded envelope and the plastic “rack” was on top and the polish removers were in the middle. None of my polishes were broken or leaking. (which I was worried about since my package was going cross country -California to South Carolina-) I also had no duplicates in my set. (yay!)Overall this set is a nice addition to my collection. If you’ve never tried Kleancolor polishes I highly recommend them. 🙂 This set equals about $0.80 a bottle.. so yeah, that’s fantastic in my opinion. 🙂 Hope this review helped y’all! 🙂

Jennie Homer, NE

Beautiful Set of Polish!!!

I was so excited to open my package when it arrived!!! There are a few reasons why I rated this item three stars instead of four but will discuss that below…first the Pros!!!Pros: There are some AMAZING colors in this set, I immediately fell in love with one in particular and it was the Cobalt blue, it is a dark blue but such an wonderful color and I have been on the hunt for a nice Cobalt blue for some time. There are gorgeous pearl polishes in this set as well that I love. The polish goes on smoothly and I found the brushes to be of nice quality as well. I immediately removed my current polish and started playing and swatching my new colors and overall I would have to say that I really like majority in the set with only a few regular colors I don’t see myself getting a ton of use out of which I consider to be a success when purchasing a lot of polishes like this. I didn’t receive any repeats in the set. While the nail polish removers where dry (see note in cons) I did use them with just regular nail polish remover like I would a cotton round or cotton ball. While the scent didn’t come through as I was using regular nail polish remover they did leave behind a nice mosturizing oil on my nails that I massaged into my nails and cuticles (I did make sure to wash my hands well prior to applying polish again because of the oil residue).Cons: I was REALLY worried that I was going to find nail polishes broken upon opening the box and seeing how they were packed. Each polish was wrapped in some thin brown paper and just stacked upon one another with brown paper at the bottoms and top of the box but no bubble wrap. Additionally the box was not marked as fragile in any way. Luckily I found that none of my polishes were broken but could see with this inadequate packing how they easily could have been. I recently purchased another nail polish lot and in that packing they where packed in individual boxes within the shipping box and each little box was wrapped in bubble wrap additionally the box had fragile and glass written ALL OVER the shipping box, that type of packing care would have been nice. The smell of these polishes are ummm…let’s say unique. Of course as us girls know all polishes have a strong smell but it seems that these have a much stronger odor than other brands. I normally paint my nails in my bedroom without any problems but when I was playing around with these polishes I had to go outside as both my husband and I quickly had terrible headaches from the odor, something to consider is you are sensitive to smells. This may not be a con for all but I am not a big glitter nail polish user and while the description did say it included glitter polishes I didn’t realize that was going to mean a lot of them. To be honest I didn’t count precisely the number of glitter polishes but I would estimate that 12-15 of the bottles were glitter polishes, like I said if you like glitter polishes this is perfect for you and I will wear some or use as top coats for some glitz but I generally don’t wear just glitter polishes. Another thing that bothered me…and this easily might just be my OCD personality 🙂 is that each bottle has a large label on the handle with the color as well as a circle color sticker on the bottom. Again I am being picky here but felt that it made the polishes look cheap. I attempted to remove the labels but they are the type of labels that don’t remove easily and would have left sticky residue on the handle so I let them be. Like I said a very minor detail but something that bothered me. The nail polishes removers were completely dry. I recieved these same nail polish removers in the other lot of polishes I mentioned and they were completely dry as well, they come in a flimsy container that I don’t see how it could possibly hold liquid (see note in pros about what I did like about the nail polish removers).Overall I am happy with my purchase. It is a large lot of polishes at a very minimal price even for drugstore polishes. So if you are looking to expand your collection quickly, easily, inexpensively, and don’t mind not hand picking every color this is a great way to go and would recommend. Happy nail polishing!!!

Bessie Midwest, WY

I don’t have enough words!!!

I am truly a nail polish addict and this is my first time with Kleancolor polishes but I AM IN LOVE!!! I opened up the box and each nail polish was wrapped individually and very well protected to prevent them from breaking during delivery. Each time I unwrapped one I was amazed at the color. I can honestly say that there was not a color in here that I wasn’t impressed with. After all of that I decided to try all the colors out on my nails, all of them went on smoothly and a lot of the ones I figured I would need a few coats on actually only needed one! I don’t know how well they stay on yet but i’m going to use one of them tonight to do my nails. I only got 1 color repeated but anyways, I am happy with my purchase!

Leigh Bondurant, IA

don’t like t

i don’t like the packaging of this item, though it was well organized and well wrapped, one of the nail polishes was open, and it got spilled on the others. the nail polish was as displayed in the picture on the website. thought there are a lot of colors, most of them are colors that can’t be used, or shades that are not cute at all. the density of liquid is so light. u have to put many levels on your nail so the color will appear.I think they aren’t worth the price.

Bonnie Hueysville, KY

I LOVE all of these polishes

I LOVE all of these polishes, they arrived the next day. My only issue is the scented nail polish remover pads don’t really work.

Aurora Saint Albans Bay, VT

Very good price, for so many polishes

This came with so many colors I was so surprised because the reviews were so mixed. Very good price, for so many polishes. The polish on the other hand only last about 2 days it comes off very quickly. Still a great gift for the nail polish fanatic.

Gwen Philadelphia, PA

Some are great!

So I ordered this a while back and I really like the bright or deep colors because you don’t need more than two coats for those colors. As for the light colors you need a lot of coats and it takes a while to dry. The glitter polishes I hardly use because they are really thick and take way to much time to dry, but I only got a few of those so it’s fine!

Mina Somerville, OH


I recieved this item ahead of schedule, which i did not expect reading the other reviews.The quality of the nail polish is decent (lasts approx 5 -6 days without chipping and no top or base coats.(Quick drying)There also was not a single duplicate bottle, there wasnt an abundance of glitters which i had expected reading other reviews.Only issue i had with packaging was one bottle hadnt been secured properly and was leaking (orange not a big deal to me)All in all Well worth the money.

Meghan Hamilton, MA

Amazing for the Price

I did not get a single repeat, and got many of the colors shown in the picture. Some of the hsades are very interesting and nothing like the shades I owned previously which mad me happy :DThey are very pigmented, and only need one to two coats for a good all over coverage, and many of the darker or more metallic shade will work with Konad(or other brand) stampers which made me OVER THE MOON HAPPY! its hard enough finding inexpressive nail polish that will work with my KONAD but I got atleast 10 of em in this lot, for dirt cheapThere is a funny smell but not awful, better then most nail polishes. My roommate says it smells like twizzlers to her lolGreat for a gift or a polish addict like myself.Packaging was secure and organized, not a single broken bottle. The only damage was one bottle was slightly open and when alittle leaked it sealed the top to the bottle, but with some remover and elbow grease I got it open and working. Will come in a large box with individual boxes of I think it was 6 polishes per box, if you dont own a nail rack using the boxes could be useful for storage.hope that helpsIN LOVE!

Josie Gabbs, NV

None have failed me so far!

Wow this was such a great deal. Ladies… let me tell you something! If you love nail polish GET THIS SET! It has everything you need. I haven’t tried the lighter colors but I’ll give an update when I do. So far they’ve been perfect though. I’ve fallen in love with the dark blues and greens. Definitely would recommend!

Maritza Doylestown, WI

Great variety in colors but could be packaged with better quality

I loved all the colors i got, but some polishes weren’t as full as the others. Some by just a little and even some by almost halfway. I got one repeat in color mango #23. Though i seriously wouldn’t send this back for some minor dysfunction. I think the company could have done a better job in packaging instead of just wrapping them each in blue mesh and just tossing them into a box.

Melba Mexican Springs, NM

Don’t expect to get what’s in the picture.

I was fooled by the picture thinking I was going to get all those beautiful colors. Instead I got a lot of the same shades! ALOT of orange,pink,green and so on! Oh! And a lot of glitter polishes which I gave to my little cousin! But I do like them. I found this same brand on sale at a flea market for a $1 so I made up for all the colors that I thought I would’ve had already.

Cherie Olmsted, IL


I must admit, I kind of have an addiction to nail polish, only because I’m addicting to painting my nails. (Almost everyday I change the color) So, when I saw this I jumped at it! I absolutely LOVE this, it was a great deal; 48 diff colors AND 3 polish removers. Very gladd I bought it! :)) ..Although my husbands not so much LOL. (I have too much nail polish apparently) Thanks though totally love this!!!

Barbara Sanders, KY

Color Bliss

I love these finger nail polishes. There were only 8 out of the 48 that I didn’t like but that’s because I don’t like Gold nail polishes. But the colors are amazing and I was really happy with the way they were packaged and shipped! I would highly recommend this product! 🙂

Glenda Indianola, WA

Get What You Pay For

Was nervous to buy this set because of the cheap price and mixed reviews. TRUST THE REVIEWS THAT GIVE BOTH PROS AND CONS! I’m glad I did because there were no surprises (that’s why I gave 4 stars) I Got all polishes and polish removers as promised with no duplicates. Packaging was very protective, although one of the polishes slightly leaked from it’s lid not being tight enough (In fact, all the lids were a bit loose). There is a great selection of colors… All the “solid” colors cover with one coat, dry withing a few mins, and have a “matte” appearance (so you will need a quality top coat.. like China Glaze or Finger Paints). The “glittery” colors have a great sparkle, but come out translucent with little color (I apply these as top coats to solid polishes with similar hues) and they also stay “gummy” for awhile… took about an hour to dry. I haven’t tested them with my nail plates/stamps, so hopefully they work! This is a great buy for those who are patient/have time to do their nails. Only negative feedback would be to tighten the lids more and wish the polish would dry faster!

Janice Cushing, MN

love love love the colors

great variety of colors and all the shimmer and glitter you could ever hope for. Polish goes on easily and dries quick quickly considering its thicker consistency. It likely could be used for stamping although I have not tried that yet. great value for the small price.

Tessa San Juan Capistrano, CA

Love, Love, Love!

Ultimately a gift for my teen daughter, but I was highly pleased when the polishes arrived to my door steps. Every polish was different, the polish remover wipes were just as cute as they could be. The package arrived on time, and more importantly, the polishes all have great coverage. This sizable package has drama, glitz, and playful colors that will suit all of my teen’s moods. (And that’s ever changing!) Thanks so much! And I’ll be shopping with this company again.

Latisha Peru, NY

Awesome deal

It smells a bit stronger than regular nail polish, yes.I thought the nail polish remover was perfect – I had on a base coat, 2 coats of nail polish and a top coat and was able to get 4 fingers (thumb included) with one pad. The only reason I didn’t get 5 per pad is because I used Martha Stewart glitter on my ring fingernail and had to literally soak my nail in acetone to get that stuff off.I’ve only used one of the polishes so far (Bikini Green) and am extremely impressed. It’s a lighter mint green/lime green type color so I did have to use three coats. This stuff dries FAST! I’m not sure if it’s just this particular color, but I literally put the third coat on about 5 minutes ago and here I am typing this review. I’m not going to risk it and run into the kitchen to do the dishes or anything, but I’m not prisoner to my nails for the next half an hour.As for how it was packaged, I was totally fine with it. None of the tops of my polishes were chipped, none of the bottles broken – it looked like one of them leaked, but whatever. They wrap 8 bottles together comparable to how chicken drumsticks are packaged about 5 times with bubble wrap and tape. It’s in a perfectly sized box so they’re not moving around everywhere – I think they did the best they could given the product.I would purchase from this seller again, and I would purchase these polishes – especially at the price.

Ethel Wakefield, LA

They apply streak like.

I was happy to find that I had all different colors and about 9 glitter ones. When you apply them you’ll have to add about 3 layers of polish to get the color. I was dissapointed to see that there was not a white poish. They do apply streaky. I do love my set but would definately buy a different brand next time.

Mindy Bradley, MI

Nice selection of colors for the price

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my wife who is a nail freak. There is a very good selection of colors and I didn’t immediately notice any duplicates, although I only briefly looked over them. I would assume they are colors she would like, and with 48 options to choose from I think there will be many she will use and what she doesn’t she can regift to nieces and friends.Not sure what happened in shipping, but it arrived 3 days after the last estimated ship date even though it had 2 day post on it. Also 1 of the bottles was open and spilled all over several of the other bottles. Unfortunately it was one of the nicer colors of the whole batch. The bottles were not shipped as advertised in the pictures on the listing with the nice mesh individual wrapping. They were 8 small boxes with 6 bottles inside each box that were only separated by a very thin sliver of cardboard, providing little to no protection against breakage. Not worth it to attempt a return so will just clean them up and try to wrap up what I can as it’s a Christmas present.Seller did respond in a timely manner when contacted regarding shipping question.The nail polish remover may very well be scented, but it does not say so on the remover packages. They are actually acetone free nail polish removal pads that may not actually work well considering I know my wife uses an acetone liquid to remove her polish now. But again, she may be able to regift these to a niece or friend.The one polish that was open had a very strong scent to it. It may have just been because it was hot in the mailbox and the scent was trapped inside the box. But I think I can safely say that this particular polish has a very strong scent and should be used in a well ventilated room.Overall I am satisfied with this purchase, although the shipping method and speed, including packaging, leave much to be desired. I would recommend this item and it may be another future purchase once my wife exhausts all of these bottles.EDIT: The nail polish remover pads actually do list scents on the back label in small writing.

Jo Fulton, KS

Great Quality

The nail polishes come individually wrapped so it’s a little process just to see them all but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. The nail polishes are high quality and you can’t beat the price. The nail polish removers have cuticle oil so they are good for your nails but they aren’t effective on the glitter polishes. It’s about half glitter polish and half regular colors. You don’t get a lot of the colors from the picture but you still get a pretty good deal.

Ericka Williamstown, MO


Love this! Lots of nail polishes. I got like 10 textured nail polishes which I like, another 10 scented nail polishes, a couple of chunky nail glitter polishes & a couple of metallic colors. I like all the polishes I received. Unfortunately, 1 of the polishes came cracked & dried up. A number of other polishes had dried polish spilled and stuck around the top which had to be picked off, no big deal. I am happy & those nail polish removers are great! Very oily/greasy but not drying at all, the smell is very alcohol-y smell but not bad. I will buy from again

Autumn Quail, TX

Worth it!

There is a great assortment of colors, only one set of doubles. I’m a very picky person when it comes to my nails and about the only thing that bothered me was that there were quite a few glitter polishes, in lots of colors and fun shapes and sizes, but glitter none-the-less. At first, i was upset because I was looking for more solid colors. Then i realized that out of all of my polishes (including this purchase, i have well over 100) I didn’t have ANY glitter ones….It was at that point that i realized how fortunate i was. Nail polish is pretty expensive, and i never thought to purchase glitter ones, but now that I have them, i absolutely love them!!! There are about 8 glitter polishes in total…and the rest are solids, but beautiful hues that you just don’t see everywhere! At approximately a dollar a bottle, it is definitely worth the purchase!

Dionne Gifford, IL

Pretty good

I think for the price, it’s worth it. Considering your bottles are coming out to about a dollar each, it’s not too bad. A few that I got were really gloppy and don’t work so well, but I ended up with a really good variety. The scented polish smell wears off pretty quickly, but the textured ones are awesome! The scented nail polish remover pads are garbage though.

Hester Yonkers, NY

Love, Love, Love

All the bottles were well packaged, only one was broken and I was ok with that because it was one I didn’t really like. Price is amazing!!! The smell is strong but that doesn’t bother me too much. Delivery time was excellent, I received mine in three to four days!!!

Dorothea Ridgway, IL

Great addition to my collection

Got this wonderful set to add to my enourmous polish supply. I did not get any duplicates and none were broken upon shipping. One bottle did come open a bit but it did not create too much of a mess. They don’t smell like normal nail polish but that is not a problem and does not affect the polish itself. They seem to be typical 2 coats polishes and go on smoothly and hold up pretty good…especially for the price. I got a great variety of regular mattes, shiney, glitters, chromes and even a clear hardener.

Kaitlin Hillman, MI

Extremely satisfied

Got the package today, came in 6 boxes with 6 polishes in each. Had no repeats or broken ones. All were soo perfect, even came with a Matte topcoat!! 😀 The colors are so vibrant and not thin like some cheaply made polishes. For this price it’s a must, espically if your the type who loves DIY nail art at home!

Fay Hurley, MO

No regrets

The colors are beautiful and they all came without any damage! There were no duplicates of any colors and if you’re thinking about buying them, go ahead! You won’t regret it!

Esmeralda Bethlehem, PA