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48 Pcs Trendy Nail Polish Nail Lacquers Combo Set + Free 5 Nail Filers

48 Awesome Colors – Rich Shades No Duplicate Color Long-wearing formula with extra shine VERY SEXY AND TRENDY

Key features

  • 48 Awesome Colors – Rich Shades No Duplicate Color
  • Long-wearing formula with extra shine

Honest reviews


Higher quality than expected

Absolutely love these. I bought these to give out to my nieces (after taking the ones I really loved out) and it was perfect becuase they came in boxes of 6 polishes. I have to say I sort of expected really thin cheap nail polish – which is fine for little girls that want to play and change the color every other day. However, after using a couple of the ones i kept for myself I have to say I am really impressed by the quality of the polish. I could compare them to even some of my pricier bottles in my collection. Im really glad I purchased these! Def. worth the $$

Felicia Canton, MS

48 Pcs Trendy Nail Polish Nail Lacquers Combo Set + Free 5 Nail Filers

I ordered from Kolorize.I like ordering grab bags. I’ve done it with Japanese erasers on Amazon and I had terrific luck. Already have 200 erasers (I get a little obsessive from time to time), I decided to move on to something else.The package arrived very quickly and safe and sound. I mean seriously, they shipped it an hour after I ordered, I was amazed. I ran into a small glitch which Kolorize worked with me on, they were awesome and I am thrilled with them. I would order more right away but my house is filled with Japenese erasers and nail polish (I put in another large order with another company before this one…Like I said, I am obsessive) and I fear my husband may leave me. I feel I got my money’s worth. I have not used any of them yet, I bit my nails for 35 years and am trying to slowly repair them. Even if I had, I could not testify about how long it lasts because I am very rough on my hands do to typing all day at work and also my nails are kind of warped because of the biting. Between the two everything chips on my nails.The rest of this review is personal preference, your mileage may vary. It’s a grab bag though, so I really can’t complain about these things.The variety was good, but it needed more pastels. Lots of dark colors and lots of glitter, but most everything is usable except for two or three brown colors, and that’s just because my skin coloring is very light.All in all a fun and enjoyable experience.

Henrietta Monmouth Beach, NJ

Just great!!

These were delivered very fast. My box contained 8 smaller boxes of 6 polishes each. None were damaged and there were no duplicates. I am very happy with this order and cannot wait to get started using them!

Cathryn East Saint Louis, IL

Great polishes!!

I am starting to build my nail polish collection and these polishes are a great start! I can’t wait to use these polishes in my nail designs. None of my bottles were broken, but a couple of them had leaked from not being closed all the way, they were packaged great and I recieved them a week ahead of the delivery date.

Sheryl Loma, CO

Love it

LOVE the nail polishes I received. They were wrapped in bunches tightly in bubble wrap then in plastic…all 48 were accounted for and none broken. I received 48 different colors along with the 5 nail files and could not be happier. I did receive 3 red that are similar but they are different so I cannot complain. Unsure which ones to use first…it is going to be some fun weeks ahead choosing from the new colors and glitters.

Lauri Hazelwood, NC

happy girl

Fast delivery package came in 4 days ordered on 6/22 got it 6/26 only one polish was half empty and not able to be used cause it was sticky besides that I am happy with all the polish and there were no duplicates and I love the nail files since I was in need of them. And I saved a ton of money vs buying 48 at the store even for 1.99 a piece I would havespent over $95!!

Sherri Clarksville, MD

A rainbow of color!!

I loved opening these packages when they arrived. It was like Christmas morning all over again. The color choices are phenomenal… The polish goes on smooth and dries pretty quickly too. If you love polish and want to have a different color everyday then this is for you.

Clare Sutherlin, OR

Five Stars

They are okay ,3 of the same colors

Beverley Murphy, ID

Love all the polishes that came in the set

Love all the polishes that came in the set. I didn’t get any doubles and that’s a plus. I would order this product again.

Dorothea Sabana Seca, PR

love it

what can I say well got it one day early and def love the colors I got noting broken and so glad I dirent get that dark green first color I wasn’t liking that one but instead I got really pretty colors n glitters and some are scented witch I thought was cool and got 4 files yep im happy 🙂

Cleo Uniontown, KS


beautifulgot this today, they are stunning,No Duplicates, there was one (out of 48) with a cracked cover but thats ok, i dont mind, because the colours are amazing.a must buy

Dona Cloverdale, OH