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45PC nail art glitter powder dust tips decoration

Package includes:1 X CyberStyle(TM) 45PC nail art glitter powder dust tips decoration

Key features

  • 1) 100% Brand new
  • 2) 45 Colours Nail Art or Make up Decoration Glitter Powder.
  • 3) Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, etc.
  • 4) Can add great sparkle to face, body, and any great night out. Suitable for your party or fashionable look.
  • 5) With this set, you will be more attractive!

Honest reviews


Awful and I hate it.

I am disappointed in this product. Reasons:1. When I received the package, glitter was spilled inside the entire package.2. The containers were extremely small, not looking like the containers which were advertised.I hate the product, because it is not worth the money, you are charging. The packaging was good, but didn’t even have bubble wrap, which came in an envelope not even a box.

Bridget Eastaboga, AL

Perfect for nail art supplies!

These are the perfect addition to any serious nail art enthusiast. The small glitter containers are just right for dipping fingers without making a mess. There are a lot of colors that are very close in shade, but when looked at closely are different. This is good for someone trying to find a perfect shade match and maybe one of the colors is a little off, but the other is just perfect.They came packaged nicely and didn’t have a spill anywhere. The containers are in good condition and all screw on properly so no messes. I love that they are small so they can be packed away when i take my nail art boxes to friends parties. These have been a huge hit wherever I take them and people are always asking me where i get them!

Ashley Warners, NY

As Described

I was a little bummed that there were two or three of the same color and they didn’t all have the same amount in them. Other than that it was good.

Stacy Lawn, TX

so many great colors and glitter pieces are small and not gritty

i really like this set of glitter. it is super cheap and comes with tons of different colors to create really nifty nail art looks. the grain of the glitter pieces is really small, but not so small that it is like dust. it is the right size to create a nice sparkle without being gritty or grainy on your nails.

Inez Blanchester, OH

45? more like 12!

I ordered the glitter for my nail shop and instead of receiving the amount of 45 different colors, I got 12! Not just 12 different colors but 12 total! I am so angry!!!! I never write reviews and this is a first time that I have ever been so disappointed of an online order. I expect this to happen off of eBay, NOT amazon!! The nerve some people have!

Loraine Duvall, WA


This collection will give me lots of options when adding glitter to my nails! I am loving these so far.

Peggy Salineville, OH

gel glitter

This product takes a little practice to use, but the colors are fun and limitless! I would suggest mixing it thinly into the clear gel and use extra coats of gel until you get to the level of "sparkles" you desire.

Jana Colby, KS

Great value

Happy with purchase it is messy but a fan brush will sweep that loose glitter away great value.

Ava Elwood, IL

lots of choices

this is a nice collection of fine glitter, works great for art projects and for my nails! Happy with this purchase…

Jane Eagle Point, OR

Took a long time to receive

I ordered these and it took a month to get them. They were packaged in only bubble wrap, no brown wrapper at all or box protecting the package. There is glitter all over the inside of the thin plastic box that you store them in. I haven’t opened them yet, but it looks like they all have glitter in them. A ton of different colors and will last a long time for doing glitter on nails.

Noemi Union, OR

As Described

I didn’t get any repeat colors and the little pots are perfect for nail art or dramatic makeup application. The only downside is the shipping time but I guess I can’t complain too much considering the price.

Wanda Vina, CA

Never again

Containers weren’t shut all the way, resulting in leaking glitter. Wasn’t worth the money OR wait. What few glitter pots remained with glitter were very pretty, thus the 2 stars.

Lucile Taholah, WA


I got all of them and there shiny! They are just as pretty of colors as in the picture. You will not be dissapionted.

Arline Hidden Valley, PA

OK item

I love the assortment, but they were a lot smaller then I had thought they would be. It is only enough to do maybe one or two sets of nails for each color. Price was good though

Candice Carl Junction, MO


These are a great deal. The consistency in the amout of glitter was off though. Some of them were filled to the brim and some were half empty. But unless you’re covering every finger and toe, there’s plenty to work with. I like to mix these with a clear gel polish and use a UV light to keep my nails glittery and these work great. I highly recommend to anyone constatly messing with their nails.

Lara Mexico, IN

ALL different colors

I was thinking when I ordered this that there might be some repeat colors, but there are literally 45 different colors of glitter. There are ones that are similar, but definitely have a different glitter element. So great!

Rosalinda Bylas, AZ

So Awesome!`

I love the little pots that these come in. There are so many colors to choose from! I can’t wait to start using them in my nail art. But you could use them on ANY art project. Highly recommend.

Enid Lewis Center, OH

beautiful colors.

beautiful colors, look nice in the nails.bellos colores, lucen preciosos en las uñas.I recomend it , I like it.

Marta Durand, IL


With such mixed reviews I was worried about this order but I am pleased! Shipping took less time them I thought, under 2 weeks. I got only one repeat glitter out of 45, that seems fair. The glitter did spill over everything from shipping but it was an easy clean up and there was still a good amount in each tub. Some of the glitters may not work for nail art but I will also be using these for crafts too. So overall I am happy with this order. 🙂

Jewell Hollywood, AL


Some of the pots are dust and others are more glitter but it is all the fine glitter. Which is what I hoped I was ordering. So It’s perfect for me!

Ella Maupin, OR

not so happy

Disapointed with the delivery and arrival of this product. Most of the jars were opened ante ALOT of the glitter was spilled creating a huge mess when i opened it. Also disapointed with the size of the jars, they were too small.

Bettie Forest, MS

Great glitter

Great colors and very easy to use. Can be used by themselves, however I mixed with clear product to creat a great less expensive alternative to colored nail powders.

Alexandra Hungry Horse, MT

Love it

Love all the different bright colors. I can mix and match and blend and thats awesome. Cant wait to order more

Herminia Dryden, ME

All I can say is awesome colors, variety to choose from and mine was …

All I can say is awesome colors, variety to choose from and mine was packed pretty well. The tubs are tiny, though and careful when opening. I made a mess the first time, but that’s on me.

Aisha New Albany, IN

Happy but wish the wait to get them in was not sooooooooooooooo long!

Wow what a great deal! Just got them in and all the colors you see, I got! I ordered this because of reviews, read them all, even the bad ones and the biggest thing I seen was that people got doubles of one color or another…. This was not something I came across, thankfully I got 45 different colors. Another common problem was that the little jars where open…. This I did experience but very little, out of 45 only found 4 that the caps where loose on and the amount of product lost was to little to be a big deal. Would also like to say that you can expect each jar to have about a teaspoon of glitter…. Not bad but not a lot ether. I kinda knew by other reviews not to expect to much though. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars because even though I new there would be a wait, the almost month long wait drove be nuts!!!

Estella Plains, GA

Very Happy

The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that it took longer than I thought to arrive. But once it did come, when I opened it, I was very pleased. I’ve read other reviews on this product about how it comes with a lot of the same colors, but I didn’t receive one that had any repetitive colors. They were all different. And very pretty! They actually are a lot brighter than they are in the picture.I use this kind of glitter to mix with acrylic powder and use as a color base, it’s what I bought it for, and it works amazingly for it. The colors are so intriguing on the nail. My practice clients are really enjoying the Colors a lot. They look rich and expensive…but the price is unbeatable here. Fantastic deal for 45 glitters. They don’t come with a lot of glitter in them but I was expecting that with the quantity and the price. However, the amount of glitter is perfect for what I’m using it for. They will last me a long time! But Ill have no issue purchasing this product again when I do need more.

Jacquelyn Gulston, KY

Buy at your own risk! : \

Most of the product were barely full! Buy at your own risk! Shipping was also a little long! But they did give me a very little of my money back once I brung it to their attention, that I wasn’t pleased with the item’s I received and also they let me keep the item’s at the end of day! I was ok with it!

Teri Flint, TX

Wonderful Product

These nail art glitter are great all the colors are beautiful, they’re many to chose from and have fun with .

Michele Portage, WI

I like it, it is ok.

Those are nice colors, and some are the same, and are in Little containers, so you can mix them up.

Bianca Rydal, GA

MakeUp Artist Worthy

Packaging:The package where the pots are in is a plastic container.It’s tightly taped so use a knife to open the package to avoid damaging the pots.The pots are acrylic and some are loose so be careful while takeing each and every one of the pots out,DO NOT DUMP THEM OUT! You’ll loose product if any of your pots aren’t twisted on right.Along with the loose topped pots, there is going to be loose glitter everywhere so open it on an easy to clean surface.Pro:SO MANY COLORS!Very fine glitter and so easy to apply.Pots are very easy to open and seal tight again.A lot of products. It may not seem like much because they are half filled but if it were filled any further there would be a lot more spillage than survived products.Cons:There were just about 5 colors that were doubled, but they were colors i’d use a lot of so I don’t mind it.TIP:If you are using it for makeup, USE A GLITTER PRIMER!!! If you don’t they will not stay on the intended area.Personally I LOVE IT! and mostly my brides and other clients love it!!!

Pearl Lake Elmo, MN