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45 Colors Nail Art Make Up Body Glitter Shimmer Dust Powder Decoration

Package include: 1 Set body Glitter Shimmer

Key features

  • 1) 100% Brand new in retail package
  • 2) 45 Colours Nail Art or Make up Decoration Glitter Powder.
  • 3) Suitable for nail art decoration with nail polish, UV builder gel, etc.
  • 4) Can add great sparkle to face, body, and any great night out. Suitable for your party or fashionable look.
  • 5) With this set, you will be more attractive!

Honest reviews



daughter loves it…the colors are awesome…the product containers are sturdy…the fun level is great. My daughter is 11 and all things colorful and tattooy are cool….so this was perfect.

Phyllis Atlantic City, NJ

These are great!

These are fantastic for nails 🙂 I adore that they are small and easy to carry. Thanks so much!! These are great for everything I needed them for!!

Marion East Walpole, MA

Glitter Everywhere!! glitter disaster!!! very disappointed.

I was really looking forward to this product!!! I ran home after work to retrieve it but when I opened it I was shocked!!! Glitter everywhere!!! Most of the pots were only half full and all the colors had mixed together!!! If the seller can remedy this I would give 5⭐’S!!! The glitters would have been gorgeous if they weren’t all mixed together… And though the pots are small you should be able to get many uses out of it (if the pots aren’t empty). Also- shipping time was decent.. Please remedy this!!update- the company refused to replace my product, but offered full refund.. for this i have changed my rating to 3 stars! wish i could have gotten a replacement really liked the product..

Shelia Amsterdam, MO

So many uses!

Eye makeup. Additive in homemade soap. Arts and crafts. Nail art. So many colors to chose from you can match almost anything. Prive can’t be beat and shipping was fast. Had it forever and hardly dented it.

Magdalena Gibsonburg, OH

No complaints

What I wanted and what I ordered

Leona Port Penn, DE

good for glitter nails

I use these to dip in my gel nails for a french tip look. They are very small in size but, the colors are nice and vibrant.

Morgan Lagrange, ME

the tooth fairy LOVES this glitter.

it’s fun, it’s glitter. there are a lot of colors. I use it when the tooth fairy comes. the tooth fairy sprinkles glitter all over the house. it’s not fun to clean up, but my daughter is thrilled. It sticks nicely to her skin and in her hair.

Pearl South Holland, IL

Extraordinary price for all of this glitter!

This was a gift for my sister and she LOVED it. Came very well packaged, no broken containers or spills of glitter. There are a couple of duplicate colors but she didn’t care. There were so many different colors I think she’ll be wearing glitter everyday. And since there were extras it’s only fair that a sister hooks up the other with a few colors, right?? 😉 The glitter is powder-fine and needs cosmetic glitter adhesive if you don’t want glitter all over your face but it’s a perfect consistency for highlighting eyes or cheeks, or use on nails. I think I’m going to have to buy one for myself now that I have seen hers!!

Teresa Lemhi, ID


Beautiful Colors! different shades of each color, some are hard to distinguish from one another so you might mistake them for duplicates. In my order i had 38 different colors and 7 duplicates. jars are small too (will upload pic asap). I am so in love with these! My order came in perfect condition, no spillage and no unscrewed cases. All of my cases were filled to the top as well! Would buy again. Recommended for people who love glitter! and those who love to add glitter to your nails.

Jolene Coudersport, PA

They were pretty decent.

They’re really pretty colors, alot fell out; but I was pretty satisfied overall though.I honestly wouldn’t mind buying again.

Consuelo Blue Grass, IA

Very Surprised!

I read the reviews before I bought this set. So I was very surprised by what I to in the mail. They were in plastic nicely wrapped there was so glitter that was in the package so I figured one or more had opened, but after opening them and checking all 45 colors it looks like glitter from packaging and not from the containers in the package. there is A LOT of glitter more than I will ever use for nail art. I AM VERY HAPPY with what I GOT and I am looking forward to using it. The glitter looks really nice on too. I put it on m ring finger nail and I get complements all the time.

Emilia Hennepin, OK

Lots of variety

I received these with no spill issues other reviewers encountered so it seems there’s inconsistency with delivery? A few shades are similar, but tonally different or reflecting different effects from each other (see photo). By that I mean, a pink will reflect opalescent pearl, a coral will have kaleidoscope, a gold will have a pink flake or a green will have a gold reflect effect and a blue will reflect a green effect while others are their true foil with no refract effect beyond the sparkling glitter itself. See photos.The glitters are uniform grain, a fine sand in size and have a lot of impressive, reflective sparkle character. It’ll be versatile for makeup or nail applications and the occasional craft which I wanted them for. It adheres very well so far. I’d be careful working with these. Use them over a sheet of paper and expect a collection of ‘rainbow’ to accrue. Tap them before twisting the caps. Steady handed, adult supervision is probably best if purchasing them for minors. I’d store them flat, stacking is okay and mine came with plastic envelopes. I checked and found one loose lid that I screwed on tighter.The pots are plastic screw top, 1 inch in diameter filled 1/4 inch in depth – about as much as the pots will realistically hold. That’s a the size of a page, 11.25 inches of glitter but 1 inch deep. A lot of glitter! I’m very happy with my purchase. These applied really well to my manicure and my gel mani lasted weeks with much stronger ‘French’ glitter tips and no issues (photo posted). I received a lot of compliments.

Toni Franklin, GA

Beautiful glitters, well packaged,

I was worried after reading all the reviews that my glitters will be all over the place and that I was gonna find empty containers or containers with glitter mixed, but it wasn’t the case! not a single one container was spilled, they were well packaged and all the lids were closed, the colors are amazing, great quality and they arrived 2 weeks before the expected arrival date.

Francesca Speaks, TX


I recieved my glitters and the packaging was kind of jacked up my the containers were tossed around everywhere and it just wasn’t right the pros is that it was cheap and affordable and u do get quite a bit of glitters for $7.00 so I guess u get what u pay for! :/

Kelly Clemmons, NC

Don’t waste your money

I have yet to use these …..they were packaged so bad!!! The jars aren’t even filled all the way, or evenly. There’s glitter all over the shipping envelope, it’s just one big mess. I could have gone to my local craft store and got the same thing,’not impressed at all. Plus it takes forever because it’s coming from overseas – don’t waste your time or money.

Sabrina Belleview, FL

Nice Colors

I Loved The Colors & the varietyI used it For Make up/Eye Shadow & it Last A Long time.The Only Thing Was That When i Got The Package Most Of The Containers Were Kind of Open So they spilled Outalso It Took a Long Time For The Package To Be Delivered.But Other Than That I Complain About It & They Refund My Money.

Tami Cades, SC



Toni East Irvine, CA

I love them all!

I love them! there are so many different colors! I use them for my eyes and they stay on really nice. I recommend!

Mavis Bolton, MS


I bought this to put on my nails and it works perfect and they are all different colors and shades! 3 stars only because some containers were spilled and almost half empty but I don’t mind since i will not be needing a lot of glitter but my silver was almost empty and thats the reason I even ordered this set.

Clarissa Gainesville, MO

Best glitter

I use this glitter as eyeshadow and I get so many compliments. The colors are gorgeous and the glitter is finely milled to be safe enough for your eyes. Excellent alternative to some if the more higher priced eye glitters out currently.

Tammy Owenton, KY

Very beautiful colors

I really enjoy these sparkles. I have only one issue with them which I read in the other reviews, that some of the containers dont have very much sparkle in them. But for the price they are totally worth it!

Gena Paris, MS


These are perfect and exactly what I needed. Thanks! I love the tiny jars which are costly as well, they will be used over and over again!

Ronda Como, CO