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4 Way Shiny Block / 4 Step Buffing Block Shine Nail Buffer

Provides supreme high gloss to natural or acrylic nails Professional 4 sided buffing block 4 in 1 buffing block that allows you to smooth, buff and shine nails all in one tool – step 1 : File nail edge – step 2: remove ridges – step 3: smooth nail – step 4: shine nail

Key features

  • High Quality Professional 4 Sided Buffing Block
  • step 1: File nail edge
  • step 2: Remove ridges
  • step 3: Smooth nail
  • step 4: Shine nail

Honest reviews


DO NOT BUY! It’s a waste…..

This block is horrible! The slightly glued on file sheets just fail off as soon as I tried to use it. I ended up going to Ulta and buying a great buffing block.

Gretchen Patterson, CA

Works great

No need for nail polish. keeps nails looking nice, smooth, shaped and shiny. It’s easy to use and does the job quickly.

Cristina Cuba, NM

Good product

This is a reasonably good sanding/buffing/shining block. I like the fact that it’s small, so I carry it in my purse for quick touch-ups. The shape makes it easy to finds at the bottom of my purse!!!

Dina Garber, OK


I have been buying this exact buffer for 2 years, never had a problem, yes they don’t last a long time, but the price is good. I just got mine and the second time using it the aqua blue side it came right off, I was filing my nail and looked down and where I was filing it on it was a big stripe gone, there was just a white strip left where the aqua blue came off, this is the first time this has happened using this file. I’m glad a had bought a different one the same time, it was the long one, hoping that will last longer then 2 days!!

Lorrie Dorothy, NJ


As usual these nail buffers are absolutely wonderful makes your nails look perfect. Worth the price and last forever. Can be used for a home or salon.

Alma Worthington, MN


I like it but I probably wouldn’t get it again. It can be hard to try to attend to all spots on your nail.

Alisa Maytown, PA

Shine away!

I’m really glad I ordered two of these. They filed down any lines on my nails and buffed them up to a nice shine. Am sure I’ll order more when I need them.

Yesenia Moorhead, MN

4 Way Shiny Block/ 4 Step Buffing Block Shine Nail Buffer

I have not used one of these for a long while. I really appreciate the fact the everything is written out so you can use the product in an effective way on your nails. I use this one my fingernails and toenails. Great product!

Lenora Mountain View, OK

4 way shiny block/4 step buffing block shine nail buffer

Great little product. if it works, I like it, and this one does. It lasts longer than I expected. I would definitely recommendthis.

Eunice Augusta, ME

Compact size

Perfect size. Not too big and bulky. Perfect to keep in your purse and use anywhere anytime. Nice little file.

Leticia Maunabo, PR

Not so great nail buffer

It seems that this nail buffer is good for one or two uses wears out so fast I couldn’t believe it. Do not recommend

Alma Lincoln, NM