4 Pcs Blackhead Extractor Stainless Steel Acne Needle Tool

To minimize damage to your skin, the needles is an effective way to remove blackheads, acne, or pimple.

Key features

  • Product Name : Acne Removing Needle;Material : Stainless Steel
  • Size : 7.5 x 0.3cm/2.95″ x 0.118″(L*Diameter)
  • Color : Silver Tone
  • Weight : 15g
  • Package Content : 4 x Acne Removing Needle

Honest reviews


Amazing price!

Hi there! Just got this stick against my acne’s. Overall, was surprised that they sent me 4 pcs of it. I thought I bought just one for this price! And it was only two day shipping with Prime membership. Very pleased with purchase.

Gussie Forest Dale, VT


i bought it for acnes and black heads. and it works. it gets everything out. clean and nice. recommend it

Kathleen Minden, TX


The round end is way too big to pop anything on my face. Ultimately, all it does is push against my face and leaves a dark circle around the area from trying to push so damn hard to get it to do its job! The wire circle is also very thin, which pushes into the skin even more & doesn’t create any pressure (just pushes). In the garbage

Lynette Ridgeway, MO


Opened the package and there were about 8 of these inside, i thought i only paid for 4, thanks so much. Each comes in a very cute lil colored plastic pouch. Device very small, gets the black heads out really easily, needle point nice and sharp and helps getting the blackheads out easier.

Catalina Dixie, GA

good buy

Very pleased and even more so that it came with more than one, good quality. Don’t be worried when you now see it I really thought it was quite small, but it works.

Roseann Maywood, CA


These instruments are sharp. Not sure if I know how to use the needle side properly. It should have had some instructions. The extractor side works great though. Warning…be careful…the needle is sharp and can go deep into the skin very easily. Great tool!

Rosemarie Paris, AR

better than expected

1 for everyone in the family and they work really well. I’ve spent more and been much less happy. A great value.

Valerie Eagle Creek, OR

Works Great!

I use this all the time, it works great! Not much o comment on because the way it works is dependent on the user so if you can master it you can do great things. I feel mush "cleaner" every time after I use this. Would Recommend!

Kaitlin Newburgh, IN

Great deal

When I ordered these, they arrived as a four pack. Each one came in it’s own separate plastic case, with a cover over the sharp end. The rounded end works better than any of the other extractors that I’ve used before, because it doesn’t require you to push really hard to get all of that gunk to come out of your skin. Although some of the tools aren’t perfect (for example, one has a little tiny extra metal sliver at the pointed end that makes that end unusable) for this price, you can’t beat it. It takes about a month to arrive, since it’s sent from overseas, but it’s definitely worth it for those of us who are constantly trying to get rid of pesky imperfections!

Coleen Truro, IA

Very sharp

This product is very well constructed, and I am able to use the needle sharp end to make tiny holes to enable me to pop any pimples that I would otherwise have to use my nails on and this does not leave an unsightly mark on my face. Just make sure to clean with alcohol before using.

Hattie Lakewood, WI

1 out of 4; Good enough for me!

I received 4 of these. They all came in adorable neon-colored protective sleeves. However, three of them were either bent or a bit dull. One of them is super duper sharp and straight(er) than the others…and works perfect for lancing whiteheads. Much better than using a sterilized safety pin (previous method). I use this in combination with a blackhead kit that didn’t come with a needle-like lancing tool. Just ordered 8 more – hopefully will have better luck with the next order, but for less than a dollar I’m not going to complain too much. Good find; I am happy with my purchase, and use regularly.

Carmen Chester, WV

Price cant beat, fast shipping

It does the job, still better than using fingers to remove blackheads, dont press it too hard on skin it may cause redness.

Clare Zanoni, VA