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36 Watt Ultraviolet Gel Curing Light

The unique system combines its UV Lamp to give your clients long-wear protection for natural and artificial nails. UV light will harden gels or UV topcoat with within 2 minutes. * Professional UV nail curing lamp for salon use * 36 watt (4x9w) UV light cures gels fast * Cures gels in as little as 90 seconds * Features two automatic timers (90 sec and 120 sec) * Leaves nails with a beautifully smooth even finish * Can be used on both hands and feet

Key features

  • gel machine

Honest reviews


Does the job for an inexpensive UV Lamp

I bought this lamp to use with the OPI Axxium Gels and have had wonderful results. I cure for the 15 seconds to set the nails, while applying the gels, and the final 2-3 minute gel cure and haven’t had a problem. I’ve also used the Harmony Gelish Shellac Red Roses, Base & Top Coats and it’s been great. (I would suggest that you all pass up the high priced & hard to find CND Shellacs as the Harmony Gelish is just as good and about 1/3 the price!)My friend used it for the Tammy Taylor Gel Nails and the high priced CND Nail Shellacs & she loves the lamp.Since I’ve learned how to apply the gels, I will invest in a better lamp when this one stops working because the timing swithes are on the back and I would prefer to have all the controls on the top. By that time I’m hoping the LED UV Lamps will be more affordable as they take only a few seconds to cure the gels.

Jewel Clarkdale, AZ

Well Worth It

I bought the light for the CND Shellac nails and they set up perfectly per the directions on each of the polish bottles (base coat, color & top coat). Any imperfection in my nails was due to my own difficulties in applying only a *thin* layer of polish.The directions for the light are virtually non-existent. Not that it’s a complicated machine, but don’t forget to take the protective covering off the mirrors and the light tubes! 🙂

Sheri Eads, CO

Broken and Used

I paid for a new lamp. The lamp that came to me, was used, has smudges on it, no protective film over the mirrors, and 3 broken lights. I paid more replacing the things that were damaged than the light was worth. DO NO BUY FROM THESE SELLERS. I have pictures that i will post of the damaged items if they do not contact me within a week.

Cora Cascadia, OR


I just bought this lamb and it is FABULOUS. I took a risk in buying as I felt due to the fact that a previous reviewer said that they had received a used lamp. Well I did not and this lamp is fabulous. I used it with my new Gel Polish from OPI and it worked fabulously. I would recommend this lamp to everyone. I had a previous experience with MelodySusie Lamp which was worthless but this lamp is a real gem. I actually made a mistake in buying this lamp due to the fact that I was wanting a LED lamp instead of UV. I was worried that my OPI Gel polish would not work with the UV lamp but I had absolutely no problem. If you are considering this lamp, BUY IT.

Glenda Cheshire, OH

Lights up and cures gel.

For the price this little unit is the perfect choice for either home use or low salon use. It has two timing options, 120 seconds or 180 seconds along with the option to have the lights stay on. There is also the easy push button control on the back, (which is where I prefer it, since I’m using it for clients and don’t have to reach around).I haven’t had any problems and it’s proven to be both reliable and sturdy. I take it to jobs with me, and it has been fine for all the small jostling it takes on a weekly basis.Typically I use IBD gels, but also intermix those with any other gel brands I happen to pick up, and have not had any curing problems. In fact, I’ve left the timer on 120 and always with completely cured results.Bottom line is that this is a great uv light!

Bernadette Durant, FL

Affordable. Cures gel likes it says.

The one I received looked a little bit different from the one in the picture. There was a switch on the top where I could choose between on and timer, and also a 2 minute timer button on it.There are so many other more expensive light out there, but I tried this one because it had good reviews.I have no regrets. It works great. Use this light to cure my Harmony Gelish polish. The two minute timer is perfect, as gel cures at 1-2 minutes (2 minutes for darker colors).It does what it says it does, and is inexpensive. Its great to be able to do my own nails at home. With all of the supplies you need to do gel, the light is the most expensive item on the list. I was looking at much more expensive lights, but ended up getting this one and really cut down the cost of my gel set.

Latonya Cottonwood Falls, KS

2 years and counting

This is a pretty reliable, sturdy little lamp. Dries my gel polish in 90 seconds with a little timer that turns it off when done. I can fit my foot in it as well so I’m gelled from hands to feet!

Georgette Denver, NC

My manicure dream come true!!!

I am so insanely happy with this UV Gel Curing Light and I could not have done it without the other reviews and my trust in Amazon and their Amazon Prime vendors. The price was amazing and the unit arrived in 2 days very carefully packaged. When I initially installed the light bulbs, one did not work. However after swapping their positions they all functioned properly. I can only assume that there was a bit of operator error involved in the beginning as perhaps I was being too timid with the delicate bulbs. In my impatience I actually completed my first manicure with only three lights and still, everything cured as it should, held up well, and stayed just as shiny as if it had all four. That was comforting because I don’t know how long these bulbs will last or how much they’ll cost to replace, but I have a feeling I’m going to the be in the “doing my own nails” business again for a long time. Even longer since this type of manicure lasts literally 2 weeks without even the slightest chip. Wow!

Judith Dunkerton, IA