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350Buy Rhinestones 2400 Piece 12 Color Nail Art Nailart Manicure Wheels

These premium rhinestones are so beautiful, and so affordable, you will never chose another brand again! Each rhinestone wheel contains 200 rhinestones of 12 different colors for a total of 2,400 rhinestones! That is enough glam and glitter to drive your man wild, or make any man yours forever! How to Use: These premium rhinestones can be applied with top coat or glue.

Key features

  • Introducing first nail art accessory!
  • Retail for up to $15!
  • These premium rhinestones can be applied with top coat or glue.
  • Top quality nail art supplies guaranteed!

Honest reviews


Useful for more than nails!

I make handcrafted greeting cards and I’m always looking for less-expensive alternatives for some of the supplies I use the most.I stumbled upon these little rhinestones while searching for embellishments for my cards, and they are PERFECT! I use them to embellish some of the lacy die-cut trims and to highlight different aspects of the embossed card stock backgrounds. I use a glue penSakura of America Quickie Glue 0.7mm Point Ink Pen – 1 Packto adhere them — this allows me to place a tiny “spot” of glue, then drop the rhinestone in place. Quick and easy.I invested in the MASH tweezersMASH Nail Art Tweezer for Rhinestones Fimo Canes Glitter Confetti and 3D Shapesand find they really help me keep these little gems under control.My case arrived intact, no “spillage,” but these do have a tendency to “float” due to static electricity. I usually just tap the top of the case a coule of times, and the gems fall back into their compartments.Very happy with these, especially since rhinestones specifically made for paper crafts can cost up to six or eight dollars for 40 or 50 gems! For card makers, this is an incredible deal.

Tori Umbarger, TX

Great Buy

I personally think that these are a great buy! They are the perfect size, not too small or bulky and the wheel is the perfect storage for these rhinestones. They also came in REALLY fast. I would recommend this product and seller to others.

Gertrude Pilot Mound, IA


While the rhinestones were pretty and of good quality, there were NOT 2400 in the wheel. Of the 2 I counted, black had 160 and pink had 140. I thought that the reviews stating the wheel having this type of shortage were aberrations. However, they were right on.How people can accept this is beyond me. Be aware before purchase. I returned the wheel. There are many other good buys on Amazon which I will get one when my return is processed.

Loraine Silverhill, AL

Good quality, but a mess

These seem to be good quality rhinestones and the shipping was super fast, however they were a total mess. The compartments do not hold the stones well so they were completely mixed up & falling out the sides when I received them. After an hour of sorting I gave up and just put them into a different container all together.

Abby Morrison, CO

Good Quality Rhinestones !

Good quality and fast shipping , that’s always a plus . I’m not so sure if it really has 2400 rhinestones but it was still a great buy , the top of the wheel is pretty easy to manuver and all the rhinestones stay in there section .

Carla Stirum, ND

Five Stars


Rosalia Moorhead, MS

money well spent

Love it

Katheryn Littleton, IL

Sparkly Delight!

I love these rhinestones! As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I’ve recently developed an interest in all things nail art related. Coming up with new ways to express myself via my nails in an otherwise boring office environment has been fun. These stones have been great for making new designs pop ranging from ladybugs to leopard prints. They’ve been great fun – all I do is add a dab of clear polish, use tweezers to apply the stones, and let it dry…afterwords, another topcoat, and I’m good to go! They usually last as long as I can stand my manicure, and remove easily with polish remover.All in all, at the price, they’re a great value for anyone’s makeup kit.

Isabelle Sublette, KS

A Must Have For Nail Artists

I love Mash, love these stones and they are great for my nail art!

Desiree Port Sanilac, MI

Beautiful colors

Love it!!!

Erika Yorkshire, NY


I just received these in the email! And VERY quickly. All my jewels were in their correct places, no need to have to pick them out and organize them. I love them cause they are a tiny jewel, nothing huge. I haven’t used them yet, but I can’t wait to!

Debora Easton, MN

very very small stones

The stones are hard to use. They have a stick to each other quality however this does not mean it sticks to your nail they are very very tiny and hard to use even with tweezers. however, the price was very cheap and so that makes it okay.

Dee Silver Creek, NE

Nice value.

Awesome little wheel of bling in lots of colors! Great for craft projects or your fingernail art. You probably will need to get a wax stick to use these because they are very small and hard to pick up with tweezers.

Mallory Richmond, OH

Hard to know how it is liked, as I gave it to a friend as …

Hard to know how it is liked, as I gave it to a friend as a gift and they live to far away to use it on my nails.

Paula Utica, PA

What you do get is fine

I was another person who counted what they got. But, I only did it because I got so few so that the counting was quick.Purple – 225Bright pink – 4 (yes, four, they filled the space primarily with purple)Green – 139Pink – 53Blue – 51Yellow – 65Light Blue – 55Black – 63Light Purple – 52Light Green – 67Red – 66White – 64Total – 904For the price I wouldn’t generally complain about (or probably even notice) a few (or a couple hundred even) that were gone, but this is pretty bad. They shorted me by over 60%.On the plus side, what I got is all very nice. They are mostly very evenly shaped and have good color.

Audra La Harpe, IL

Love these.

Love these. I love doing little designs on my nails and these are so pretty. The colors are great and there are so many.

Janell Trezevant, TN

Cheap but looks great!

I think I paid $3 for this wheel of rhinestones. They looked fine to me, very sparkly and the price was unbeatable. I just got them to have some fun with my nails, so for $3 it was a steal.

Gloria Whitehall, WI


these are just so damn pretty 🙂

Selina Rome, MS

Not bad.

I bought these originally for my nails but they are not as shiny as I would like. So I ended up using them for some different sculptures and other art crafts and with an amazing gloss that I have they didn’t look half bad.

Staci Pemberton, NJ

One Star

plastic not good

Nan Westville, SC

MASH Rhinestones Color Wheel

The case is nice. Some rhinestones are not round and smooth but still usable. It says 2400 piece but I’ve received the 1200 piece instead. Sent the seller an email, takes them a while to reply. Since it was fulfilled by Amazon, I had to contact Amazon and they fixed the problem.

Cara Fort Johnson, NY

Nice little gems!

I was so happy when they arrived! They are very tiny, which I just like them to be! I would like to get larger rhinestones. The colors are just right and well organized. I was afraid that it will be all mixed up but the container keeps them well in place!

Stella Ouzinkie, AK

Love Love Love!

Obsessed with these!! I find a way to use them with every manicure I do! They are so cute and shiny!

Karina Pinedale, AZ


Larger than expected but theyre still great.

Abigail Duplessis, LA

As you see

You get what you see unfortunately when I received mine the top had popped off and the colors were mixed up and everywhere int he dial as well as the little packaging bag. Took me around a week or two of random picking out with tweezers from a bowl to seperate into each section. But rhinestones themselves were great

Judi Midland, GA

Great buy

Vibrant colors, easy to turn wheel, and at a great price. 🙂 With a dab of top coat, these babies will stay on for a long time.

Amy Warrenton, MO

beautiful colors

they are an amazing set of colors and are the perfect size for decorating. I use them for any time of design and they go perfectly with every color.

Marsha Owens Cross Roads, AL

Nice Product

These rae great for adding some sparkle to your nail designs. I wish there were some plain clear/crystal ones in it but there are a lot of colors to choose from.

Rita Eldorado, WI

Great Item

like it very much and my daughter to know we can do many more design with this.. Thank you very much for this item.

Tamra Island Pond, VT

really happy with these

while it’s true the colours are not quite as bright as those pictured, they are still pretty sharp and noticeable, even on coloured nail polish the stones are very small, which is a plus, since i use my hands and nails all the time with pets and housework and gardening. i don’t sit and hold my hands stationary like some people must who have those fake tips that are an inch long and have so much stuff glued to them like the picture i get here:1200pcs New Nail Art Rhinestones Glitters Acrylic Tips Decoration Manicure Wheel by Evermarket. looks pretty, but makes me think what lazy cows they must be to have nails like that ‘cuz i’ve put those fake tips on just to see what they were like and they’re freaky and really get in the way of doing anything practical. my nails are long, but not that long. anyway, these rhinestones seem to not fill up the little compartments unless you tap the box and they flatten out. there really seem to be quite alot of each colour. i also really like the box they come in. it’s like an etui that has a cover attached that spins with an opening in the top that fits the size of the compartments. it keeps the rhinestones from getting mixed together, although there will be an occasional stone that will escape from its compartment. using a wax pen and tweezers is the best method, as you can pick them up with the wax pen and hold them in place with the tweezers. for the price, there is just nothing bad to be said about these rhinestones.

Janie San Gregorio, CA