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350BUY* Clear Color Acrylic Powder Builder Nail Art Manicure by 350buy

It Make Your Nails Look Elegance and Special. Color:Clear

Key features

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Acrylic powder for creating fantastic crystal effect
  • Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nail tips!
  • Suitable to match with UV gel, and acrylic liquid, etc.
  • Suitable Professional Or Home Use

Honest reviews



I really love this product! It is really great! Everything about it was amazing because I do my nails so much it is amazing!

Darcy Phillips, ME


thich acrylic powder dries lumpy no matter how its done or who does it!!! & it only comes with enough to do your nails like twice… i recomend buying it from sallys beauty supply, its like four times as much and only twice the price. (:

Jamie Pencil Bluff, AR

Great product!

I used to get my nails done, but college doesn’t allow for that. Got this and a few things, lots of powder, great for a few years of personal use. Not at all brittle and is actually clear.

Sandy Augusta, GA

Great product

I use this along with the acrylic liquid (or sometimes super glue or clear nail polish) to make patches to repair split or peeling finger nails. I hate nails that are catching on fabric, and they need protection especially if they’re threatening to catch on something and tear into the sensitive nail bed. I’ve used this as needed for years. I’m no expert with it — my patches often aren’t attractive, but they’re utilitarian. I may need to re-patch every day or two, depending on how much and ruggedly I’m using my hands, and to be honest the super glue makes the longest-lasting patch. This gets me through the “danger zone” until the nail is grown out enough to be firm again. Its good to have the control myself, rather than having to go to a salon. I did watch a youtube video where the gal dipped the brush in liquid, then in the powder and patted it on with the side of the brush rather than stroking as you would with nail polish. That technique helps make a smoother and better looking patch.As always, Amazon service was good and this arrived pretty quickly after I ordered it.

Faith Lemon Grove, CA

Four Stars

good stuff

Tania Eaton Park, FL

So tiny !

The picture is very deceiving . The bottle is small . Not what the picture looks like. The product works good . So I can’t complain

Shawn Seaforth, MN

Not worth the money

My package came today, and it was soooo much smaller then expected. The picture is very deceiving. It had about two of the small glitter containers, that’s what I think to compare it to. I won’t be ordering from here again and would advise no one else to, until they are more clear about what they are selling i.e. ounce amount of product.

Becky Maceo, KY

350buy clear acrylic

nessessary to work withbut need more for much idea and planning to make some money on the side.this could become a great money maker.

Kate Mount Marion, NY

It works great..

It works great…it doesnt look like the bottle in the picture…its a brand! But it works well easy to blend with and soft. Love it!

Jan Priest River, ID

So small!

This is such a small container! I haven’t used it yet because I still have some from a bigger container. I wish I wouldn’t known it was so small, I would’ve spent more money to buy a bigger one.

Francis Popejoy, IA

I think i got ripped off

i ordered this and got this but it was not full all the way! so, that was a little disappointing.

Meagan Belgrade Lakes, ME

Nice clear powder

I wish the container was bigger BUT the quality is good….great for beginners….the price was great…no lifting…works well to encapsulate designs.

Isabel Grand Ronde, OR

Good stuff

Very good powder no yellow so far, easy to use and looks great. Also have pink that looks great on.

Sally Woodward, OK