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350buy Acrylic Pink Nail Art Tips Crystal Polymer Powder

Need Acrylic Liquid To Mixing When Using

Key features

  • 100% Brand New
  • Increase Crystal Pink And Dazzling Effect
  • Suitable For Professional Salon Or Home Use

Honest reviews


Small jar, terrible consistency

The jar is tiny, very tiny even though it was cheap. Only 1/2 of my jar was filled. The powder is very runny and hard to work with.Very disappointed because it produces a very nice, natural looking pink color, but the consistency makes the powder unusable.Save a few dollars and buy a good, quality powder (like one from CND), not this.

Elva Stone Park, IL


everyone is complaining that the jar I smaller, but being that when u have been doing nails for a while u already know this. I pay for quality not quantity. this Is a great product and I did buy in bulk of different acrylic powders, but outside of all that this product does exactly what it says its going to do and what I expect it to do, so lighten up just a litl and enjoy the product.

Meagan Essex, IL

pink crystal acrylic powder

I love using this product. It works very well. I have ordered this before and I love it. They shipped it to me fast. i will order it again. I will be referring this company to all my costumers to order this. I am very glad my order came early and they are easy to work with if any thing happens. Thank you for such good products.

Isabella Kittredge, CO

Small Amount

Ridiculously small amount of powder in this jar, couldn’t even finish all ten of my fingers. Completely absurd, and I would recommend not buying this product.

Loraine Juncos, PR


Not what I expected . The picture is really deceiving . Expected more because the picture actually looks like more. You get what you pay for

Lelia Albany, MO

I would use this again.

Great quality and smooth application. Long lasting and not at all gritty. It is a great product for the price.

Deidra Marathon, OH


I love the color and ease of using this powder. Doesn’t clump or get air bubbles in it. Goes on smooth and looks great. The color is fantastic. Very pleased.

Pamala Raleigh, IL

350buy Acrylic pink Nail Art Tips Crystal Polymer Power

i am sure there was a main delay and that is fine. i love the pink acrylic powder and i would order it again. thank you.

Lavonne Long Lake, MI

pink acrylic

well gonna try it soon and if it works I will buy more as long it dosent dry up to fast so 5 star for on time delivery

Corrine Northern Cambria, PA

Not quite what I expected

The container is hollow with a small recess for the powder. So you don’t get as much as the advertisement allows you to believe.It’s approximately .25 to .75 ounces. But it’s not a total lost, I only paid 2.10 for it. All in all, you’d be better off purchasing powder from you local beauty supply.

Tami Caddo, OK

I love it

I order this for my daughter who is now interested in applying acrylic nails for a hobby. I have ordered her all of the material that is needed and she is excited to have all of the things to work with. I received this earlier than expected and there was no damage. Thanks.

Marjorie Rowland, PA


this product is good, I am learning and don’t know how to do nails, but this works for me. It’s inexpensive and worth the price you pay to learn.

Dona Lehman, PA

Not what I expected

It was so tiny and half full. Will not buy again.. it really wasn’t worth it.. Disappointed it arrived earlier than expected that is why I gave it 2 stars

Rochelle Hopewell, OH