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350buy 24 Colors 3D Nail Art Glitter Acrylic Powder Decoration

100% new, never been used or displayed – 12X Color Glitter Acrylic Nail Tips Extension Powder – 12 x Color 3D Acrylic Powder – Good quality, for professional use – 24 bottles, mix colors – Just add powder to whatever you are using either gel or acrylic – These colors may be used to make 3D nail art or mixed with glitters or overlaid with shell/ opal flakes for outstanding results – They can be used on natural or false nail tips – Dimension of individual clear jar: Diameter 27mm x Height 14mm **Color may vary from bath to batch Package included 12 x Glitter Acrylic Nail Tips Extension Powder 12 x 3D Acrylic Dust Powder Set

Key features

  • 100% new, never been used or displayed
  • 12X Color Glitter Acrylic Nail Tips Extension Powder
  • 12 x Color 3D Acrylic Powder
  • Good quality, for professional use
  • 24 bottles, mix colors

Honest reviews


Small Glitter Containers

The thing to remember when buying this type of item is that the containers are NOT the same size as the smaller containers you’d get from a craft store. They’re about the size of a dollar coin (a little bigger than a quarter) and the height is a little over a centimeter. However, they contain a decent amount for the price you pay – in addition, you don’t need a lot for nail art, so the size/economy of scales and variety is a good "bang for your buck".The downside is that when you order from different sellers, the product isn’t always as advertised. While I’m happy with the price/quantity ratio and the type of glitter it is (very fine glitter), I’m dissatisfied that I ONLY got glitter. 12 of the containers should have contained concentrated colors (no sparkling associated), which I was excited to try out and mix with my clear acrylic powder if necessary. However, they have arrived as ALL glitters, which is disappointing.I have contacted the seller I got this set from and hope to get this issue fixed, as the picture & description shows it should have been 12 concentrated colors and 12 glitters. Will update the results later.

Leona Ardmore, AL


I love these, they are wonderful colors and glitters, the colors are vibrant and beautiful, and the glitters and gorgeous.

Laurie Creekside, PA

Five Stars

She likes them

Kaye Ironton, OH

love the colors

love the colors! only thing is the containers are so small I expected them to be a little bit bigger! I would say one color would do one set! I have not used them yet but that’s what im assuming based on the size!

Jana Russellville, SC


I thought this was going to be a normal sized little bottles….but they are very very very small…but at least it works

Amanda Mechanicville, NY

Well worth the money!

Well worth the money. 12 were fine glitter and 1/2 were pigment type powder. Loved them and the containers they came in.

Leticia Republic, OH

it was great stuff

Not the best Acrylic but still much better than some stuff I have used & when mixing the glitter into my own Acrylic colors it mixed well & people LOVED those colors!

Dorothea Bluffton, MN


I like the glitter set I got but the regular ones don’t really seem to work for me I would recommend the glitter ones.

Lola Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

I got what I ordered.

I got basically the same colors, maybe just not the brown. I knew there was a chance of getting different colors then in the pic. It was shipped all the way to Arizona so I also expected a little spillage. There wasn’t much tho just a dusting of the green and some glitter. They are the smaller size containers, but I knew it would be since you have to mix it with clear acrylic or white. They come in a pink little box, not the plastic one you see in the picture. I overall like the product I received.

Camilla Yeaddiss, KY

350buy 24 Colors 3D Nail Art…

I love these little guys but a bit messy. Some were not fully filled. But the colors are excellent. I’m new to creating 3 designs so that’s one thing I haven’t been able to do with these. And there’s not enough products to create a full set of nails. These are only for small color designs.

Billie North Charleston, SC

One Star

they did not came on the boxes ….the acrilic is cheap and stiky

Etta Sprague River, OR


Easy to add to clear acrylic and you can also dip finger in after applying top coat for the glitter to stick. Love that when using the color acrylic no or little nail polish is needed. Love them.

Aileen Annada, MO

Great product

These were easy to work with and yes they are small pots but they colored with just a dab, this is going to last me awhile. I mixed with a clear or white acrylic powder, it’s perfect. Nice vibrant colors.

Patrica Moncks Corner, SC