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350buy 20pcs New Colorful Acrylic 3D Rose Flower Slices UV Gel Nail Art Tips DIY Decorations

Can be used with nail polish, UV gel or acrylic nail, etc. Clean the surface of your nails, brush and base polish, place it onto nails Package Includes: 20 pcs Nail Art DIY Decorations (The colors may vary of different set) The False Nail Tips are not included

Key features

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner
  • It Make Your Nails Look Elegance and Special
  • Compatible with Both Natural and Artificial Nails and Easy to Apply
  • Also could be Used to Decorate Your Home, Cell Phone Case,Invitation Card, Body Art etc.

Honest reviews



Was kind of hesitate to buy because it had no reviews…. But they are great! Perfect size for nails! And they came way before the estimated arrival date! Will buy again! And they were so cheap!

Gwen Lobeco, SC


You will receive NONE of the colors shown! I am beyond unhappy with this purchase! The roses are all different sizes to the point that some or them are unrecognized as roses. The colors I received are ugly! Pale yellow, dark blue, and orange, the picture shown does NOT represent ANY Of those colors, roses in my package are also uneven! I have ONE dark blue rose and the rest are orange and yellow. How am I suppose to make any uniform design with THAT?! Send me another pack of rose nail art that are the same colors as your picture! I am one UNHAPPY costumer!!! D:<

Harriet Sheffield Lake, OH


This are very big but pretty! Good for making your nails look fancy and fun!

Alexis Sandborn, IN


All I received was green and pink. I bought 2 packages because other people said they didn’t receive what they wanted so I said oh ill order two since its cheap anyways. However, it skrewed me over because I got all green in one and all pink in the other. I didn’t receive any purple, red,black or white. very disappointed

Desiree Chazy, NY


Aside from the mixed sizes.. and there wernt two of the same color AND size I guess they are ok. If you dont wanna match that is

Adelaide Stanley, ID


I ordered this item because of the price and I thought they are cute. Later I wondered if the flowers would look cheap. Not the case at all. Just as pictured.

Aisha Chester, CA

…. i like it butttt….

i loves these flowers, they are beautiful. but i ordered the one with the torquise flower but when i saw them, it had every color in the packet except torquise. i have black, red, pink, and white. yyyeahh… i would recommend to those who dont mind if you miss a color.

Mildred Bens Run, WV

Avoid this….

I don’t like being negative BUT this stuff took over a month and arrived on the latest estimated arrival date, so it was still technically on time, but there IS NOT 20 pieces in this package. I have like anywhere between 7-10 and there aren’t even double of a color to do both ring fingers if you’re doing nails … And there’s no point in complaining even if they offer to send you another one because that’ll take another month and then asking for a refund of 90 cents is just petty…. I’m not 100% satisfied, but I can’t really be too upset knowing what goes on in those factories overseas (google it)!

Paula Lawton, PA

Quite large

As pretty as these are, I have very tiny nails and these are quite large. I wish there were different sizes instead of all of them being so big.

Laura Belva, WV


These roses are so stinking cute when they are put on! My only complaint is I now have a hard time doing my hair, but the messier hair is totally worth how cute these are on!

Mae Totowa, NJ

Haven’t gotten it yet.

I ordered it last night, but I can’t wait until they get here!!! I’ll make another review soon after I get them 🙂

Janell Owensville, OH

Flower Art

I haven’t tried these yet, however I love the colors, and the price! I Can’t wait to try them out.

Katherine Willow Island, NE


i love these flowers there so popular and so cute but they can be a little tricky to glue on make sure u use arcylic so it stays on longer

Lavonne Rochert, MN

not too bad but not one good purchase

I got them on time and they are really cute but they come in different sizes and I just got 17

Louella Moselle, MS

I didn’t receive the 20 flowers

They aré beautiful but I have two complains first they only came to me 15 pieces and that sucks!!! Second they are too flat to place on nails so I can use them for decoration ( that wasn’t the idea but)

Jacklyn Yulan, NY


came in different colors some a bit bigger then others,but i would use the bigger ones for my thumb nail,,

Millicent Saint Clair, MN


these are bigger than I thought. they are all different. some have glitter and the colors are black, white, blue, yellow, lime green, light blue and bright pink

Marlene Johnstown, OH


These roses were exactly what I expected. I just wish they would have come in a container for storage.."" Didn’t know"

Sylvia Mc Daniels, KY


I ordered this in December, got it a month after, its really quite nice, I will be using it for art, but not nail art, its just small and cute, just right for any art ideas that come along the way.

Sharron Colorado City, CO

Only got half of them…

I love these but they are difficult to use on natural nails because they are hard to stick on. Acrylic nails would work better with these. Also, I only got a pack of 10 in the mail when I expected 20.

Madeline Fisty, KY

Very eye catching

I use these on my nails occasionally. They work very well with acrylic nail glue (not so much with just top coat) and they’re small enough that they don’t overpower a design; they just enhance it. They fall off pretty easily, so if you work with your hands a lot, either carry around nail glue or use them sparingly. Overall, great product.

Ronda Fort Covington, NY


Theyre awesome.Super cheapMost cabochon followers like this are usually $3 for only 10. Super good deal. Recomended. I ordered more.

Candy Dufur, OR

Cut The Middle Man- Go Direct

Yay, kawaii!!!! On time and as described. Flat backs and differing sizes. I look forward to creating some very nice designs with these pieces, and you really can’t beat the price.

Angela Point Comfort, TX


The quality and shape are very nice they are so adorable! The only let down is that they are a little too big for what I need especially when working with short nails but I will figure out a way to use them.

Angela Bolinas, CA

Shipping took a while

I made several purchases of little charm-like pieces similar to these. I’m going to decorate my own phone case. This was the last package to arrive. Most of my orders were from Hong Kong so I knew they would take a few weeks to arrive. I wasn’t too worried.The product itself is exactly as pictured. The roses are small and very cute. They’re very nice.

Brittney West Valley, NY

Love em!

Super cute and I received multiple sizes, so I can add smaller ones with the slightly bigger ones. I will be purchasing more of these in the bear future

Carey Sawyer, ND


okay these are to small but supper cute they dont break as esly as you might think and the price is very expensive i think for the amount recived

Rosalia Bolivia, NC

love them

they stayed on for a while with not a lot of nail glue love them so much but i put them some where in my room and now i cant find them think i might need to order more

Jennie Uwchland, PA

great deal for the price

cute and sexy!

Robert Independence, IA

Too big

havent used these because they are way too big and stick out too far. Half of them were broken in the bag when i received them. I would not recommend unless its the look you are going for.

Lynnette Schertz, TX