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350buy 12 styles GLITZY TRANSFER NAIL ART FOIL – Nail tips ,toe,cellphone craft

HOW TO USE FOILS? 1) Prepare your nail bed by shaping, pushing cuticles back and removing all oils (do this using professional nail prep eg scrub fresh or nail polish remover. 2) Apply a thin, even coat of nail foil adhesive to each finger. Wait for it to turn from white to clear and is just tacky to the touch. This can take up to 10 minutes! (Necessary) 3) Press foil shiny side up, onto the nail bed and rub over using your finger, or for a better more precise application, use a rubber hoof stick. (for best results cut a piece of foil of the length just big enough for the nail, its easier to control and apply flat) 4) Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuch to your nail. If a bit is missing due to lack of foil adhesive, just reapply the adhesive to the part not taken and repeat. 5) Once completely dry, apply a coat of sealer/top coat to protect the foil. If the adhesive is not completely dry before applying the top coat, the foil will rub off. Warm Tips: 1, Just remember if it doesn’t work first time, Try again! It’s all about the timing of applying the foil to the adhesive at the right time. 2, Foils can take a while to get right, but once you do get the hang of it, you can create lots amazing Nail DESIGNS! PLEASE NOTE THAT DUE TO LIGHTING EFFECT AND COMPUTER COLOR, THE ACTUAL COLORS MAY BE SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FROM THE PICTURE Item included: 12 different styles Nail Art foil in jar .

Key features

  • 100% Brand New and High Quality
  • Great for Both Professional Nail Specialist or Nail Art Learner
  • Also could be Used to Decorate Your Home, Cell Phone Case
  • 12 Different Styles in the kit.
  • Hot sale style, the best price for all love beauty people!

Honest reviews


not all there

i got the foils but there was no adhesive to use the product .. i am having a hard time ordering the adhesive by it’s self .. so i do not really know if this product works til i get some adhesive .. when you read the description of the product you would think the adhesive comes with it

Jasmin Sumerco, WV


havn’t had a chance to use them yet but i’m so looking forward to it. if what I seen online is reliable this stuff will be amazing. shipping was fast..coming from over seas, and packaging was good. very happy!

Freda Mc Ewensville, PA

Really unique!

These transfers are really cool. I’m not into some of the colors (green/electric blue). I have got a lot of compliments on my nails when I’ve used them. They are easy to use and perfect for someone who doesn’t want to wait forever for their nails to dry. Make sure that the base coat is tacky before you put the transfer on it and it comes out nearly perfect every time.

Dena Bedford, MI

I use with gel nail polish.

I love this method of glaming up nails. After you apply your second coat of your choice of color simply dab the dull side of the foil and it has a really cool effect. The options are endless with mixing and matching the colors in this package. The variety it comes with is pretty good.

Camilla New Martinsville, WV

Nail Art Foil Fun

These transfer great to nails so far. I have tried most colors, I have not tried a full nail application, just partial design and that is what I wanted this product for.

Misty Hicksville, NY


I tried using these with shellac and it peeled off the next day. Ive had much better foil than this.

Ester Haugen, WI

Not as advertised

In the description of foils. It says 12 different foils. However, I did not receive 12 different foils. I received 9 different foils which means 3 are the same. I tried to leave 1 star but that was not acceptable so I’m trying 3 stars

Flossie Bud, WV

Stylish and new

While these aren’t easy to use at first, it gets easier with practice. You can create all kinds of looks with this foil, from subtle to flashy. Would recommend to anyone that wants to get attention, as long as they have time to practice and get it right

Elma Chama, NM

disappointed in variety

Price was good and shipping was fast, bbut I was very disappointed in my variety…or lack of. 5 of my 12 were silver, 2 each of 2 designs and 1 of a third. 4 of my 12 were fuscia, all the same design. 2 of 12 were same design teal. I only recieved 5 colors out of 12 rolls. 8 were plain design and 4 were fancier.

Audrey Art, TX

Doesn’t come with instructions

I looked up how to apply this on youtube and tried it, but I couldn’t get it to work. I wish this came with some instructions, or at least guided me to what type of glue to use. The foils came with nothing. Now I have pretty, metallic foils, but no directions on how to properly use it.

Marcia Lonsdale, AR

Three Stars

Love the colors but have a little trouble using them but would buy more

Victoria West Liberty, IL


My only complaint is you dont recieve all the colors you see in the pic… the foils are all beautiful but not as advertised.

Lucile Weott, CA


these had great color , lots of variety, glad i bought them. Got them to do nails with and i just love them.

Jeannine Longs, SC

its good,for nail art foil

It was great except the one film was falling apart and it was the one i really wanted,so that was all that was wrong.

Susanne Beloit, OH


I love what I got! It took about two weeks to get here, I was estimated into may so I’m happy I got it sooner. I got a good selection, just a little sad I didn’t get gold. The containers alone are worth what I paid, (a little over four dollars), and are a score because I know I can reuse them for my acrylics. It also comes with a great amount in each foil container. Each foil was just about as wide as my queen size bed. (I was opening my mail in bed). Really love what I got!

Jodie Sun Valley, ID

Ok foil

Great colors and very easy to use. Instructions would be nice, but were also found on the internet. Does not wear long and can wear off with in the week.

Melinda Black Hawk, SD


Well, i have issue putting it on for my daughter, she is 6 and think this may have been little early for her, oh well.thanx

Rosemary Dunlow, WV

Awesome colors!!

All the colors in this package are beautiful and none repetitive., I got a beautiful purple, gold, white, silver a beautiful multicolor, an Indigo, an electric blue, a glittery looking beautiful red, green, a holographic silver,and two more different multicolors. I’m very satisfy with this purchase and with the seller since I asked her a question about this foil transfers few days after I ordered and she replied promptly, very cordially a very helpful.

Yesenia Springfield, LA

evermatket 12

very nice set of foils they look really nice on and even better with a the tree different colors together

Fran Port Republic, MD

I got foiled…good!

Super sharp! Easy peasy and looks are infinite. True, I got more silver than I would have liked but overall I am happy. Want more colors/designs to play with!

Elaine Summitville, IN

Nice foils!

These are very pretty, I did receive a couple that were similar like silver but different patterns but I’m still happy with it. Keep in mind they don’t last very long but it’s well worth it and I’m happy with the amount for the cheap price!

Ellen Arlington, MN

colors are lovely,

colors are lovely, but i am not sure which is the problem the glue or the paper

Kaitlin Cedar Grove, WI


still learning how to use it, but it’s not bad. The directions are not in English so when i first used it, I had to wing it.

Lucia London Mills, IL

this is Foil

This is another product, that I didn’t understand. It is rolled up foiled, pretty but you have to cut it yourself. If you don’t have something small and precise to cut it into fine pieces it is a waste of time. Buy the foil already cut into small pieces.

Clarissa Cobalt, ID