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32oz. Organic Yellow FILTERED CREAMY Shea Butter By SaaQin®

Why do we filter it? Raw Unrefined Shea Butter is shipped from Africa full of impurities and broken shells etc. We Systematically clean most of it, we pack it well and we sell it as such. However 10% of all the impurities cannot be removed unless we melt the Shea Butter at a controlled temperature. Then We mechanically filter it. The final product is 100% Free of impurities, bacteria Free, in warm temperatures the butter is very soft and ready to use right away. It comes sealed in a temper proof jar, the jar is impervious to light which protects the Shea butter from degradation and color change.

Key features

  • Organic Unrefined Shea Butter very creamy, clean and Soft o the highest Quality.
  • Comes in a Temper proof jar protected from light which is known to alter the quality of Shea butter
  • This Shea Butter is 100% Free of impurities, Bacteria Free and uniform yellow
  • Comes with recipe on how to use it and make organic body butters
  • SAAQIN ® Registered Trademark and the only to sell Filtered and creamy Shea butter.

Honest reviews


Comparison of this shea butter with real shea butter

Kaye Sussex, NJ

Its not just shea butter

I have been using shea butter for years and this is not pure 100% shea butter. It is definitely mixed with something else as shea butter is not white or yellow its more of a beige/ivory and its smooth in texture. When I take this out is like clay dough and it actually flakes!! You can see the flakes falling off when I try to scoop it out and rub it in my hand to melt it down. It might be 100% some type of butter but its not just shea butter. Definitely refined. It doesn’t even have a smell and shea butter is very odoriferous. Do your research and know what you are buying. sheainstitute check it out

Sofia Kenly, NC

These people suck!!

The product itself was good. I prefer the yellow shea that is not as stiff and a bit creamier and this fit the bill, however, the container came and it was broken all to bits and cracked everywhere. Had it been summer time when it came it would have surely melted and run completely out of the container and I would have lost most if not all of it. I contacted the seller and was given his number to call him about it. We spoke and he was very nice over the phone and advised he would have a second container shipped to me for free and packaged much better. Well I got refund but NEVER got a replacement. I contacted him over a week after his promise and he claimed it was sent and I would get it soon. Almost 3 weeks have gone by and nothing. He is a liar and does not make good on his promises. I only got a refund because I went through Amazon and requested one. This company has poor shipping practices and do not send you a replacement if your container or product is damaged prior to you getting it. Won’t ever purchase from him again.

Willa Bear Lake, MI

Shea butter

I love this product. I use both the raw unfiltered as well. This one will melt quicker so you can apply and go. Your skin will love it. Excellect value and great quality.

Martina Euclid, OH

Great product!

I make my own lotion for my very dry skin and found this Shea Butter to be exactly what I was looking for.

Lula Campbell, CA

This is a great help.

This Shea Butter was a little on the hard side to get out of the container. I have had other butters with more fatty sustance in it and it spread better. This you have to really work hard to get it to start melting on your skin. I was not happy with this product. I went to a Japaneese merchant here and found a better grade of Shea Butter after I explained the condtions of the butter I purchased threw Amazon. I have sensitive skin and dry skin and need the Shea Butter to keep my skin moisted.

Adele Eagle Butte, SD


I ordered this item for the 1st time on a Saturday and had it by Monday. Hopefully, should I choose to purchase this item again the shipping is just as quick as the 1st time. I’ve been using this shea butter for about a week and so far it keeps my skin supple. Like other reviewers, I use it as soon as I get out of the shower and on me it seems to sit on the surface of my skin for a few minutes because its thick but absorbs very well thereafter. Purpose of this buy was to even out blotchy skin areas but I still need a few more weeks to see results…

Francisca Leupp, AZ

The Real Deal

Love this product is is everything they said it was. Love the texture and it was more than enough to share. It makes my skin feel great I wasnt sure about using on my face but I did and it didnt clog any pores this is the bomb. Will order again

Evangeline Carthage, SD

Excellent quality

I only learned of the value of shea butter last summer. I was looking for something natural, but long lasting and good for my skin because I was breaking out with almost every other moisturizer I used. My niece told me about shea butter so I did some research and found that raw shea butter is the best for your skin. I ordered some and saw an amazing improvement of my overall skin tone in about 3 weeks but even better, I didn’t break out.Why I like it: raw shea butter (don’t get the whipped kind or mixed with other stuff) is natural, very emollient and a little bit goes a long way. I’ve used it on healthy skin, sunburned skin, skin that had a rash on it, skin that was SUPER dry and on my hair to help with friz and static. I’m a fair fair skinned red-head so you can imagine how thankful I am to have finally found something that works but that I can also share with my husband, who is dark hair/eyes and more ruddy complexion. Our two daughters are bi-racial and shea butter does AMAZING things for their skin.What I don’t like (but can live with):* The smell of raw shea butter is something you have to grow to tolerate or appreciate. Some people describe it as nutty, I think it smells more like a mild camp-fire smokey scent. The scent only lasts until the shea butter is absorbed into your skin. You can also find recipes online to whip the shea butter with your favorite essential oil and make it smell better.* It can be difficult to put on if you don’t warm it up first. The texture is similar to the wax pomade that you put on your hair to style it. Some people microwave a bit before they rub it in, I personally find that just putting a small ball in my palms and rubbing them back and forth really fast warms it up enough to spread. Again, if you whip it and keep it in a sealed, airtight container, it is easier to put on.All in all, I’m very pleased with this product, the amount is generous and will last a very long time. The yellow color and thick texture are important, even if they don’t look as pretty because it means it is 100% pure. The white shea butter you see around is mixed with other things and won’t give you the same benefits.It’s a great product, no matter what your skin type. I’ve have several people ask me what is different about me, that I look more radiant and comment on my smooth, clear skin. So it must be doing something!

Selena Arnegard, ND


I don’t even want to think about what my skin would look like if I did not use this. My son has MS and some of his medications dry out his skin. I tried so many different over the counter moisturizers and nothing worked until I went back to my old stand-by. I made a mixture of equal parts by weight of shea butter, almond oil and apricot oil. I heat all three up in the microwave just until the shea butter melts. I stir the mixture up really well then allow it to sit and cool off stirring occasionally over the next day or so. It will emulsify and become a very creamy texture. This mixture has my son’s skin looking so wonderful that his doctors have asked what I put on his skin because his skin looks so healthy. Even when my son has an occasional pressure sore, I put this mixture around the area to keep it soft and pliable and I think it heals better without that tight and drawn up look. You can also put this mixture on your scalp it helps stop itching and flaking. Shea butter will go rancid so it is important to keep this product in the fridge. I have a small Glad container that I put about a cup into and wrap up the rest and put it in the fridge. This keeps it fresh.

Toni New Raymer, CO

Finally – An Affordable Solution for Dry Skin

My skin is drier than the Sahara, and the soles of my feet have always been a cracked, painful nightmare. I’ve spent years paying top prices – like $50 for an 8 oz jar of Kiehls intensive Treatment and Moisturizer for Dry or Callused Areas. Nothing can beat this for effectiveness of price. I add a few drops of essential oil (I prefer ylang ylang) to a tablespoon on this shea butter, microwave it for 1 minute, and slather it on head to toe. My massage therapist now uses this same preparation for our session. It’s great.

Natalia Redan, GA

excellent product

I bought this product as a last effort to hydrate my skin. Since moving to Colorado my skin has been so dry and I needed to suppliment my beauty routine by adding additional moisturizers . I had tried everything, Coconut oil mixed w/ facial moisturizer, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, just to name a few. And the shea butter took care of it and no more dry spots. Also great to use as nipple butter for nursing moms!! Totally recommend!!

Marci Tennessee Colony, TX

Filtered really?

This was so gritty, wished I knew before I added ingredients. You have to work it very smooth for a long time. So difficult to work with. I thought that melting it would make it much smoother to add the oils and essenses’s. Very think and gritty. Wouldn’t buy it again.

Hillary Metz, WV