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32oz African Shea Butter by Smellgood

SOFT & CREAMY 32oz WE HAVE UNREFINED AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER 32oz (2 POUNDS) AND SUPER FRESH . SEE OUR FEEDBACK!! IF YOUR UNHAPPY LET US KNOW WE ARE HERE TO MAKE YOU HAPPY AWESOME PRODUCT INTERNATIONAL ORDERS WELCOME. FRESH IN FROM GHANA ALWAYS SEE OUR OTHER LISTINGS USES OF SHEA BUTTER Shea butter can be used to treat: 1. Dry skin, eczema, infant eczema, Rashes 2. Treats dark spots, stretch mark , burns, lessens the irritation in psoriasis, wrinkles, blemishes, Diaper rash, scars & skin discolorations. 3. Moisturizes and Heals Skin – relieves symptoms of extreme dryness, eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies 4. Anti-inflammatory Properties .Provides Pain relief from swelling and arthritis. 5. In Nigeria, shea butter (popularly called ori in Yoruba) is used for the management of sinusitis and relief of nasal congestion. This is due to its hydrating properties which help in relaxing the tension in the facial skin, thus easing respiration. 6. Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness in joint aches/arthritis. 7. Strengthens Cuticles and Nails 8. Hair conditioner for dry and brittle hair. 9. Used for Chapped lips. 10. Used as a sun blocking lotion. Protects With a Natural Sunscreen (due to its rich content of vitamin E and D).It reduce the effects of UV damage on the skin. Product of Ghana Directly from the Importers !

Key features

  • natural
  • smellgood orginal product

Honest reviews


Great for everything

…hair, face, lips, feet, cuticles. Doesn’t smell all that nice but the smell goes away. Can be really greasy. Used for my very dry cracking wintered lips and they are back to normal. I use every night on my feet and they are no longer dry and callused

Latasha Gray, KY

Great for body

I love the using product for body but, too strong for my family’s face (also gives a greasy affect). P.s. great for the rough bodily parts, knees, elbows and even better for feet. Bought bigger tub than usual to share w/best friend. It also lasts for months at a time even w/the smaller tub.

Lynda York Haven, PA

Must have

Ok listen, this isn’t what many of us are used to.. But once you scoop a lil up with you finger and let the warmth of your hands rubbing together melt it and you smooth it on and rub it in you will be hooked! Your skin willingly will absorb this product and retain its effect! I love it! I will never go to another skin softener!I have enjoyed several products from this seller! I’m a buyer for life on this product and the dudu osun line..The seller was kind and swift in answering questions I had about the product!

Sarah San German, PR

For soap

Fantastic for use as a hand cream or as an ingredient in soap or body butter. I wish I had understood ahead of time the depth of aroma from the unrefined shea butter. Its not unpleasant, but it does have its own smell. If you intend to make something scented, get the refined version. If you are looking for something more natural, this is excellent.

Marva Albion, RI

raw shea butter

This stuff is way greasy and do not see any results whatsoever. Total waste of money.If you are going to try it plan on wearing it at nightime only since you will look like a grease ball!

Mayra Owego, NY

I’m a big Shea butter fan

I love the stuff for my skin and hair. I always melt it, put any other oils in it, like coconut oil and olive and whip it up to make a cream like substance. For $11, this is a steal for that much shea butter which will last me quit awhile. Buy ladies and gents. Definitely recommended.

Kathryn Maywood, NE

Soft on the skin

This was my first purchase of Shea Butter. I like it. I doesn’t smell the best but it is tolerable. I mix it with coconut oil and essential oils for a soft skin lotion. Adding other ingredients masks any unpleasant shea butter aroma.

Regina Dallas, PA

Very smooth and very effective.

Most natural products are too musky or too odorous for me but this one works fine. I use this everyday and I even have friends starting to use it.

Dora Ellinger, TX

Whole lotta butter

Bought this to make homemade beard conditioner and works perfectly for that. Other than that, it’s as advertised, but it!

Lottie Spencer, MA

Real Deal Shea Butter

IT comes in the huge container pictured. Before first use, I left in the bathroom so the shower steam would soften it a bit. I think it will last me quite a while. Definitely the real deal at a great price. Thanks!

Genevieve Slidell, LA

Use it For Everything

I use the shea butter all the time and this is a huge tub. I usually melt down the butter, mix in a few essential oils and let it return to about 90% of it’s original solid form. Then I whip it up into a smoother texture and transfer it to smaller jars. For thicker hair, it’s a great moisturizer. And after bath and in the warmer months, the smoother texture is great for after bath/shower and all day moisture.

Frances Neal, KS

Great for dery skin

I have very dry skin and I mix a little of this with my moisturizer and my skin feels soft all day

Margo Richland, SC

always the best

these are the best shea butters around. silky, melty, tasty (our 2 year old thinks so), and very nourishing. Just whip 2C of shea with 2T of lanolin, 2T jojoba and 2tsp of veg. glycerin. I don’t like using coconut oil as it makes the mix more stainuous, but it does add protection and shine. If you melt everything, you can also add beeswax. Then let it set up again and whip. after a bath or after shaving just get a daub and it goes on like… well like shea butter.

Lana Bonnie, IL


More goodies to try to make my own stuff because of all my allergies to chemicals. Have to wait for the results

Angie Mount Pleasant, AR

Product was very wonderful thank you very much

Product was very wonderful I am I will recommend my friends and was quickly Aluswol Thank you very much Thanks

Janelle Cassatt, SC

Shea butter

I love this shea butter. Melts fast and makes your skin feel smooth and moisturize, continuously. It is also good for your hair, face and body.

Lena Buhl, AL

This African Shea Butter beats any moisturizer sold in stores.

Shea butter is amazing. The shea butter is completely solid, however as I scraped it from the container, it softens on the palm of my hands. It leaves my skin moist and soft. Overall, this product was worth buying.

Ila Colman, SD

The real thing!

This Shea Butter is very fresh. It melts in your hands or once it makes contact with your skin. It immediately softens the skin packaging was great and it arrived before the deadline. Never knew Shea Butter did so many things so I rubbed it in my sore knee it stopped aching

Hester Wedowee, AL

love it!!!!

my hair loves shea butter. as soon as i put it on my scalp, my hair grows so fast. the downside of using shea butter is that my scalp eats it up within a day. i was running low on shea butter and needed more so i found this seller. its hard to find 32oz of shea butter for under $20. i will be ordering from them again.

Andrea Mendota, MN


this is such a life saver. keeps my skin moisturized all day and slowly evens out my skin tone and clears out stretch marks.

Lawanda Tea, SD

Not sure of what I’m really getting!!

When using this product, it worked okay, but the research that I have done on organic shea butter tells me that this product may not be actual African Shea Butter. This product may be just plain African Butter(kpangnan) that comes from a totally different tree, that grows in a totally different part of Africa, then where African Shea butter would come from. Like I said in a earlier comment, it worked okay, but if I order African Shea Butter, that is what I expect to get. Future customers, please do your homework on this product, for if you are purchasing African Shea Butter, that is what you should received.

Amy Palmyra, NJ

Skin soooo soft

I use this every night before bed and my skin has never looked better. Heat it up in the microwave for 20 seconds and it becomes an oil that’s easily applied to the skin. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Cecilia Macfarlan, WV

Shea butter is the best

No more dry skin. I use it everyday all over my body. I wouldn’t use anything else. It smells natural.

Cathy Somersville, CT

Make “body butter” out of it!

This product is hard to apply because it’s solid. Google "shea body butter" this makes it a lot easier to apply. Body butter is basically melting it with a double boiler, add a little bit of carrier oil (I use sweet almond) let it cool but not become solid again (I put mine in the fridge to speed up the process) then whip it the way you’d make whipped cream. Google body butter for a more detailed recipe. This is a good product it makes my feet soooo soft. Just apply and put on some socks overnight.

Sonya Glencoe, KY

First of all, it was not in a tub …

First of all, it was not in a tub as I had expected going by the picture. It was in a clear bag in chunks. It’s so difficult to mash to apply to the skin and when I finally got it on, my skin was still ashy.

Mildred Watson, AL

Got there on time

I used it to put on my little one and it worked fine. I have yet to use it on my hair but I am sure it will work fine that is why I gave it a four star.

Lakeisha Advent, WV


Y’all I was scared at first to buy this because of some negative reviews but I’m sooooo glad I took the change not only did it smell nice its creamy and soft and amazing and the price is just right I will be a frequent buyer and will tell others about this product!

Lauren Adell, WI

Four Stars

Good bargain. last long.

Selina Ryan, OK

Loving it

I use this everyday in my skin, face, hair, everywhere! It’s so moisturizing and gives my skin a Healthy glow. I recommend it

Judy Baldwinville, MA

Love it

I love raw yellow african shea butter. Not only that, this porduct was delivered fresh. The sticker tage on the top also has the the website like to to company that sells this, and they have other great products. I would recommend this to anyone, and the prices are good as well.

Vicky Tazewell, TN