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32 PCS Makeup Brush Set + Black Pouch Bag Science Purchase

Black Make Up Brush Set: 32 Brushes, Science Purchase

Key features

  • 32 Brushes Black Make Up Brush Set
  • Black Make Up Brush Set
  • Science Purchase

Honest reviews


I have no complaints

A bunch of people were complaining and I thought that this was amazing. I love the brushes and the pack was awesome! The thing did smell like fish, but after a while it was alright.

Karin Buckeye, IA


YES!!! they did come with a smell but only the bag and who wants the bag? Not me (: I recommend these to brush lovers

Lana Truro, IA


Today my wifey got her make up brush set she was so excited she loved the softness of goat hair she was so surprised she cant wait to put it on her make up but the black pouch that holdts it pleather meaning fake leather that what smells bad I just hope strongly these brushes last long

Amelia Tupman, CA

Love these brushes!

I bought these for a gift, but only after I bought a set for myself. They do have a little smell to them, but after you wash them they are fine. The holder is what really has the smell, but is just the product material and it is NOT a bad smell. It just kind of reminds me of the way leather has a smell. Will order again when I need new brushes.

Jesse Winfield, AL


it does have a plasticy smell, but it’s okay as long as you air it out. for the price the quality of the brushes aren’t that bad. i just wish there was a more variety in the brushes cause they’re all the same basically.

Darla Johnson, KS