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32 Color Hair Chalk Set | Lasts up to 3 Days | Blendable Pastel and Primary Colors | for All Hair Types | Sets in 60 Seconds

32 Color Assortment of Hair Chalk. Gypsy Stix set into hair and last up to 3 days. All colors blend into one another. Blend pink into blue or lime green into black. Even Cameleons love them!! So many colors to play with. You can blend light to dark or dark to light, making it the easiest hair chalk to use. Blend the different shades to get the Ombre hair effect. Easy to apply and wash out of hair. Use Gypsy Stix White first on dark hair then add color choice for best results. 32 Pastel and Primary Bright colors come in this set. 100 applications in each stix. The only hair chalk that has a built in sealent so the colors set into hair in 60 secounds and do not rub on pillow, sheet, or clothes. Gypsy Stix lasts in hair up to 3 days. Can be washed out with 1-2 washings with shampoo. Can be styled and sprayed with hair spray. Packaging has been drop tested and approved. Packaged with a foam protector inside. Thick top and sleeve have been added for optimal protection against chalk breakage. Get the best colors and brightest results with Gypsy Stix Hair Chalk.

Key features

  • 32 Hair Chalk For All Hair Types / Use Wet or Dry
  • Pastel and Primary Bright Colors In All / 100 Applications in Each Chalk Stick
  • Built In Sealent Will Not Rub Onto Clothes Or Sheets / Sets and Seals in 60 Secounds / No Staining
  • Use White On Dark Hair First Then Add Color Choice
  • Lasts Up To 3 Days In Hair /Easy To Use / Easy To Wash Out

Honest reviews


Oily messy and breaks easy, your bathroom be a mess

I got this as a gift. I have Ombre hair with blonde on the bottom. The colors should show up well on the blonde color. Specially the pinks and blues. Well the chalk broke in half as soon as i went to use it, then got all my hand. Made my hair clump together, may be it has too much oil and when I went to wahs my hands, it was all over my sink and very hard to remove. Worse chalk ever.

Gussie Goochland, VA

Not a favorite

Well its my first time using cam packaged great…clean and brand new, but the product itself sucks. Super messy and it def. doesn’t set in 90 gets every where all day. on my face, clothes…hands Doesn’t last all day either, im super sad.

Alexandra Pixley, CA


Fun with the grand kids teenagers to 8 yrs olds have totally great time adding color to hair.Thanks for good times

Patricia Mechanicsville, IA


Some colors work some dont. They break no matter how soft you are and they are so small. Like way too small. Not worth the price i paid.

Lourdes Norridgewock, ME


Messy of course but that was expected. Lay a towel on the ground under you while applying and also wear a t-shirt over the shirt you are wearing. The color can be brililant at first but honestly it doesn’t last more than a couple of hours. I bought these for my 5 daughters and they were out of there hair before the end of the day.

Margie Charleston, WV

Chalk from the art store is better.

I bought these and I was seriously disappointed. They didn’t stay in very long and Heaven forbid if you had to brush your hair after chalking it. It brushed right out! Hard Pastel Chalk sticks from the local Art store last much longer, are brighter, you can get more colours, and won’t brush out. Plus you can buy 32 stick that are 3 times the size of these for $5 while this cost three times that. I would NEVER recommend these to anyone I know.

Deborah Lionville, PA

loved the idea – not the product

Very difficult to apply and the color did not last long. Would most likely not buy again – shipping process was excellent – just not thrilled with the product.

Stefanie Melcher, IA

Wont show up On Brown Hair

The seller is amazing shipped to me on time, quick fast. nothing broken and in excellent shape. But one problem the product is kind of dull on light brown hair. I tried all the colors and the only one (The Black) Showed up in my hair, so sadly its kind of useless. although if you have blond hair I’m sure this would work amazing!

Sylvia Waterman, IL

Pretty cool

My daughter asked for these for her birthday. The work pretty good. Whatever you do dont put them on your hair and then wear light clothes they tend to run a bit.

Deirdre Rancho Santa Fe, CA

great color selection, but little smaller than expected

we really liked that the color selection was so varied and that there were no colors we didn’t like! the actual chalks are a little small, but in use, not much is lots in the transfer, so they seem like they will last a long while.

Camille Montezuma, NC