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30Pcs Mixed Colors Rolls Striping Tape Line Nail Art Tips Decoration Sticker from Y2B

You can try various other combinations, match with your mood or outfit. Just make sure that the colors are contrasting, so that it can bring the best out of your striping tape ! Self-adhesive, no glue needed. Place it on nails or tips and cut off excess length . Apply top coat for the best result. Great for designing your own nail art and nail patterns

Key features

  • 30Pcs Mixed Colors Rolls Striping Tape Line Nail Art Tips Decoration Sticker Hot Sale
  • Can be used with UV gel, acrylic nail, nail polish
  • Self-adhesive, no glue needed

Honest reviews


Arrived way ahead of schedule

These work like a charm. Be aware that they are very thin. Look fantastic on my nails. Wish they were in a variety of thickness.

Elsie Aibonito, PR

Great tape

I got this order with super fast delivery .I did get alot of duplicates but not all, one had striped design,and a couple were iridescence, meaning they shine in rainbow colors.This is a great value.

Cassie Garrison, MD

Nail Stripping Tape

The very first time I used this, it was super easy and my nails came out great. I have received a ton of compliments. I would recommend to do a few nails and then put the top coat on before continuing on. I found some of the ends started to lift. I thought that the top coat would take care of it, but it didn’t. I used nail clippers to cut them flat.

Rosalinda Belvidere Center, VT

ok too few

i thought there would be more of a variety of colors not just 10 different colors times 3 spools???? it would have been a 5 if not for the false picture portraying 30 different colors!

Patrice Maggie Valley, NC

Lots of Fun!

There’s lots of rolls and they last practically forever! I was very impressed with all the colors and the ease of being able to use them and do my nail art. This really is a great buy! Very recommended for nail artists.

Nelda Elmwood, MA

3 sets of 10 colors in my pouch, but I’m pretty happy anyway!

As I state above, like some other customers, I got three sets of the same 10 colors, but I can’t say that I mind that too much – I really can’t complain, for the price I paid! Had I bought these at Sally Beauty Supply prices, I WOULD be upset at the lack of variety, but I didn’t, so I’m content!I WILL need to practice applying the tape, though. The only trials I’ve really had with it are dealing with proper placement, since it’s SUPER thin! Once you lose the end of the tape, it’s a real challenge to find the end again (so be sure you fold your ends over when you’re done. There’s plenty here, so it won’t really be a loss). Aside from that, in applying this tape to my gel nail manicures, I’ve figured out that you MUST apply ALL of your tape while the gel polish is still tacky, before you’ve applied and cured the top coat. With the tackiness of the lacquer, and the final application of at least one layer of top coat, there’s no worry of the ends peeling up so much that the tape will completely peel off, but if you try to go back a few days later (as I did), and add another layer of tape, the nail surface isn’t sticky enough for the ends to not roll up. I found myself trimming off tape ends multiple times a day when I added that second layer days after completing my initial manicure, and forget about sealing your gel manicure with regular clear nail polish. In my case, each time I’ve tried that, the clear regular polish cracks throughout the surface, and chips off, and then my nail tape ends are rolling up throughout. NOT pretty! I even tried the tips I found online suggesting that the tape be wrapped around the back of the nails, and nail glue be applied in small amounts to secure the ends (I even used a round toothpick to help apply and hold the tape down as it dried). No dice. Buffing my nails at the ends of the tape after it was applied worked for some of the lines, but then there’s also the issue of overbuffing, and getting matte finish patches where I want the glossy sheen of my gel nail manicure instead (yet another reason to apply it to the colored lacquer, THEN seal with the top coat)! :/ Practice makes perfect, I guess, so it’s just a matter of time before I master it, I hope…One drawback I’m experiencing (that I think bears consideration for customers) is with the literal “slow boat to China” effect (although I suppose I should tweak that phrase, since these seem to have gotten to me on a “slow boat FROM China”)! It takes FOR EVER to get anything I order from vendors based in China, so just be prepared if you opt to order from them! Either way, I’ll probably just suck it up & try to deal with it; I love Amazon, but I am NOT in love with the new $35 minimum order total in order to get free super saver shipping! Unless I’m ordering A LOT from Ammie from here on out, looks like I’ll be going with 3rd party vendors, for better or worse!!!

Essie Bangor, WI

The idea is nice!

I like the idea of these tapes and got an assortment of colors that will last me forever! However, the tape begins to peel on the edges regardless of the amount of top coat (shellac) I put on top or close to the sides. I have even applied these to wet nails before drying in the hopes it would lock in the tape better, not the case. 2 days later and it’s peeling. Grrrrrr

Beatrice North Pembroke, MA

great value

If you like using the stripes this is a good value for what you need.Only gave 4 stars because they should advertise that you may get a few repeated colors and they aren’t super sticky. But they ARE sticky enough to do the job at hand!!Moving on. Yes there are some repeats, but with 30 pieces, I’m not surprised. There’s still plenty of variety. At least 20 different colors/patterns. For the price it’s definitely worth it, regardless.If you use them for stripe art (keeping the stripers on the nail) then obviously you should cut them slightly smaller than your nail. Or they will peel off.These also work for creating stripes and straight lines in nail art by applying your design and removing stripes after you’ve applied the polish, while still wet.No matter how you choose to use these…always use a top coat. If keeping the stripes on your nails…use two layers top coat! Or expect them to peel off and blame the person who didn’t put top coat on!!!!Yes I’d recommend this purchase for anyone into nail art. Too good a price not to.

Pam Rosebud, TX


I use this product, for design, that I do on nails. I find working , with these tapes, that are self-adhesive, are GREAT!Easy to apply!Clients’ love them, as do I love working , with them, definitely, will be purchasing more , of the mixed color rolls, and the Hologram, striping tapes as well, in the future!

Esmeralda Highgate Center, VT


I had no multiples except a silver and gold extra. Which is the most easily used colors so obviously I’m ok with those, other than that no dupes and arrived way before expected. Remove from little bag before use they’re very sticky on the sides, remove carefully not to ruin the roll. Loses stick easy/isn’t super sticky is my only complaint still 5 stars though 🙂

Josefa Wakefield, LA

Perfect for me

Love these, cant wait to get to use them more. They stick and stay unlike other brands I’ve tried. get you some

Leticia Greenville, IN

Fast delivery

These came fast, nicely packaged and brand spanking new. Just as the picture shows. There seems to be a few repeats but I don’t mind because I can use those to do my line art and not worry about wasting a striping pattern!

Valarie Nokesville, VA

Love it!

I’m a beginner when it comes to nail art, but these are really fun and easy to use. It takes a bit of practice and some manual skills to get a really nice and clean design, but once you get a hang of it, the possibilities are endless. If you need inspiration, there are literally hundreds of YouTube tutorials to help you.The order came way faster than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise, and the variety of colors and patterns was amazing. I didn’t get any doubles in my order, though I probably wouldn’t mind either way, not for that prize! There is enough of product to last me a life time, honestly. I don’t think I’ll ever have to order these again (though I totally would!).The only thing that I could complain about is the quality of the glue. It just doesn’t always stick well. But then again, like with any other nail art stickers, as long as you put on a layer of clear coat nail polish at the end, you’re all good!Overall, this was an awesome purchase and I’m really glad I gave these a try.

Trudy Hamilton, WA

Five Stars

These have arrived already! Can’t wait to try them out. A lot of color choices to choose from!

Lisa Mccleary, WA

waste of money.

The only good thing about this order is that is came in two weeks early that’s the one star rating. Other then that they fake you out. I saw the picture and it shows a bunch of different colors including black. Well I got three separate packages stapled together with ten striping tapes per package and no black. In fact each package are all the same colors. So basically I have three packages exactly the same and not the variety advertised. False advertising and not worth the money.

Amy Bronson, KS

product was small

product was smaller then i expected but was definitely as described. very bright and colorful love all the options. arrived perfectly.

Deidra Springerton, IL

Excellent product

As a professional nail technician this product is a must have customers love them and it adds variety and style to you client nails.You should buy a few.

Yvonne Hobart, IN

Vibrant and great assortment

These arrived early and packaged neatly. Each roll is individually bagged. There are a few duplicates, but no complaints with that at all. It’s a great assortment for the price and these will last a super long time. Great pack to get for starters or to just enjoy knowing you have it in bulk. Can’t wait to start using them!

Benita Scotts Hill, TN


fun colors, if you are a curious person you will like to play with these. 30 rolls are enough! but for 30 rolls I would have wanted crazy colors and patterns on a couple instead of 1 color in 2-3 rolls each. not much else to say about tape

Queen Harlem, GA

Fntastic way to give your nails a fun, professional, clean look

I love these nail tapes!!! This is a fantastic way to give your nails a fun, professional, clean look. I have enjoyed using these and experimenting with different designs. It took me a little bit of I me to figure out the best ways these would work or me. These are not super sticky, but once you start applying your polish, they set nicely. I use these with the Gelish nail bond, base and top coat. I apply the Gelish bond first, apply the nail tape(s) in the style I like, add layers of Gelish base (setting each time between coats), apply the top coat, and once everything has been applied and set, I will file the sides to reveal a very polished, professional look. A perfect gift for yourself or anyone who loves to work on their own nails.

Krystal Pipersville, PA

Its ok

The adhesive is not strong on this strips so be warned. They are inexpensive but they are difficult to work with if you’re not experienced.

Eula Donner, LA

Good for some, NOT for me

My personal experience with this nail tape was 100% NEGATIVE, I love me some fun things to create nail art but me and this tape DO NOT get along! It won’t adhere to my nail and if I actually get it to it looks like a 5 year old did my nails….no a 5 year old could probably do better, I HIGHLY REGRET my purchase, it was a waste on my part because now I have 30 rolls of nail tape I can’t even use, you don’t know what will happen until you try it and unfortunately nail tape is NOT for me, I do want to be clear that this doesn’t affect how I feel about the seller, which is POSITIVE, it’s just this product was no good for me

Suzette Coulee Dam, WA



Kristine Springerville, AZ

Love it!

The rolls are tiny, which I totally should have expected. They came in great condition and great variety, each packaged individually and then sealed in a bigger bag. Pretty much already ready for storage!

Alicia Netawaka, KS

i like these

These were ok. pretty colors but they dont stick good. also i would have loved some type of directions with them.

Silvia Panama, NE


I have done so many different designs with this already. Love this item and would recommend to anyone! Pinterest is all I can say haha.

Summer Holt, MO


Do not buy this product expecting you will get 30 different colors. I received a nice variety, but there are 2-3 of most colors. Here’s what I received:1 copper1 holo1 holo multi color2 white2 silver2 fuchsia3 cobalt blue1 dark gold1 charcoal grey2 ruby red1 sea foam green1 pink2 Barney purple2 gold1 sparkle fuchsia2 sparkle gold2 sparkle purple2 light green1 sparkle greenThat’s 30 total.

Jeannine Birch Tree, MO

many great colors

i was thinking they were a bit bigger in weith and more bigger circles yet lots of colors. many ideas. received fast than told. thanks

Nellie Bowers, PA

bright colors! so many!

they have so many colors to choose from and they’re so easy to place on your nails. makes the hardest designs easier.

Myra Boyd, MN

Its different from the picture !

It comes late by 3 wks ! I’ll never think to order from them again ! Also the colors are not the same as in the picture all are different !

Christina Fairfax, VT