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3000pcs 2mm 12 Color Nail Art Glitter Rhinestones Tips + 5 x 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen + Tweezer

Features: Rhinestones: 1. New Nail Decoration 2. Approximately 3000pcs Nail Art Rhinestones 3. Easy to apply on natural or artificial nails. You can also use them to decorate your home,cell phone,book,player case,glasses,made card,body art etc 4. They can be used many times if they are used and removed properly 5. Perfect gift for your girlfriend or wife 6. Shapes: Round 2.0mm Flat-bottom 7. Color: as pictures shown Tweezer: 1. It is made of high quality material, durable enough for your daily using 2. This is a must have little tool to pick up rhinestones or decorations 3. Carefully designed, excellent for use 4. Material: Stainless steel 5. Size: 4.37 x 0.43inch/11.1 x 1.1cm 6. Color: Silver How to use: Cover the nail with an enamel or topcoat Use Nipper to pick up the gem, place on the nail Repeat until desired design is complete Cover entire nail with a topcoat 5pcs 2-way Nail Art Dotting Pen: 1. This 5PCS 2 Way dotting pens is a perfect convenience tool to add dots to your nail art design??These nail art dotting pens are in the same size 2. One end with a larger ball and another end with a smaller one 3. Straight and angular dotting balls for all sort of working conditions 4. Easy and accurate, make your dots perfectly round 5. Ideal for rhinestone,steel bead,pearl or any other small items for nail art 6. You can use this useful tool for creating a marbling design, blending colours, creating swirls and textured finishes. It can also be used for creating dots – of an even or decreasing size, and to pill dots into petal shapes when doing finely detailed flowers 7. Length: 12.5cm 8. Color: blue Package Includes: 3000 x Nail Art Rhinestones 1 x 5pcs 2 way Nail Art Dotting Pen 1 x Nail Art Eagle Tweezer Picking Tool

Key features

  • 3000pcs 2mm 12 Color Nail Art Glitter Rhinestones Tips + 5 x 2 Way Marbleizing Dotting Pen + Tweezer

Honest reviews


Very happy

I’m happier with this than I thought I’d be. The tools came in pink. I didn’t realize they’d come in a different color, but pink is one of my favorite colors so I’m not complaining. The container for the stones is made well. The lids will not be unexpectedly popping open by mistake. The tweezers are perfect as well. I really can’t complain for what I paid.

Sabrina Leadville, CO

so much easier

the tool helps design my kids and my along with the tweezers for adding the jewels. and will be using them for a wedding party

Lara Orlando, WV


I received everything that said would come in, none of the rhinestones loose. I received 5 pink dotting tools and tweezers for free with this purchase. Its really worth it for the price and amount of things you purchase.

Juliana Hagan, GA

I wouldn’t purchase this item again.

! I received the rhinestones…and immediately I noticed that some of the stones where outside the container. Also the stones are very tiny.

Ellen Ardoch, ND

How is this so CHEAP??

Just got this in the mail and it looks just like the picture. Some of the rhinestones fell out of their little container, but no biggie. Tweezers are thin but look like they will work fine. There are 5 dotting tools but only 5 or six different sizes on the ends, not the 10 I was expecting. Again, no biggie.What I want to know is, how in the world do they ship this stuff from Hong Kong, through customs, for so little?? I think it’s some sort of conspiracy!! 🙂

Belinda Gustavus, AK


Purchased this for my niece for Chrismtas and she loves it! She is having fun changing her nails as often as she wants.

Latoya Garden, MI

Great bling, great kit, best price.

This has so many rhinestones in it that I will never run out. I love the dotting tools and the tweezers for detailed easier placement of bling.

Marina Bristol, ME


use it all the time and love the container as well. the tweezers are great and the dotting tools are so cute.

Lenora Comstock, TX


Came on time packed well look good it is a whole set. stones, tools, tweezers.Easy to use with nail glue and top coat. put them on so many ways cause has lots of diffent color stones,could not do it with out the tool and didn,t have to buy,came with it.

Aurelia Tie Plant, MS

great buy

all the items was like it was stated and no unwelcome surprises. the rhinestones were in the 12 compartment container which did keep the color separated from each other.

Cassandra Spring Mills, PA

Styling now!

Great fun contained in some tiny little beads. The included hand-tools are nice but the tweezers are just a bit too flexible.

Concetta Humboldt, NE


You do NOT get 3,000 rhinestones, maybe 1,000 (maybe). The tweezers and dotting tools are great though! Still not the best.

Marjorie Clearlake Oaks, CA


Love the added bonus of the dotting tools and the tweezers for the Rhinestones. These will last a long time for decorating.

Tamera Free Union, VA

okay, sort of a mess when it arrived

Not bad. rhinestones were scattered within the package. Beautiful colors. My daughter loved the look on her nails after I did them

Francisca Zion Grove, PA

Good Set

This is a good set to purchase, it has just about everything you need to get started designing nails. The tweezers are pretty handy, I previously purchased the wax pencil for picking up gemstones but it tended to smudge my polish. You still have to be careful and coordinated to pull this off.

Janie Hillsdale, WI

Good deal

This particular package came in a timely manner which was what amazon expected the estimated date to be. The rhinestones are pretty small, but plentiful and came in the container as shown in the picture. Everything was included that the seller shows in the picture. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I was under the impression that the dotting tools would have 10 different sizes, but that is not the case. The dotting tools came with 5 different sizes on one end and on the other, sides are the same sizes. Other than that, everything works well.

Juanita Veneta, OR

Awesome deal

The product was great, and it was an excellent value. The seller contacted me via email several times to let me know my product was coming, took a bit long because it was coming from China, and if I had any problems, they would take care of it. The jewels are beautiful, the tweezers work fine and the nail tools are perfect!!

Nettie Wellsville, NY

Good product

Overall really nice. Tweezers work well. Rhinestone are good quality for price. Dotting tools are good. only wish we got as many rhinestones as the picture shows. containers arent even half full. : /

Rena Los Gatos, CA

Love using them to do my nails

Great product. I use it to add designs to my nail. The different colors help so that I can add different rhinestones when I apply different nail polishes

Eileen Broomfield, CO

Great !!!

I love all the beautiful different rhinestones! I love the different size and dotting tools.! I love the tool that you can use to pick up the rhinestones. I think this was a great deal. I love all of these items. I use them all.

Loraine Erving, MA

Good quality great price

Really happy with this purchase. The price of this stuff was awesome considering what you get. It’s all pretty good quality and I didn’t even realize that I was getting some dotting tools with the rienstones so that was a really nice surprise when they came lol

Katelyn Beaver Falls, NY

Like the dotters and rhinestones

This isn’t a love item. I was antacipating this item due to tweezers that came with them for the rhinestones. I figured it would make them easier to handle. This is the case if its bigger rhinestones, but not the smaller ones. Its a good value, especially if you want all your items to arrive at one time. Now, they did take a couple of weeks to arrive here in the US, I’ve learned to just order a head of time and whenever it shows up early, its great. It arrived earlier than the estimated time. The dotters are light weight and I’ve used several times and have been wonderful working with them. I like the case that these rhinestones came in. I can reuse it. That is a huge plus. Its easy to open, and doesn’t spill everywhere. Its smaller than you would think, so its great,it doesn’t take up much room on my table. I also use the dotters to place these rhinestones, so I would recommend this to someone who is looking for these items combined. If you are getting this just for the tweezers, I would so pass on this, they are lightweight, but too light weight, you can’t really grip things well. The only reason this has a 4star and not 5 stars is due to those cheaply made tweezers, but for the money its ok.

Lola Thompsons, TX


I have not used the dotting tools yet but they are made well and I can see no problem using them. The stones are small and a good size for nails. Stones have a bright shine and colors are vibrant. The tweezers I use for my fimo cutting and for rhinestones they were perfecy but while using to cut my fimo canes I guess I get tence and squeeze them to much as I’ve bent them and the "spring" is now gone. But for grabbing the stones they were perfect!

Josephine Laurel, IA